BBC pretty exultant that the subsidy cut to onshore wind generation is only going to be 10% and not that 25% that “right wing” Conservatives wanted. The Limp as Lettuce politician Ed Davey was portrayed in heroic tones for seeing off the challenge to the Green Lobby although to be fair he gives such a bad interview that even this was somewhat diluted. Our friend Roger Harrabin was also on hand to join the the backslapping at this “good news”.


The BBC is determined to present the outcome of the Climate Change debacle in Durban as some sort of triumph and this was all too evident with this interview with Lord Stern this morning. What struck me was the way in which he was allowed to waffle without interruption; the way in which he was allowed to present unsubstantiated claims as incontrovertible facts; the way in which any dissenting voices on Durban were ruthlessly expunged  from the debate. Also note the way in which the debate was framed…

“Lord Nicholas Stern, chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics analyses whether the deal goes far enough.”

Not a hint of bias there, right?


Had to laugh at this item (7.17am) on Today this morning.  It suggest the RADICAL news that the big orange thing in the sky – the Sun – might actually affect weather on the Earth. I know, I know, who would have figured that one, huh? Anyway, our dear friend Richard Black was on hand to quickly point out that whilst the Sun may help us predict UK winters, this has no effect in any way on the very real danger of …Man Made Global Warming. (Actually, he’s right in one way, since AGW doesn’t exist, nothing can have an impact on it!) It was the speed of his comment that was entertaining, he was clearly determined that no one out there might have a second or two to conclude that it is the Sun, that vast body at the heart of our Solar System, that is the major determinant of our planet’s weather. And that might unravel the hysterical but lucrative fantasy of AGW.