I couldn’t let last evening’s Question Time Scottish extravaganza go without comment! What a leftist love-in from the caledonian socialist republic with a panel groaning with those on the political left! Did you see it? Naturally George Galloway – that doyen of the communist-loving dhimmified left – was given a rapturous welcome and his every utterance throughout the programme was warmly applauded. His praise of Castro in particular was revolting – but his sentiments were generally echoed by the other panellists to varying degrees. Might Castro become the patron saint of the Scottish Parliament? Every cliche about Cuba’s “World class” health service was repeated with no one offering a dissenting view. The poisonous SNP member Nicola Sturgeon was given free rein to spew forth her strident socialism, meanwhile we had Labour’s Cathy Jamieson and the Lib-Dem’s Nicol Stephen to provide even more …erm…left wing balance.The mild mannered and somewhat wet lettuce conservative Annabel Goldie was there as the token Tory. This edition of the programme was one of the worst I have seen in a while – with the rabble in the audience cheering on that on the panel. Do you think the BBC recruit in their audiences for this programme from the local socialist workers collective – or maybe that would be too mild for them?