Having read David Vance’s post on Gordon Brown’s maniacal prophesies of impeding doom it seemed rude not to take a further look.

Not bias, but to be filed under General Hilarity. Sometimes story placement is just too good to ignore.

PM warns of climate ‘catastrophe’  right next to Millions tricked by ‘scareware‘. Brilliant.


I watched the interview on BBC1 breakfast this morning with McDoom and it really is all over for him. His staggering lack of charisma, his odd joker-like smile, his bumbling grasp of the economic realities, all too much for even the BBC to sanitise. Or so I thought. But up pops Nick Robinson to try and rally the troops for McCavity. Did you see it?


The veterans of World War Two – and of D-DAY in particular – make us all feel humble. I guess there will be plenty like me who had a lump in the throat watching them remember their fallen comrades today. The best of British and an inspiration. And then, inevitably, there was Gordon.
Did you hear him being booed? God, that was awful. The BBC showed it but no commentary on why such a remarkable outpouring of anger would occur. And then, of course, there was “Obama beach”. Yes, I know it was a slip of the tongue anyone could make but even so, the BBC have let it pass. Imagine George W Bush had been there and made such a mistake – would the BBC have played that up? Would the BBC comedians have run with it for subsequent eons?


You couldn’t make it up! Even as Gordon Brown is wading deeper into the mire of hypcritical cant during his press conference , Caroline Flint times the release of her resignation from Government. That’s TWO resignations in one day!!!! Unbelievable. If you’ve been watching the Prime Ministerial press conference, what did you think of it? It’s like watching a car wreck. Even John Major looks good compared to this….


Been watching the BBC coverage of the local council elections. Quite remarkable. It seems that the angle the BBC has decided to push is best to admit that Labour is doing badly – but remember, they performed similarly in 2004 and then won in 2005! However the Conservatives have not really made a break through. (As they win everywhere) Meanwhile the Lib-Dems are on the up (Yes, even as they lose Somerset and Devon!). It’s all through the looking glass stuff but fun to watch. Meanwhile Brown’s reshuffle has been talked up even as most faces stay in situ! When John Major was in this weakened position, the BBC were all over his political corpse. But when it’s Labour, and Gordoom, the subtle ploy is to somehow suggest that all the main parties are suffering and that we have been before with Labour and yet they came through to win! If one were to swallow this guff, one would be forgiven for thinking that David Cameron is the man in trouble.


Well then, I believe Question Time in on tomorrow evening and given the political fever that is in the air it seems a shame to let it go. So I shall return to blog it live and hope you will all come along for the fun. The panel consists of Baroness Royall, Liam Fox, Paddy Ashdown, Sir Max Hastings and Fiona Phillips. Since it is now way past “Save Gordon” time, it will be interesting to see how the BBC handles this.