Did you read that Radio 4 is planning to bring back “Letter from America” – the thoughtful programme presented by the late Alistair Cooke for more than 50 years, but re-vamped, re-named and presented by the broadcasting phenonomen that is…Justin “Obama” Webb. They have GOT to be kidding…..! As if it were not bad enough that nxt year they are bringing back “I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue”……


Did anyone else just see Justin Webb on the BBC 10 0 Clock news suggesting that by selecting the “inexperienced” Sarah Palin the GOP has made it much more difficult…. for themselves to attack the Obamessiah? Amazing to see the BBC twist in the breeze as it struggles to come to terms with McCain’s audacity in his VP selection! They are looking to find ways to character assassinate Sarah Palin and watching the venom coming through is quite an experience. Anyone else feel a BBC bubble being burst..?

Justin Webb Reports

Justin Webb reports the White House reaction to Pat Robertson’s latest foot-in-mouth episode and promply manages to fall into the common Beebish tendency to see any nutty statement by a Falwell or Robertsonas a fair representation of Bush’s “right-wing religious base.”

Well, I have it on good authority that Mr Robertson has already experienced a taste of said “wrath” just lately. Mysterious as the Beebocracy may find this, Pat Robertson is not the man of influence they seem to think he is, nor are evangelicals the lock-step coneheads seen at every turn in the land of Beeb.

“When is media going to learn that just because somebody calls himself religious, or even a religious leader, that doesn’t mean he speaks for or leads all the other people who call themselves religious?” —Jeff Jarvis

Thanks to RealClearPolitics and Instapundit.