Labouring under an Illusion

This heartfelt comment by Jarwill101 on the Open Thread deserves a main post. I liked it, and I’m taking the liberty of reproducing it here. Hope that’s okay.

“Yvette Cooper’s nauseating admission, ‘We got things wrong over immigration’, has to be challenged. No, Yvette, credit where credit’s due, given New Labour’s avowed policy, as revealed by speech writer, Andrew Neather, you got things right over immigration. You wanted to obliterate the Brtish nation state as rapidly as possible & mass immigration was your weapon of choice. And the beeboids filled the atmosphere with an enveloping, rainbow-tinted iCloud of touchy-feely propaganda to speed the transformation on its way.
Never mind the quality of the incomers, forget their, very often, utter unsuitability, their arrogant refusal to integrate, their immediate reliance on benefits, their propensity for criminality/terrorism. Our towns & cities are now descending into the Second World, a volatile, crowded, violent waiting-room, before the descent into the Third. Places like Tower Hamlets/Haringey should be the jewels in Yvette’s papier-mache crown. You, Yvette, & your cultural Marxist destructors have ensured that there will never be a harmonious society in this country again. Your job is done, don’t be self-effacing about it. Step out into our wonderful, ‘diverse’ streets, especially at night, rejoice in the ‘enrichment’. Perhaps a kindly passerby will help you count the holes in you face, help you into the ambulance.
I’ll wave to you from the river, upon which the indigenous people, & the hard-working, law-abiding immigrants, have been sold down in exchange for the advancement of your own worthless, traitorous little soul.”

I would just add though, that the Labour Party’s immigration mea culpa still avoids confronting their most treasonous ‘mistake’. As far as I’m aware, the type of immigration that they own up to ‘getting wrong’ is the, cheap labour, job-undercutting type, the hardworking Polish builder, and the Eastern European economic migrant. They serve as a scapegoat for the resentment many people feel over the other kind of immigration. The kind that dare not speak its name, the immigration that is fundamentally at odds with British values, the immigration that really undermines our way of life.

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32 Responses to Labouring under an Illusion

  1. Nick says:

    What’s missing is what to do about it.

    How about a bit of Israli like ethnic cleansing? The new arrivals kick out the people living there? 


    • sue says:

      The Wiki definition of ethnic cleansing, in case you don’t completely understand what it is:
      “Ethnic cleansing is a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas.[1]”

      The  remedy you suggest, i.e. that the “new arrivals” pursue such a policy to kick *us* out of Britiain is not so very far-fetched, in fact they seem to have made a start on it already.

      Your reference to Israli [sic] advertises your ignorance, an occupational hazard.


    • Pirran says:

      Ethnic cleansing…Yup, that pretty much sums up the default position of most of Islam towards the Jews. Or were all those Mullah’s just kidding?

      That is what you meant, isn’t it?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Seeing as how there are still over a million Arabs living in Israel, I’d say that’s a pretty pathetic attempt at ethnic cleansing.  Stoopid Jooos can’t do anything right.


    • matthew rowe says:

      Nice try Nick come back when you understand the term ! as David say’s so well over a million ! so not cleansing of any sort is it ?


    • ltwf1964 says:

      a lot of these very foolish and gullible individuals seem to be under the impression that NO JEWS WHATSOEVER lived in the holy land for almost 2000 years between the time the Romans sacked Yerushalayim and exiled the jews,and 1948 AD(did you see what i did there beeboids?)

      that the land was some kind of Arab paradise bereft of any judaism whatsoever…..a kind of middle ages judenfrei if you will

      they need to read a little bit more,and stop getting their information from twitter,via the BBC………that is al beeb’s main news gathering agency nowadays,isn’t it?


    • Mailman says:

      Of course what you dont realise is that the “new arrivals” are the muslims in the MIddle East as the jews have had a continuous connection/history with the area for over 4000 years.

      But you knew that already didnt you?



  2. My Site (click to edit) says:

    As Mark Steyn said, mass-immigration is a symptom of poor governance and failed education/social policies.  
    As one of Blair’s former lap-dogs, Andrew Neather, let slip, Labour also embarked on this mass-immigration policy to import votes and ultimately change the ethnic make up of an ancient island race.  
    It’s also interesting to note the two different types of immigration that you mention in the article. Eastern Europeans are necessary to counteract the explosion of immigrants from ‘communities’ whose average IQ is about 80 (these people will always find themselves at the bottom of the socio-economic pile), as well as those who’ve been forced through the worst of the Labour education system.


  3. JohnofEnfield says:

    Raedwald doesn’t like Labour’s immigration policy either

    ..not one bit.


  4. Pirran says:

    Not to mention that hard-working Polish builders were EU immigrants they had no control over in the first place. It was the others they were DIRECTLY responsible for..

    But then, when you’re living in the plusher parts of Stoke Newington, the tax-payer is forking out for a HUGE chunk of your mortgage and you REALLY just can’t decide where you’re ACTUALLY living (extra expenses and subsidies? Heaven forbid..) on your £240,000 joint income, I’m not surprised the poor dear is so confused….


  5. Martin says:

    As Peter Kellner (the head of Yougov) himself says in the cover note to his latest research; the news is bleak for Labour delegates gathering here in Liverpool. They are under-performing expectations by some distance, but not so far as their leader is. The core headlines are;

    *     54% think ‘Labour have seriously lost touch with ordinary working people’

    *     60% think ‘Labour still haven’t faced up to the damage they did to the British economy’

    *     Only 17% say they would be ‘delighted’ if Labour were to return to power with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister; far more, 41%, would be ‘dismayed’

    *     Only 26% think Ed Miliband is doing well as Labour leader

    *     62% think he ‘would not be up to the job of Prime Minister’

    *     45% of Labour supporters think that the party would have been better off with David Miliband as Labour leader; just 6% think it would have been worse off.




    Yet another poll, showing Liebore are out of touch, yet the BBC has ignored every poll that shows this.


    • Geyza says:

      The BBC did briefly refer to the UKIP polls on Sunday as delagates gathered in Liverpool.  I suspect this was so that when the conference ends, (IF the polls have improved by even a few points) then the BBC can point to them as a way of showing what a wonderfully succefull conference it has been for labour and how good a job Miliband has done in reconnecting with ordinary hard working families and what a successful launch of the Miliband campaign to get back into government.


  6. Martin says:

    Radio 5 are in love with Ed Testicles. John Pinhead can hardly contain his love, gushing is the word I’d use.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Can`t we get some cheaper Polish journos to replace the tossers up at the BBC then?
    Got to be far cheaper and much more competent.
    Having lived through Communism, they would be very astute at sniffing out the corporate mush of State sponsored Socialism. Thye might even tell us about it too!
    Where are all these market forces then?…Dimbleby, Paxman, Humphrys and other bed blockers could be brought in under their current vast costs, surely!


  8. tiger says:

    Today we have several (7) individuals of unstated race and religion, in court.

    BBC reports indicate that said individuals received weapons and explosives training in Pakistan and were intent on planning suicide bombing attacks here.

    How convenient that they omit these individuals are [positively] adherents of a very peace loving religion and that such attacks were planned as part of their declaration of love for their fellow citizens.

    Now contrast this approach with their journalistic investigation of one Andries Brevek who embarked on a similar mission in Sweden. They were digging globally to find anyone who might have helped this individual in planning his attack.

    Now we know that a certain peaceful religion deems that their adherents who sacrifice their lives in protecting and propagating their religion are believed to be immediately elevated to the highest state of religious respect and attain a state of paradise in the hereafter. Would it not have been too much trouble for an investigative reporter to interview their  peaceful religious leaders to establish whether this would have been the case had the accused been successful and how such an event fits in with their religious view. Just curious.


    • cjhartnett says:

      As yet I have yet to hear the BBC use the “I” word in connection with these gentlemen.
      Their names suggest that they might just be “M——s”, but they are clearly “British”…are they white or Christian/Jewish? Hindu/Sihk/Chinese?…
      Oh DO tell us BBC man…we are keen to guess!


  9. Millie Tant says:

    Paxman only does three days a week on Newsnight for his reported £1 m or so a year (and University Challenge isn’t on all the time either). That’s when he is not on one of his many extended holidays or other periods of leave for writing books etc.


  10. Jeremy Clarke says:

    The inner racist in me says that had 1.2 million Jews settled in the UK in the last 20 years, alongside the Poles – who actually make, repair and run things – our nation would be an economic powerhouse by now.

    I have a sneaking feeling my inner racist self might be right, too.

    Still, to claim that the UK would be better off without the wholesale importation of the cultural values of rural Pakistan and downtown Mogadishu is deeply offensive and anyone who suggests as much should be put on the naughty step, next to David Starkey.


  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    What is the term for displacing a population by crimilizing any oppostion. This is a form of terror is it not?

    Labour (and conservatives) did not only “get it wrong” they deliberatly flooded large parts of the UK with alien cultures. This is not something one can apologise for and move on.

    “Florence is an old Labour northerner, representing a former mining community and did participate in ‘fighting’ Thatcher’s government when mining communities were ‘being destroyed’”

    These communities were rebuilt and new investment was put into them.

    However, Florence and her kind did more to destoy communities than anyone since the Saxon invasions. Is she calling for Blair and Brown to “Burn in Hell” – I doubt it. If you want to see some real nasty hypocrites speak to northern Labour “activists”.


  12. George R says:

    Political incorrectness (and truth) on the disaster of mass immigration for British people, which BBC-NUJ-Labour censors out:

    “Uncontrolled immigration is destroying Britain’s literacy”


  13. George R says:

    British people are being direly afflicted by the mass immigration advocated and implemented by Labour, Lib Dem, Tory politicians, supported by BBC-NUJ, Guardian, Independent, etc.

    The British political elite (above) applies self-censorship on this vital issue, and is unable/unwilling to see the political disaster it has created.

    The Britrish political elite should read  and act on the analyses of these two books:


    Christopher Caldwell –

    ‘Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West’

    See excerpt here:


    Mark Steyn

    ‘America alone’


  14. Alfie Pacino says:

    I think Labour need the immigrant vote to exist. I’m pretty sure it was Gordon Brown who was quoted as saying that he would ram diversity down the throats of the Tories, and what we now have pretty much bears out that approach..


  15. Mailman says:

    The problem is also that the current government is just as idiotic as the last one! The clowns in power talk about the problem of immigration BUT the way they talk about it completely and utterly glosses over the actual problem…and that great big white elephant in the room is that allowing millions of people with absolutely no cultural, social, religious, economic ties to the country to settle here was ONE HUGE MISTAKE!

    But no, instead what do we get? We get the very kinds of people we actually want in the country, criminal yobs from Australia, jarpies from South Africa and the fine upstanding moral citizens of New Zealand having their ancestral and working vise’s restricted because some fuckwit in power thinks immigration is bad!

    What these fucking clowns dont get is that letting people in to the country with absolutely nothing in common with the people is bad! Attracting the kinds of people you actually want here, people who integrate, people who contribute, people who realise that living here is a priviledge, not a right…no, we cant say any of that because to say that would be racist and we might be infringing someons human rights!



  16. hippiepooter says:

    Very worth putting up as a main post, although the degenerate underclass that 40 years of death by leftism has given us would leave me trading a big chunk of our indigineous population for industrious immigrants any day.  They’re are people though, so we have to put things right, and the way we start is dealing a death blow to the BBC acting as a Marxist propaganda organ.


  17. John Horne Tooke says:

    “There are many problems with the elite’s adoption of a ‘pro-immigration’ stance for cynical social and political reasons. It is built on dishonesty and censorship [this is where the BBC fits in] , where the facts and the truth are kept away from the public lest they inflame our prejudicial instincts. It is driven by a disdain for some of the gains of the past and for the views of today’s working classes.”

    “Already, thanks to New Labour, virtually every aspect of our existences – from politics to schools to the workplace – has been racialised, where everyday interaction and speech is governed by a plethora of diversity codes and a super-sensitivity about racial matters. The politicisation of the immigrant, and his elevation as superior to the white working classes, threatens to take this racialisation to another level…”


  18. DP111 says:

    Muslims have been welcomed to the UK and much of the West, and now everyone is complaining that Muslims are the prime cause of the failure of MC, and the destruction of a once cohesive society. 

    If one welcomes Muslims into our countries, then one must do so in the prior knowledge, that Muslims are required by their religion to be separate from Infidels, and have to strain mightily in all ways to enforce sharia in the country they have emmigrated to.

    If Muslims are not integrating into the culture of the West, there is no point now in blaming Muslims, as they have made abundantly through the koran and their history, that that was, and is the aim of Islam. The destruction of a once cohesive society lies not with Muslims, but with our politicians, and finally with us,  for not bothering to ascertain who the hell we were laying the door open for.


  19. DP111 says:

    At the time Labour denied claims that migration – in particular the large number of skilled Poles – was making life harder for some British workers.

    Mr Miliband conceded: ‘We got it wrong in a number of respects including underestimating the level of immigration from Poland, which had a big effect on people in Britain.

    Were there a large number of Polish immigrants in Benefit scams, polygamous sham marriages, terrorist plots, or beong a blot on the landscape?

    Even now they cannot  mention the unassimalbles or the I or M word. 


  20. George R says:

    The non-British Broadcasting Corporation, employing  Asian Beeboids in Mumbai whom we licencepayers finance, portrays not British users of the Indian call centres of British firms as victims, but the Indian call centre staff as victims.  
    So we are paying licence fee to employ Asians to represent largely the views of Indians, not British people. Was it ever thus?  
    “India’s call centre growth stalls”  


  21. As I See It says:

    Ed Miliband the vacuous wonk just delivered a vacuous wonk of a speech. Try to spin that BBC!