“Israel bulldozer driver shot dead.”

David Vance posted about how the BBC declined to describe the Palestinian who killed Israeli civilians with a bulldozer as a terrorist. Here are three more posts about BBC coverage of that act of terrorism that speak for themselves:

See also: Active Israelis, Passive Palestinians.


So little time, so many “militants.” I was reading this story on the BBC about Basra “militants” and then this story about Hamas “militants.” Each time Islamic inspired terrorists seek to bring death and destruction upon the innocent, the BBC trots out this “militant” euphemism. What’s the problem with using the correct word – TERRORIST? Oh I know the liberal media, including the BBC, sprint away from making any moral judgement about those scum that detonate themselves in Pizza restaurants, or at wedding parties, or even on London underground trains but all this does, in my view, is demonstrate their own innate moral relativism and cowardly failure to call things as they are.


. Delighted to read that Egypt is not prepared to take any nonsense from an Irishwoman who was found sneaking into Hamas controlled Gaza. Treasa Ni Cheannabhain, her daughter and an Egyptian niece were allowed back into Egypt on Thursday but she was immediately taken in for questioning. On Saturday, she said she was given a choice by the Egyptian authorities – to come before a military court, or to return to Gaza indefinitely. She has chosen to face the court (!) rather than spend more time with her dear Hamas buddies. She crossed over into Gaza illegally from Egypt last Saturday after being refused legal entry by Egyptian authorities. On Sunday, Egyptian forces resealed the Gaza border, nearly two weeks after its Israeli-built barriers had been blown apart by (sic) militants. Egyptian border officials refused them re-entry, even though Ms Ni Cheannabhain is married to an Egyptian citizen. They had been distributing money to Palestinians collected by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Just a few questions. For starters, this story is posted by the BBC in their Northern Ireland news section. Last time I checked MY Atlas, Galway is in the Republic of Ireland. Isn’t this one more instance of the BBC doing its level best to imply that Northern Ireland is somehow not part of the United Kingdom – which would mean it holds the same view as Irish republicans? Next, Hamas openly seek the destruction of Israel and engage in continual acts of terror. Yet the BBC avoids all mention of this merely indicating that Ms Cheannabhain wanted to dispense “charity aid” amongst the terror supporting population of Gaza. I also note that the BBC refers to Hamas “fighters” – cat got their tongue when it comes to saying the T-word?