A Reader writes about Newsnight 1st August…

“A new low for the BBC.

Sean Rigg – well known mental health problem – died in police custody in 2008.  Newsnight presented no facts of the case, stated no cause of death; the BBC simply allowed the family to emote, angrily calling for officers to be criminally charged and/or disciplined.  There was no balance, no acknowledgement of the police’s difficult position in dealing with ‘crazies’……. something that is hard work and hazardous…… much so that Sean Rigg’s ‘loving’ family didn’t want him to live with them. Kirsty Wark was like a witch-finder, and the interview of the senior officer was an inquisition.  No facts, no evidence, just the verdict and the family emoting – appalling.

p.s. Yesterday was the funeral of PC Ian Dibell of Essex Police, shot by a ‘crazy’ whilst off duty. Why did the BBC not mention this?




I don’t know about you but I’m with Conservative MP Priti Patel who has claimed the BBC is showing bias in favour of hard left activists as concerns the current “Workfare” issue;

She claimed BBC 2 Newsnight had ‘spent all week putting solitary Government Ministers up against panels made up of the hard Left’. Sources say David Cameron is ‘determined’ to rescue the scheme and is ‘livid’ at the BBC’s role. On Tuesday’s Newsnight, Tory MP Harriett Baldwin was put up against three critics who had experience of workfare schemes. Jeremy Paxman asked Baldwin four times: ‘Do you understand why people find the schemes offensive?’ And on Thursday, presenter Kirsty Wark said: ‘It’s just essentially cheap labour.’ On Friday morning’s Today programme, Evan Davis said: ‘The amount you are going to learn stacking shelves is not going to be very great – it’s been over-sold. What do you learn when you go and do work experience in supermarkets?’ 

Throw in some of Stephen Nolan’s comments and you have a full on jihad against Government policy which coincidentally echoes the campaign from the hard Marxist left…

The BBC has willingly taken on this agitprop role and this is but the latest manifestation. I have no sympathy for Cameron, he has consistently failed to confront the monster so he cannot be surprised when it bites.


Biased BBC contributor Graeme Thompson writes;

“Is this an impartial BBC journalist engaging Republican nomination candidate Rick Santorum, or a sneering, jeering Obama supporter trying to lob custard pies at him?

The gentleman in question is Newsnight’s Peter Marshall, which, to anyone familiar with his ouvre, may feel the above question already answered. For the record, I do think Mr Santorum’s comments as reported are ‘off beam’, shall we say, but Mr Marshall’s approach is, as ever, that of left wing antagonist.

I will never forget Mr Marshall’s propaganda pieces on Newsnight on behalf of Al Qa’eda in the wake of 7/7. The man is an obscenity on legs. B-BBC has recorded for posterity an exchange Stephen Pollard had with him over his shilling for Al Q’aeda (scroll down the link). While the BBC insists on employing such overt and odious left-wing antagonists as – cough, cough – ‘journalists’, it’s clear just how deep institutional left-wing bias runs at the BBC.”

On The Wrong Track

Jeremy Paxman’s behaviour on last night’s Newsnight was staggering. Perhaps his astonishingly aggressive demeanour was his way of bluffing the audience into thinking that social media gossip was a credible substitute for concrete evidence against the EDL.

With continual interruptions, hectoring and and exaggerated facial expressions of disgust, he completely departed from interviewing and veered off unsteadily in the direction of attempted verbal assassination. I’m glad to announce that he failed to reach his destination.

Stephen Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson – he has two names, so people usually call him the bloke from the EDL – had another grilling on BBC News 24 from £92,000 per annum worth of BBC anchorwoman, Carrie Gracie. However hard she tried, she just couldn’t trip him up, and she didn’t bother to conceal her frustration.
Breivik’s insane killing spree has unleashed some unedifying spectacles of no-holds-barred lashing out at the ‘far right’ from the media and the BBC, and their favourite target is the EDL, which they see as the epitome of illiberalism and intolerance. The more Ms. Gracie insisted that the EDL had ‘the same objectives’ as Breivik and tried to connect him and his atrocity with the EDL as an organisation, the weaker her case became. She failed to ridicule him, trip him up, counter-argue or bully him on any level at all, but instead got herself more and more worked up, so that the whole of the following item was conducted with a rictus grin.

By merely admiring the way Stephen Lennon stood up to the BBC I foresee the prospect of being inextricably associated with the EDL for ever more. But I support Israel, which already places me as a right-wing nutter, so what the hell.


Newsnight gave the pie-thrower the briefest of mentions last night:

“There was an attack by a member of the public… A man was led away in handcuffs.”

A bit coy about identifying him there.

In January Newsnight commissioned a film – UK Uncut in their own words. Look who had the starring role:

I wonder why they didn’t mention that.

(h/t George R)

UPDATE 18:00. Newsnight’s Paul Mason tweets from America: “US networks are rolling with Wendi Deng. Endless slo-mos of pie attack. NOTW story sidelined.

Ha ha ha ha ha!


Ah, the delight of that little watched late evening programme “Newsnight”. It’s a full on attack on the evil Murdoch Empire with intellectual heavyweights such as John Prescott weighing in. Also gushing praise for the rather odd Ed Miliband and smug smiles all round as the BBC congratulates itself for having such high ethical standards. The mask has dropped this past 24 hours and the BBC hatred on Murdoch shines through. Let me be clear – I have no time for the gutter press but then again I see the BBC as part of that!

The Straw that Nearly Broke the Camel’s Back

Jack Straw was being fashionably outspoken, and the admirable Douglas Murray and Mohammed Shafiq all shouted at once in a Newsnight chaired by Stephanie “toss-tosterone” Flanders.
The best way they could deal with the question of Muslim racism against non-Muslims in a suitably non-racist way was to identify the practice of ‘men of Pakistani origin’ abusing vulnerable white girls, as a criminal rather that a culturally-motivated issue.
Someone proposed that the police unfairly target Asian men, and if they took the trouble to look they would find this crime equally rampant in any other community. Here is yet another manifestation of the contortions we go through so as not to be thought racist. We must insist that there are good Muslims and bad, or there are criminal Muslims and law-abiding Muslims, but never that there is a culturally based racism in Muslim communities that paints non muslims as inferior and unworthy of respect.

If criminal or bad Muslims are indeed a tiny minority, what is stopping the good majority doing their bit, wholeheartedly co-operating with the police, or condemning such behaviour loud and clear, or in their own ethnically cultural way, issuing a fatwa against it.

It’s only about fifty years since liberation from Victorian type stifling of human sexuality occurred in the West. Before the 1960s premarital and extramarital sex was considered shameful, and single mothers were put under enormous pressure to give up their babies, oh yes, and homosexuality was illegal.
When the revolution took place people were encouraged to throw off the shackles of shame, prudery and repression and love themselves and each other. Then, as is the way of things, the pendulum swung too far, and along came overt promiscuity and sexualisation of everything under the sun including children.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that chauvinistic male-centerd Muslim culture is entrenched in the distant past, and their fear and loathing of our debauchery, combined with their, dare I say it, racist insularity is what lies at the heart of what they call ‘Asian men’ grooming and abusing vulnerable, unloved white girls.
For heaven’s sake don’t let’s think we can or should reintroduce pre 1960s attitudes to sex, but we need to examine our own exploitative culture too.

If they really want to stop being marginalised, Muslim communities who live geographically in the west but emotionally in the east must revolutionise their attitude to sexual and male-female relationships, and liberate their young men from the sexual stifling and repression that causes this so-called “fizzing and popping with testosterone,” and make sure that the “outlet for that” doesn’t amount to abusing the non-Muslims they think of as ‘easy meat’.
Jack Straw was one of the bunch that orchestrated the Asian invasion. Now he’s surprised at the consequences.

The BBC is slowly but surely exposing this problem, albeit more tentitively than it should, but it’s hampered by an over-sensitive wariness of a backlash that might threaten ‘community cohesion’ if it’s discussed openly. They pretend this is a fear of a purely right wing BNP style reaction, but of course openness is also taboo in the Muslim world, and Mohammed Shafiq, the Muslim spokesman on Newsnight admitted that he has received threats from his own community “for speaking out”.

Here endeth the sermon. Come on BBC, let’s stop walking on eggshells and get down to the nitty gritty.

Chilean Mine Disaster – Newsnight Sees Pinochet’s Shadow….

As the story of the rescue of the Chilean Miners unfolded I realised that behind my hope that it would be successfully resolved lay an ever deepening dread – that the BBC would somehow find a convoluted way of placing the blame on Augusto Pinochet, one of the key figures in the BBCs pantheon of evil.

Watching Friday’s Newsnight my fears were vindicated when a breathless Wark interviewed Ariel Dorfman, an American/Chilean writer who proceeded to wax lyrical on the darkness of the mine being symbolic of the dark days of the Pinochet regime and the return to the surface as Chile coming to terms with its political past. Naturally there were clips of the Presidential palace being attacked by Pinochet’s soldiers during the coup against the extreme left wing and KGB funded President Allende in 1973 – though, of course, no mention of the protests and strikes against Allende’s policies during 1973 or the Chilean Supreme Court’s declaration of illegality of many actions of Allende’s government and it’s paramilitary formations. No mention either of the fact that Dorfman was an adviser to Allende.

Although the effusive Matt Frei and sundry other BBC hacks filled the airwaves for three days with a veritable Chile Fest two important pieces of information were either underplayed or scarcely mentioned…….the Christian/Catholic piety of the miners and their families and the fact that President Pinera, who impressed all with his handling of the whole crisis and his conduct during the rescue, was the first elected Conservative Chilean president for over fifty years….

As Private Eye would say…shome mishtake here surely….

Footnote: No mention either of Dorfman’s role in the Duke University rape scandal of 2006

Dorfman is one of the group of 88 professors who, in the wake of the Lacrosse players scandal, signed a controversial letter thanking protesters for “making a collective noise” on “what happened to this young woman” – assumed to be rapeThe letter, which was later published as a full-page ad in local newspapers and reprinted across the country, has been widely criticized as a prejudgment; later it was determined that no sexual assault had occurred. The charges against the players were eventually dismissed and the District Attorney who prosecuted the case, Michael Nifong, was disbarred and jailed.

Justine Greening Deflates BBC Motormouth Kirsty Wark On Cuts

On last night’s Newsnight Kirsty Wark had obviously been instructed to sex up the “savage cuts will cause the death of millions of women, children and old people” narrative by wheeling in a trio of rent-a-whiners waving shrouds on behalf of defence, the police and, naturally the NHS.

As Kirsty wielded her remote each of these Duracell bunnies leapt into life to squawk about the horrors to come. Former Brown minister Lord West went Cassandra over the possibility of cuts in defence expenditure though oddly enough the Admiral, who has had very close links with the defence industry lobby in the past, clearly forgot to say anything about the financial black hole of procurement.

One tear jerker of note that had been programmed into the Police Federation robot – “Cuts = Christmas for criminals” – obviously caught Kirsty’s fancy because she threw this at the hapless coalition sacrificial goat who was tethered in the studio in front of Wark and her bunnies, Economic Secretary to the Treasury Justine Greening.

Only Justine turned out to be not so hapless after all. She ignored Wark’s Paxman-like attempts to steamroller her into pleading guilty to plunging her knife into the heroes and heroines of the frontline services. Instead she hammered home on one simple fact.

The average taxpayer is paying £1400 not on schools, hospitals or police but debt interest.

Unless we take these immediate steps to reduce the deficit the cost of servicing that debt will increase year on year leaving much smaller slices of the pie for defence, policing and healthcare.

Strangely enough, after Ms Greening made that point in a quiet but assertive manner, the Duracell bunnies sat in their chairs lifeless and silent and Kirsty quickly passed on to the next item.

Watch here from 14.43 onwards..

Game, set and match to Justine Greening…..

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