It wouldn’t be a good day for the BBC if they didn’t run a story somewhere presenting terrorists as victims. Such is the case here with this ragbag item. It is just awful that those lovable gang of cut-throat killers in the UDA have not enjoyed the electoral support they deserve! How DARE  decent people within Unionism reject them and their political stooges? The BBC – always there to be the terrorist’s friend.


It’s a funny old world, isn’t it. The Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness casually informs the media that contrary to a previous on the record statement to the BBC, he HAD in fact met the killer Priest Father Chesney, the mass murdering IRA terrorist behind the Claudy massacre. So, was McGuinness lying when he previously denied ANY contact with the Provo Priest, is he lying now when he says here was contact, what else might he be lying about and does being a liar make for holding senior office? ALL questions ignored by the regional and national BBC. So, rather than investigate this issue, BBC instead looked into budgie-breeding wars in the West Country. I have been contacted by non-BBC journalists stunned at the disinterest shown by the BBC in the McGuinness admission. Truly the BBC is not just biased but it is a moral vacuum.


At the weekend, Irish Republican terrorists tried to kill police officers in the nearby town of Lurgan. On “Today”, this morning, (7.32 no link yet) the BBC covered the issue. Naturally there was no one from the majority Unionist community on to express an opinion.

Instead we had a Police Chief Inspector and Margaret Ritchie – the staccato-speaking Dalek sound-a-like leader of the nationalist SDLP. The Inspector gave a pretty accurate view of what actually happened, Ritchie was then allowed to explain why in her view MI5 don’t have the necessary skills to gather intelligence on terrorists here! This surprised Humphyrs (as it would any sentient human being apart from SDLP supporters!) and he enquired how this could be. Ritchie explained that the absence of the name of one of the many “I can’t believe it’s not the IRA” groups from the MI5 website was proof testament that they were not up to the job. She then alleged M15 did not share intelligence with the Police. Humphyrs rightly asked the Chief Inspector if this was the case and he advised that the Police were happy with the sharing of intelligence. So Ritchie was thoroughly exposed. Yet, amazingly, she was allowed to continue to waffle, there was no attempt to press her on her ludicrous statements, and indeed Humphyrs tone was remarkably sympathetic. Why do Nationalist politicians get SUCH an easy ride from the BBC? Do you think, and this is just a wild guess, it is because there is a large degree of sympathy for their cause amongst BBC staff? And if there is latent sympathy for Nationalism, do you think that might extend to the more militant breed in IRA/Sinn Fein? And if that is the case, isn’t it ironic that the British Broadcasting Corporation is little more than a mouthpiece for those who hate Britain? And isn’t THAT  a total disgrace?


Oh god – for the past two days now, Gordon Brown has been residing in the castle of a village near to where I live. He has landed here in Northern Ireland to “help” the local political parties “save” the “power=sharing” Assembly. Good old Gordon – such a nice man.

The BBC narrative on what is happening here is framed in almost childish terms.

They would have you believe that the good and brave Gordon Brown (along with his Irish counterpart in unpopularity, the charming Mr Brian “BIFFO” Cowan) have come here to see if they can give encouragement to the local Northern Ireland parties as they seek to do “the deal” that will “save” all the good things that have been achieved here. The nation waits for white smoke to emerge from Hillsborough Castle.
OK – now back on planet earth and away from the spin of the BBC.
Brown and Cowan have come here to pressurise the spineless and now openly corrupted DUP into agreeing a date for devolving Policing and Justice powers into an administration that is inherently dysfunctional and which contains murderers, bombers, gunmen and bankrobbers. This is presented as “the last piece” of the devolution justice – in fact it is the last chance to save democracy by preventing the very thing that Brown and co are here to urge on.
Now I appreciate that the view I have expressed is just one view – but it is one that the BBC seems oddly reluctant to air. Why?


Last night, BBC Northern Ireland ran a very important “Spotlight” programme which raises fundamental questions concerning the behaviour of Northern Ireland’s leading political dynasty – the Robinson family. This is causing seismic tremors in the local political topography and I think the BBC should be congratulated on finally producing a programme that has the consequence of challenging the political status quo. As I say, there are many issues flowing from this and some of these may limit my time here in the days ahead…..interesting times, folks!


I suppose it was inevitable that with this being St Patrick’s Day the BBC would provide a forum on Thought for the Day to eulogise the immoral “peace process” and it did not disappoint. We had Tom Butler on to mouth the usual platitudes whilst studiously ignoring the fact that the republican “dissidents” killing in 2009 are no different to those who started killing in 1969 but which the BBC treats as heroes 40 years later.


My but hasn’t Ed Stourton been a busy chap. One moment he is the “new Belfast” interviewing those too young to remember IRA terrorism about ..erm…their memories of IRA terrorism. Then he travels to Londonderry – to the Bogside no less – to check out if republicans still support IRA/Sinn Fein. (Seems they do but other seem very unhappy about condemning the murder of British soldiers, nothing changes). The BBC is in full spin cycle here – it is retailing the government line that we live in a brave new world and we must close our eyes and just get on with the almighty “peace process.” Time to forget all about those THOUSANDS of victims of IRA savagery, the BBC mimics the government line that if you want peace you forfeit justice. It would be great if the BBC allowed time for those who oppose all of this nauseating appeasement but I am afraid that just will not happen. The State broadcaster is a participant in the political process.


HI folks. If I seem quiet at the moment it is because recent events in Northern Ireland have resulted in a massive surge of traffic to my Tangled Web blog and it is taking up a lot of my time managing all of this. With the Daily Telegraph and – gasp – the BBC! – linking to my site, life is very busy. Please bear with me – I have not abandoned you!


I am sorry if my coverage of issues here has suddenly become Northern Ireland-centric but the brutal murder of a Police Officer last night took place just a few miles from where I live and in an area I know well. I listened to an interview on Today this morning with the local IRA/Sinn Fein represent, and Herman Munster look-a-like John O’Dowd. You can catch it here. To be fair to John Humphyrs, he did kick back a little at the sickening arrogance of O’Dowd but here again I must question the ability of the BBC to ask searching question. Permit me to explain.

In 1997, two RUC officers were shot in the the back of the head by IRA assassins. The local community from which Mr O’Dowd hails, did not give the killers up. So when he now says that the local community should pass on any intelligence to the police concerning last night’s murder, the question is why did the same community keep quiet about similar murders back then? Would he like to see the guilty apprehended? IRA/Sinn Fein talk in code – the job of the media is to cut through this and let ordinary people understand what is really being said. However the BBC has invested massively in supporting the political process which has rewarded the IRA, refusing to give people such as me a voice because we point out inconvenient truths. In that regard, the BBC is part of the problem, it is institutionally biased in favour of a given political dispensation and I fail to see why we must fund this. Do you?


Isn’t it curious just how disinterested BBC journalists can be on certain issues? Take this; “NI’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, a former IRA member, said nobody should say or do anything which would see Northern Ireland return to its troubles. “I supported the IRA during the conflict, I myself was a member of the IRA but that war is over,” said the Sinn Fein MP.”

Well we all know that McGuinness was an IRA terrorist since has has boasted of this pedigreee but why is it that BBC journalists do not pursue the question as to what crimes he committed when in this criminal organisation? For instance, how many murders did he sanction? Did he carry any out himself or did he just instruct others? Was he involved in authorising the Claudy massacre in which 9 innocents were blown to pieces, for instance? What knowledge does he have of the crimes carried out by fellow IRA terrorists? What rank did he hold in this criminal conspiracy? Apparently NONE of this interests the fearless seekers of truth in BBC journalism so keen are they to follow the government line sanitising the past! The bias here lies in what is left unsaid, in what is not pursued. It is one of my contentions that the BBC is a rancid mouthpiece for government propaganda – so long as the government is of the left. The total BBC disinterest in the fact that the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland is a notorious terrorist makes my point. Why it’s almost as if the BBC has sympathies with Mr McGuiness.