It wouldn’t be a good day for the BBC if they didn’t run a story somewhere presenting terrorists as victims. Such is the case here with this ragbag item. It is just awful that those lovable gang of cut-throat killers in the UDA have not enjoyed the electoral support they deserve! How DARE  decent people within Unionism reject them and their political stooges? The BBC – always there to be the terrorist’s friend.


BBC correspondent Mike Thomson travels to Somalia and here is the first in what the BBC threatens will be a series of reports. Oh god. Within a few minutes, Thomson cuts to the chase and asks the US Ambassador Mike Ranneberger why the US refuses to enter into negotiations with the Al Shabaab Islamic killing gangs. When the US ambassador says it is wrong to talk to terrorists, Thomson shoots back that this is what the UN “special representative” has told him is necessary. In every situation, the BBC seeks to advance the idea that talking to terrorists is always the right thing to do. In a typical BBC flourish the piece finishes with a woman singing, Lennon-esque, for peace. Yes, that’s going work real well with the Islamic hordes that seek to slaughter in the name of their faith. The real story in Somalia is the unspeakable violence carried out in the name of Islam – but I suggest Mr Thomson will do everything possible to occlude this central reality.


Right, been away all day and just back in at B-BBC central. Did you catch this item that the BBC ran this morning on how UK arms are used when exported? The narrative was simple – it is wrong for the UK to export arms components if these are used to fight terrorists. Roger Berry MP was visceral in his misrepresentation of how Israel and Sri Lanka used the weapons supplied. Loved his repetition of the “occupied territories” mantra during the interview, wonder had he a little keyiffeh on when being interviewed? The BBC might have provided us with a little background on Mr Berry, and in particular his call back in March to ban all arms exports to Israel. He’s just one more Jew-hater and given a free run by Today. At no time did the BBC interview ask Mr Berry how Israel or indeed Sri Lanka can fight against Jihadists that deliberately shelter amongst civilians? This was an exercise in bashing those Nations that FIGHT terrorism rather than appeasing it.


Has there ever been a terrorist group that the BBC did not instinctively like? (Well, apart from Irgun?) I listened to this item on Today just before 8am concerning the looming defeat of the so-called Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and the entire tone was one of showing brotherly solidarity with these vicious terrorists.  Both the commentators that the BBC used took the view that the Tigers could never be truly defeated and that one could not trust what the Sri Lankan government said. I wonder WHY the BBC finds it so hard to dislike those who carry out terrorism? Maybe a terrorist is just a friend you have yet to meet?



Notice the sympathetic treatment being given to the infestation of the area around Parliament by thousands of pro-terror Tami Tiger supporters by the BBC? We are invited to feel their pain, and of course the police treatment afforded them is with kid gloves. Compare this treatment to that afforded to the Country Sports supporters by both the BBC and the Police.


In my book “Unionism Decayed”, there is a section on how the UK government used the media, and the BBC in particular, to advance it’s’ own appeasement agenda at all costs. In particular, I point to how an accidentally leaked memo by a senior civil servant, Tom Kelly, made clear that certain high profile individuals had been identified as “champions” for the government view. One of the named individuals was Lord Eames – the same man who has co-authored the current proposals to pay the families of terrorists the same amount of money as their victims. The BBC is VERY sympathetic to Lord Eames, as you can read here. Ever wonder where that manipulative Mr Kelly came from? That’s right – the BBC. Ever wonder where he went to after the deal was done to institutionalise terrorism? That’s right – Tony Blair’s press office. It’s a funny old world watching those from the BBC effortlessly melt into the heart of government propaganda. I guess their on the job training is very good?


Here’s pause for thought. The government has created a little quango here in Northern Ireland with the Orwellian title of “The Consultative Group on the Past” and the bottom line is it suggests that government should cough up £12,000 to the families of all those killed during the Troubles – including members of paramilitary groups.The families of paramilitary victims, members of the security forces and civilians who were killed will all be entitled to the same amount.

BBC journalist Mark Simpson, on the Ten News, has just given this story the usual BBC spin, managing to find a victim of IRA terrorism whose main anxiety was that 12k was not enough. Over on my own blog, A Tangled Web, where I have also overed this story, the daughter of a lady killed by the IRA at the cenotaph in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday has expressed her view, which resonates entirely with mine and I suggest the vast majority of decent people; this is an obscene suggestion and it is aiming at equating the killers with those they killed. But the rancid BBC is quite happy to present this grotesquerie as if it were really all quite reasonable. God they revolt me!


I see that the BBC has determined that the savages behind the mass murder attack in Islamabad are “militants” Now I don’t know about you but I would have thought that the brutal homicidal car bombing of a tourist hotel rather qualified as an act of unmitigated terror which would in turn make the culprits..terrorists. Then again, I also note that the Islamic terrorist scum behind this were able to get in contact with the BBC to explain that the aim behind the mass murder was “to stop America interference in Pakistan”

The BBC – the terrorists preferred broadcaster of repute.