Right then – Monday morning on Today and the BBC’s Mark Simpson provides us with the news that the terror group the UVF has “put beyond use” its illegal arsenal. Later on we are to be treated to the wife of convicted UVF bomber and canonised (since his death) PUP politician David Ervine along with Indie journo David McKittrick on the same topic. Reality alert! The UVF remains a bloodthirsty criminal cabal, and the UVF killers remain at large, untainted with justice. These vermin are playing along with government policy with faux decommissioning at the heart of it. The public will not see what has been handed over, nor will we know how it was “put beyond use”, nor where the weaponry is stored, nor what the inventory was. Instead all we get is reassuring official noises and UVF apologists on to tell us how wonderful this is. IF the BBC had any measure of balance, they would allow those who remain profoundly cynical of terrorist posturing on their programme to “debate” this topic but of course that NEVER happens. In my view, at times like this, the BBC demonstrates how evil is is by playing along with the depraved appeasement of the UVF and their fellow psychopaths in the UDA. Why are the BBC so afraid if giving air-time to those who distrust the terror gangs? What’s the big problem? How much money will be showered on these scum now? What happens to those UVF killers who remain at large but with blood on their hands? Who knows? – the BBC will not allow these questions to be asked….

In praise of terrorists.

The role of the media in general and the BBC in particular in perpetuating the malignancy of the Northern Ireland “peace process” cannot be sufficiently emphasised. The British Government has relied heavily on the BBC to retail the idea across the world that placing bloodthirsty terrorists in positions of power is a good idea if it helps buy peace! It’s a Chamberlain-scale act of appeasement that has necessitated the full power of the State broadcaster to help convince the gullible and wavering. Today the BBC reports, matter of factly, that Martin McGuinness – the Deputy First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly – has stated that he would like to have killed every British soldier in Londonderry in the aftermath of Bloody Sunday, if he had had the opportunity. Now there are three obvious questions that strike me an intrepid BBC journalist would want to ask Mr McGuinness.

1. Given that he was, by his own admission, an IRA terrorist before and after the events of January 30th 1972, how many soldiers did he in fact kill?
2. Given the many murders of innocent civilians in Londonderry during his tenure as an IRA warlord, how many of those deaths did he oversee?
3. Given this admission of murderous intent, in what way is he suitable to hold ANY office?

You’ll not be surprised to know that none of these questions have been posed by the BBC. Nor will they. You see what has happened in Northern Ireland – the installation of terrorists in the very highest spheres of government – is a victory for the left-wing mindset epitomised by the BBC. Can you imagine the furore the BBC would have created if, in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings in London, Tony Blair had declared he wanted to kill every Islamist in the United Kingdom? The BBC has shilled for the IRA for decades now, and shows a serial sense of immorality and journalistic bias.