Did you read this report from the BBC on the latest record unemployment figures? Note how it spins as positive as is possible – a bit like suggesting that although the Titanic is remorselessly sinking into the cold Atlantic water, the rate is slowing! Rejoice – things can only get better, right? Note how “Fragile recovery” is used as the header for two of the three sections, just in case you didn’t get the message. Mandelson must just love the BBC – the UK economy is a train-wreck, the National currency is dying on its feet and yet the BBC is trying to suggest that there is underlying improvement. Keynesian delusionalism rules OK.


BBC lead story @ 6am concerns Obama rebuffing Brown’s desperate attempts for a formal meeting. One hour later, lead story changes and instead we get the good news about a putative breakthrough in the AIDS vaccine. BBC new running this as THE big story. Meanwhile Sky News does not appear to have received the memo and runs with the Obama snub as lead. BBC – just doing what it can for the Dear Leader.


Listened to an interview with Jason McCue, the lawyer for some of the NI victims of Libyan funded IRA terrorism just after 7.30am – within a minute he had a go at the Conservatives. He also pointed out that in his view Brown had not done a u-turn. What a canny Lawyer and how convenient for Prudence. Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam (Catchy name) is now painted as the bad guy, nothing more to see here, move along. Well done BBC, keep up the good work. Another key aspect of BBC spin on this is how it is promoting the Democratic Unionist Party as guardians of the interests of IRA victims. As you know the DUP betrayed its electorate by power sharing with the IRA. The BBC sees itself as a promoter of the NI peace process and therefore even in this case of obvious Brown duplicity it tries to help the DUPes.


Oh god, just when you thought our Armed Forces were up against enough in Afghanistan, I regret to advise you that Jonah Brown has decided to pay them a “surprise” visit. The BBC bigs up the import of this, suggesting that Brown will provide edxtra support those who serve. Maybe the BBC should focus on articles like this which demonstrate just how terrible is the scale of betrayal of our military by the scum in New Labour. Still – a photo-op is worth a thousand lives, sorry, meant to say words.


Some excellent observations over on our most recent Open Thread concerning how the BBC have treated David Cameron’s suggestion that there is a looming debt repayment on the horizon. Cassandra says..

“Well the toadies invited a couple of well chosen economists whose line was superficially aligned to the newlabour one (funny that eh?) that in fact there is no problem and the markets are confident of the UKs abillity to pay off debt BUT and this is a big but, the confidence is solely based on the firm belief that an incoming new regime will have to drastically cut spending levels and the wholly unexplored implication is that newlabour have utterly failed to spell out a medium/long term cost cutting strategy. Newlabour have gone out of their way to not only not talk about the required massive expenditure cuts they have claimed that they will in fact raise spending levels or at least maintain them!

The BBC is determined to pretend that Brown’s profligacy is “investment” and only house-trained economists are permitted to posit opinion.