I notice that in pursuance of its dream of a “hung Parliament” the BBC’s Today reporter Kevin Connolly claims that such an event could represent a “huge opportunity” for the DUP. Gosh, how exciting and what a good reason to vote for them, right? Well, it could do if they were ever there but as Mr Connolly should be aware, the DUP’s attendance record at Westminster is appalling. Worse, DUP leader Peter Robinson has stated that should he be returned (I am running against him) then he will continue to double job, instantly ruling himself out of two-thirds of votes. I will be contacting the BBC about Mr Connolly’s biased coverage (again) this morning, but as of yet they do not respond. It’s a disgrace the way in which the BBC is interfering in the NI aspect of the General Election and spinning for the establishment.


Listened to an interview with Jason McCue, the lawyer for some of the NI victims of Libyan funded IRA terrorism just after 7.30am – within a minute he had a go at the Conservatives. He also pointed out that in his view Brown had not done a u-turn. What a canny Lawyer and how convenient for Prudence. Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam (Catchy name) is now painted as the bad guy, nothing more to see here, move along. Well done BBC, keep up the good work. Another key aspect of BBC spin on this is how it is promoting the Democratic Unionist Party as guardians of the interests of IRA victims. As you know the DUP betrayed its electorate by power sharing with the IRA. The BBC sees itself as a promoter of the NI peace process and therefore even in this case of obvious Brown duplicity it tries to help the DUPes.