It has become an article of faith at the BBC that the “Arab Spring” was an unambiguously  good thing, an assertion of democratic intent by the downtrodden masses as they spontaneously rise up against those who suppressed them. I remember being on a BBC programme at the time and saying that some people might dispute this analysis and indicated that it was Islam rising, to the obvious horror of the BBC presenter (Susannah Reid). Well, as you know, not a day passes without the Muslim Brotherhood getting a tighter grip on Egypt and one almost laughs at how the BBC now treats this story…

The Cairo campaign headquarters of Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq has been attacked. Egyptian TV broadcast footage of a fire at the building, in the Dokki district.  The attack came hours after it was announced that Mr Shafiq – The last PM of ex-President Hosni Mubarak – would compete in a run-off next month. He will face Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi in the election. No-one knows who carried out the attack.

Right. It’s the jaw dropping inability of the BBC to comprehend what is happening in Egypt that is so impressive. As it moves towards becoming Iran by the Nile, the BBC comrades are struggling to keep their Arab Spring meme running and when the Muslim Brotherhood win the Presidency I wonder will the BBC even mention the stated intent of Mursi;

“Egypt’s Constitution should be based on the Koran and Sharia law, presidential candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist movement Mohamed Morsi said. “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal,” Morsi said in his election speech before Cairo University students on Saturday night.

Clear enough, BBC? Why the lack of real analysis of what is happening here? Is it because they is Islam?


Been busy all day but tuned into the PM programme on Radio 4. Was intrigued to hear a debate on WHY UK and US foreign policy is to blame for the riots in Egypt. Great delusional stuff – but please, surely Palin is also to blame? And the Jews, of course. Good old BBC – cheering on the soon-to-be Islamic Republic of Egypt (copyright Khomeni, 1979)


Been away from the media all day, but just looked at BBC main news portal. The headline is “Doubt cast on Israel raid account”. Mmm. So, I wonder who is casting this doubt that the BBC deems worthy of leading their news? Why it is none other than the “activists” aka Jihad enablers! What a neutral source!! I doubt that Al Jazeera could be any worse than the BBC is at the moment.


Not impossible given the love-in between the State Broadcaster and the Ethiopian Jihad poster-boy Binyam Mohammed. I am heartily sick of the way in which the BBC pushes Mr Mohammed, and before him Moazzam Begg, as some sort of doe eyed innocent victims of our bad and evil security services. It seems to me that the BBC avoids asking hard questions of Mohammed and Begg and instead simply uses their grievance as grist to its own mill, always aiming to undermine the moral of our military and our intelligence services. It is maddening the way in which OUR cash is taken and then used by the BBC to promote the notion that all these Jihadists are innocent. Perhaps Binyam will get his own talent show “Simply Come Jihad” in which celebrities travel to distant countries to “find themselves”, then get captured by the evil spawn of the Great Satan, and compete to see who can illicit the most sympathy from a panel of judges.


If you had the misfortune to tune into the Today programme this morning at 7.12am, you would have found yourself treated to John Humphrys in full on anti-American military sneering mode.

The news item concerns a US air strike on the Taliban spawn that infest the Herat area of Afghanistan and which killed dozens of the Taliban. Or at least that’s what the US armed force say, but who believes them, right? Straightaway this is disputed by “tribal elders” (Taliban, natch) “locals” (Taliban) and the ubiquitous “Human Rights” activists. (Taliban apologists) Humphyrs line was to immediately weigh-in behind the idea that the US forces had killed many innocent civilians – again. He brought on Grace Ommer from Oxfam (An organisation hardly noted for balance..) and he then made the remarkable assertion that this “war, if war it is..” is going very badly? I wonder what he thinks it is? Is he there to editorialise on this and if so who is there to provide a balance? Humphrys tried to get Ommer to say the war was going badly wrong but in fairness even she figured that Oxfam are hardly in a position to judge. She merely pointed out that US actions against the Taliban made humanitarian work very difficult. She appeared to long for the good old days when the Taliban were in sole control of the country and Oxfam could operate with impunity.

This item fairly simmered with anti-US military hostility and it is an example of how the BBC does all it can to undermine the efforts of the US military everywhere they operate. You should give it a listen, it’s an example of the visceral bias that permeates the BBC.


Truly remarkable. Some of the cash from the BBC’s Children in Need charity may have been used to fund the propaganda activities of the suicide bombers who killed 52 people in July 2005. Who say so? The BBC!

According to BBC 2’s Newsnight £20,000 from Children in Need was handed over to the Leeds Community School, in Beeston, Yorkshire between 1999 and 2002. The school, which also received large sums from other public bodies, was run from premises behind the Iqra Islamic bookshop which the gang used as a meeting place and an opportunity to radicalise others. One former worker described those that attended the bookshop as a kind of “brotherhood.” Both Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the bombers, and Shehzad Tanweer, the Aldgate bomber, were trustees of the bookshop and Sidique Khan also worked for a Saturday club at the associated Leeds Community School. Sidique Khan ran outward bound adventure courses in north Wales which were used to recruit and radicalise young Muslim men. Both the bookshop and the school were registered charities – the bookshop claimed, on Charity Commission submissions, that its aim was “the advancement of the Islamic faith”, while the school’s aim was said to be to “advance the education…of Pakistani and Bangladeshi” pupils. They handed out DVDs and books about Bosnia and Chechnya and held Arabic classes in a back room, attended by Jermaine Lindsay, who went on to become the Kings Cross bomber. They also produced a leaflet in the wake of September 11 blaming the attacks on a Jewish conspiracy.

The reaction by the Chief Executive of the BBC Charity to these serious charges is hardly inspiring when he says that the BBC exercises the utmost care in handing over these “small” sums of money. What do you feel about this? I know the BBC is bad but I never thought it may have actually FUNDED Jihad!!!