Sorry I have not been around that much but you all know I am actually fighting to win a seat in this General Election and so my time for blogging is cut to shreds! However, I must tell you that it is my view that the BBC has proven to be as treacherous and poisonous during this election as any of us could have forecast. I listened to the final “panel” discussion on Today this morning just after 8am and it really was an utter disgrace. It seems that everybody wants to see PR introduced into the UK (A key BBC meme) and that, yes, everybody loves Nick Clegg. In fact the discussion was essentially Conservative-free, which is remarkable given that Cameron for all his faults is in pole position. The BBC are cheer-leaders for changing the very essence of British society and that means bringing about a situation where the political left can contrive coalitions to keep it in permanent power, where shady deals can be conducted behind closed doors away from the public. I have long argues that the BBC embraces the radical leftism of the Lib-Dems and this election has shown that bias manifest. I think the BBC know Gordon is a goner, but with Nick riding to the rescue, and with Saint Vince as the people’s Chancellor, all is not lost. Except our country, of course. Watch BBC, vote Lib-Dem?


Anyone have the stomach to listen to this grovelling interview by Naughty with Baroness Williams, that doyen of so many BBC programmes? The easy questions thrown her way contrast with those given to any Conservative figure but, then again, when you hear Shirley Williams talking you are hearing the political thinking of the BBC made manifest…


I think the Andrew Marr show has morphed into the Lib-Dem show this morning, with Charlie “Hic” Kennedy on the sofa followed by Saint Vince of I Told You So.. Harriet Har-person was also on to add extra balance. I think I spotted Liam Fiox but it was fleeting. Of course there’s nothing like balance and this programme is nothing to do with balance. The BBC just lurve lefties…


In his book on BBC bias, Robin Aitken states that the default BBC political mode is more Lib-Dem than Labour. It’s a view that I largely agree with and it was on display this morning in the TODAY interview that took place with Nick Clegg by Sarah Montague.

Cleggy’s big idea is…gasp soak the rich, or as he puts it, to spread “fairness”. (Wealth redistribution is so passe se days!) This reduces down to forcing those who live in properties valued at more than £1m to pay an extra annual tax -the proceeds of which would be spread to increase “fairness.” Montague chose NOT to pursue the obvious question as in whilst the property may be valued at £1m+ there is no direct link to suggest that those living in it have the sort of disposable income that can stand an extra tax hike. In many cases, elderly people live in properties bought many decades ago that have considerably appreciated in value but their wealth is on paper unless they sell their homes. So where is all this cash coming from, Cleggy? Doesn’t matter – Saint Vince Cable endorses this planned assault on the assets of the prudent. Instead of challenging Clegg on the substance of this latest Lib-Dem fantasy, Montague decided to ask him just how “savage” his cuts would be! This set up Clegg to declare that he would indeed by savage when it came to removing our nuclear defences by axing Trident.
The Lib-Dems get the easiest of rides from the BBC because the BBC is broadly sympathetic to the policies of Clegg and co. I see it as part of the ratchet mechanism by which the UK body politic shifts ever further left. The Lib-Dem’s adopt the most demented leftist policies and the BBC generally approves of these. Labour then competes by moving onto similar ground which then in turn pressurises the Conservatives to make at least some token movement in the same direction.
Clegg has no chance of ever getting into power and the BBC knows that. But by treating Lib-Dem policies in such a sympathetic manner, the BBC influences the national political debate and moves it in the direction required. That’s part of the menace of the bias. It’s not just visceral, it’s dangerous.


Listening to Saint Vince Cable on the Politics Show being allowed to get away with murder claiming that his Party did well in the local Council elections. The interviewer gently pointed out the loss of Devon and Somerset but Vince simply mentioned Bristol and all was then well. There is no doubt in my mind that the BBC itself is comfortably at ease with the extreme leftism that permeates Lib-Dem policies and this explains why Cable is afforded near God-like status and given such an easy ride.


Let us praise Julie Kirkbride, she who is now a martyr to the cause of troughing MP’s! Don’t get me wrong – I think that she is a first class disgrace and should follow in her husband’s footsteps and not seek re-election. Her refusal to do so is allowing the BBC to run this story as IF she were the focus of the expenses sleaze and thus provide Labour with some cover, and of course thee BBC treats the Lib-Dem’s as paragons of virtue. It’s interesting to watch the return of Tory Sleaze as the headline grabber on the BBC just one week before the Euro-election and local Council polls. Entirely coincidental, no doubt.


Wonder what planet  Nick Robinson lives on? Have you read his most recent blog post in which he relates how the news has just reached him that Gordo has lost the Commons vote over the Gurkhas. (The last time such a thing happened it was Sunny Jim in the death throes of his administration back in 1979) However Nick goes on to say “It is proof, if any were needed, that away from the economy the prime minister is consistently misjudging issues. “

Did I hear that right? Robinson is plainly implying that on the economy, the single biggest issue for most of the electorate, Brown is judging issues correctly! Is he mad?

Also even in this shameful defeat in the Commons, the BBC subtly tries to save their man by handing all the plaudits to Nick Clegg. So it was the even more left wing than Hard Labour Lib-Dem’s wot saved the day for the Gurkhas – were the Conservatives lost in action?


Well another day on “Today” and another guest appearance by Vince Cable. I’m wondering how Vince has any time for his constituents given his numerous visits to the BBC? How they love to hear Lib-Dem words of wisdom, this time on the imagined great evil of “short-selling“. Vince, as per required script, put the boot in on the “dangerous” short-sellers. I wonder if the BBC has lost George Osborne’s telephone number as it would be nice to know what Her Majesty’s Opposition thinks about this?


What is it with the BBC’s love-in with Vince Cable? Just after 7am this morning on Today, the nationalisation of the Bradford & Bingley was being covered and WHO do the BBC invite on for a bit of a chin-wag on the topic? A member of the Government perhaps? Nope. A member of the Opposition then? Nope. Instead Lib Dem Vince Cable is afforded yet ANOTHER prime time media slot care of the BBC, giving him the opportunity to explain why if only people had listened to him back when the Building Societies were being de-mutualised, then none of this current chaos afflicting them would have happened. Blah Blab Blah. I have no problem with Vince Cable mouthing his Lib-Dem platitudes, I do have a problem with the amazingly high profile he is given by the BBC, which is out of all proportion to that given to wee Georgie Osbourne, for example. Does Vince have friends in high places?