Having given Prince Harry the full treatment over what he said three years ago, elevating it to a position way above the pro-Israel demos for example, I see that the BBC are now having a go at Prince Charles, over his alleged use of the name “Sooty.” Looks like it is open season on the Royals, still it helps take our minds of the economy and Mr Brown’s stewardship thereof! Who is next – Prince Philip?


My but wasn’t the Today programme in cracking form this morning? Did you catch the class warrior Martin Narey from poverty-industry giant Barnardos declaring that “investment” in Education has helped mostly the middle-classes whilst the “poor” have seen little benefit. Yes, right-on, Comrade and pass the sick-bucket. This then segued into a report featuring a Gazan doctor and the death of hundreds of babies at the hands of those evil Israelis. The question was asked of the not so good doctor where the greatest risk to babies in Gaza comes from, the answer, Hamas, was never even considered! Next, Prince Harry and that alleged “racist” comment three years ago. The oleaginous Keith Vaz was given time to slime on and give his opinion. The BBC loves nothing better than attacking a Royal and this non-story, spun by the circulation-deprived News of the World, is perfect for the BBC since it allows them to set the attack dogs on the Royal Family but using the veneer of “racism.”


. It’s my view that the BBC despises the Royal Family and never misses the chance to put the boot in. Take this headline “Royals ‘cost the taxpayer £40m’ . The report faithfully reports the pro-Republican mantra that the Her Majesty should be paid a salary and the Monarchy treated as if it were just another branch of government. Check out the headings given to each section within this item – more subtle propagandising against our Royal Family. Whilst I accept the imperfections of Monarchy, I sure as hell think it provides better value for the people of this country than the bloated BBC monolith which costs us £££billions.

Smells like communism.

The BBC have been extremely pleased to report the end of the monarchy in Nepal. I almost posted on this general theme before, but today’s article struck me as too nauseating to pass up.

Quite a lot rests on the link leading to the article- it is advertised as one of those “funny stories” the BBC uses to drum up traffic. However I was disturbed by the link line “Smelly Nepalese cavalry faces relocation”.

It is in fact the King’s Household Cavalry that’s been given its marching orders and it could be pretty serious thing, while the BBC seems to be toeing the communist line that “waste matter from the horses gives off such a bad smell that people working near the stables have to close their windows or flee to other offices.”

This is not strictly the government’s argument, but the line of a blatant proxy for it pursuing his “private” action through the “supreme” court with remarkable speed.

Laughably, the BBC do explore the reasons behind the move, but in this analysis accept the primary received version that “It has been ordered to relocate for environmental reasons.”

Well, horseshit.

Equally malodorous is the frankly squirm-inducing whiff coming from the BBC’s unexamined report of the plaintiff’s point that “it was especially off-putting for judges currently undergoing a gender equality workshop”.

That’s the kind of thing the BBC so want to believe that it will not merit questioning until anti-communist demonstrators are dying in the streets two years hence.


I’m sorry I won’t be able to blog more today but I have other pressures on me however I did want to quickly draw your attention to the way in which John Humphrys introduced an item on Prince William’s flying visit to Afghanistan on the Today programme this morning at around 6.50am. He lined the report up by suggesting that “some people” (ie Beeboids) might say that the reason for this visit to the war-zone is a cynical attempt to get over the bad publicity William has incurred in the past week or so regarding the use of military helicopters for private use. I felt this was totally gratuitous and a crude attempt to undermine the Prince’s efforts. Humphrys must know that such arrangements are not slotted in with but a few days notice but then again “some people” can’t resist the opportunity to put the boot into the Royal family. BBC bias? You bet.