We have heard a LOT from the BBC concerning the SWP and the alleged success of some of their campaign tactics in recent times. Biased BBC contributor Alan picks up on this raises a number of points;

“The Socialist Worker’s Party….a Marxist revolutionary group intent on destroying democracy. Let’s not beat around the bush…these people are fronting an ideology that is prepared to kill those who do not march to their tune. The romantic image of Marx so beloved of many in the corridors of the BBC is betrayed by his own writings…

‘The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. they openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution.’Communism called for the arming of every worker….and as put into practise in Russia these arms were put to good use….killing anyone who tried to improve their lot in life.

Given all that you might think it strange to hear a BBC senior economics reporter, Evan Davis, on the BBC’s flagship political news programme advocating the Unions join up with the SWP and adopt their tactics in battling capitalism.

Strange that a responsible senior BBC journalist should tie his flag to the mast of such a motley revolutionary crew and openly champion acts of public disorder, intimidation, blackmail and civil disobedience.

Strange that the BBC who apparently believe that democracy is a ‘sacred’ thing…or did when Nelson Mandela was fighting for it in South Africa….should now allow a senior journalist to suggest that rather than have a democratic engagement of the people we will allow those who are prepared to shout the loudest and use the most violence to decide government policy.

Of course that has long been the BBC policy when it comes to Muslims….giving them a platform to air their supposed grievances unchallenged by frightened BBC presenters who lack the knowledge, the will and the nerve to question any statement by these ‘community’ spokesmen.

All this is not new…though the BBC woiuld like you to think ‘Occupy’ and the SWP were the first people in the world to challenge Capitalism….see how sucha challenge turned out: