Listening to Today is like tuning in to extra-terrestial communications – it’s hard to understand what it is you are listening to. I’m sure you will all have heard of the brutal murder of British aid worker Khalil Dale, decapitated by the Taliban in Pakistan. This morning, John Humphrys prime time item  8.10am was about “whether the Taliban were out of control”. Huh? The Taliban have never been “in control”. They slaughter opportunistically, show no regard for the sanctity of human life, murder OUR soldiers with enthusiasm, and Humprys ponders if they are now “out of control”? This, of course, is linked to the BBC support for the idea put forward by Obama and those wise old coves in the F.O. that it is vital that we talk to the Taliban about how we can bring them into the Afghanistan Government. Appeasers then act surprised when the crocodile they seek to feed turns around and bites them. I contend that the BBC believes it is right to engage with the Taliban and so it is genuinely surprised when these dark ages primitives do what they have always done – murder with impunity. The BBC shows little interest in exploring or even discussing the savagery that drives the Taliban –  perhaps the proximity to Islam is discomforting for the BBC comrades.


I see that the BBC is suggesting that “at least 10 militants have died after missiles were fired by a suspected US drone aircraft at a Taliban target in Pakistan, intelligence officials say. “ Finally, a strike that doesn’t involve a “wedding party.” Go USA. Of course the thing that gets me is the use of politically correct language at play here. Those killed weren’t “militants” – they were Islamic Jihadists. Why not SAY it? Why imply that the Taliban and Al Queda are some sort of professional army when in fact they are merely opportunistic and cowardly killers driven by the mad pathology of Islam? I wish we could speak a little more truth but then again the BBC has contorted and bent so many words out of all recognition.



The Kate Adie presented “From our own correspondent” is a treasure trove for mining BBC bias. I caught Hugh Sykes on this programme today giving us the usual “It’s a quagmire” narrative about Afghanistan. Hugh argued that after all these years and despite all the aid poured into Afghanistan, children are still begging in the streets. (Being the generous soul, he handed over thw equivalant of a US dollar to one such child). In essence the purpose of his report was to suggest that things are little better now with the Taliban gone. Hugh couldn’t find anyone who supported the government. This is the sort of undermining of any political progress associated with what the BBC calls the “so-called” war on terror is what the BBC seems to excel at.


I see that at a time when we have lost several more of our brave British soldiers to the Taliban scum in Afghanistan Richard Bacon over on Five Live is running a morale-boosting “Is it time to talk to the Taliban” item on his programme. He’s managed to find a Conservative MP in the form of Adam Holloway, who served there with the Grenadier Guards, and who believes the aim of destroying the Taliban is now “beyond Britain’s means”. This Vichy Conservative wants to cut a deal with the murderous Islamics and naturally Bacon latches onto this. I heard David Cameron speak well on the import of our mission in the Commons earlier today but the BBC drum beat is always surrender. The BBC institutionally opposes the idea of fighting terrorism anywhere and so the likes of Holloway is an absolute gift to Bacon. Even as several British military families are in mourning for their loved ones and in need of the support of the nation, the State Broadcaster – care of a cowardly Conservative – seeks to put the boot in and imply that the mission has been futile.


Conveying and endlessly repeating the idea that “the west” is failing in Iraq and Afghanistan is central to the anti-war dhimmi leftwing narrative put forward by the BBC. Perhaps this might explain why the BBC leads with the heading “West warned over Afgan failure” before revealing in the very next second sentence that “the west” is in fact not failing! This story revolves around the reluctance of most NATO members to send troops to the southern part of Afghanistan, where the majority of the fighting takes place. The US, the UK and Canada are doing the heavy-lifting here and the likes of the Germans and the French wish to keep their soldiers well out of harms way, thus invalidating the very effectiveness of NATO. The BBC has been enthusiastic in running a series of stories demonstrating that the Taliban are confident, that the winning of the war is questionable and that everything but a military solution must be considered. This all helps shape the general mood of the population, turning it against the idea that the UK is right to be helping lead the fight to the Taliban and assorted Jihadi in this region. In this way it undermines the role of our soldiers out there whilst buoying up the enemy.