Biased BBC’s Alan observes;

“Not content with inflaming Muslim anger towards Jews the BBC is set on creating antagonism between Christians and Jews with its creative use of the truth in Bethlehem….as noted in a previous post. The reporter, Jon Donnison, had a template to write his story around and mangled the facts to fit that narrative….the Jews killed Christ and now they are destroying the Christian communities in the West Bank….and a university graduate doesn’t want to be a shepherd because of those damned Jews….sorry ‘Israelis’. Whatever the Balen Report said its message has clearly been forgotten…or ignored. What was that message? Probably that BBC News kills Jews. No wonder They don’t want you to see it.

Naturally of course the BBC don’t bother reporting much at all from Pakistan….a nation created in a similar way to Israel (and with less legitimacy) and one which supports terrorism in India and the Taliban…and of course is a Muslim state. One reason the BBC might not want to report from there……

‘For the second year in a row, Reporters Without Borders has named Pakistan the most deadly country in the world for journalists. The biggest threat is not terrorists, but the intelligence service, a prominent talk show moderator alleges. The same man just received an ominous warning via text message. ‘

 You haven’t heard much about that on the BBC. Perhaps if Jews promised to vote Labour they might get a better Press from the BBC? No matter what Labour does the BBC draws a veil over it…13 years of corruption and incompetence goes unreported. 

Recently the BBC presented us with ‘Drawing Blood’, a programme revealing the dangerous art of political cartooning.

As all political time begins with Thatcher the BBC of course went straight to her, then continued with the Tories and onto the Coalition….remarkably it seems the cartoonists had found nothing funny or satirical about Labour’s 13 years of misrule…..the BBC had their very own cultural Great Leap Forward and decided not to show us any anti-Labour cartoons.

What they did give us was Martin Rowson, of the Guardian (natch) who lectured us on the hateful nastiness of the Coalition….destroying Labour’s legacy of fine economic management and destituting the poor to pay for the Tory Toff’s mates in the Cities bonus’s….. ‘

“This government in particular makes me angry….it doesn’t know what it is doing….I get angrier when I think of the effect they’re having on the most vulnerable in society and economic mismanagement’.

Nice that the BBC doesn’t let an opportunity go to damn it’s political enemies.

Even John Simpson has lowered himself to puerile, student level abuse when reporting on the death of Vaclav Havel…he told us how intellectual Havel was….unlike other leaders….cue film of George Bush with Havel and Simpson’s narration….‘In terms of intellect he was way ahead of other political leaders.’ 

Ho Ho Ho.
(HIGN4Y 6 mins 30 secs in….)  No doubt the editors were all laughing at that one…..and at the picture of Bush as Hitler in the BBC news room.


An astounding piece of pro-Labour propaganda from Robert Peston, says Biased BBC contributor Alan

‘The Party’s Over:How the West Went Bust ‘
In a one hour programme describing how we ended up bust and bankrupt Peston does not mention ‘Labour’ by name once…even more remarkably the man who was Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister in Labour’s 13 year Great Leap Backward, Gordon Brown, also remains unmentioned. Who does Peston conclude is to blame for the present little economic difficulty we find ourselves in? Peston reveals the culprits, not Blair, not Brown, not George Bush, not the corrupt and unworkable European Union but that old BBC enemy Mrs Thatcher, with Cold War Hero Ronald Reagan thrown in for good measure.

 ‘Thatcher and Reagan introduced a new global economy that lead to the great unravelling we’re experiencing now.’

Curious really when you read what Stephanie Flanders wrote in 2005 about Brown’s stewardship….

 ‘Britain is growing slower than it has in more than a decade. The high street has ground to a halt, and inflation is the highest it has been under Labour. When we look back, in a few years’ time, at Brown’s economy, will we still see an economic miracle? Or another old-fashioned spending binge that, sooner or later, had to run dry? What is left of the miracle economy, if you strip out the cheap imports and the consumer spending? What is left is a lot of public spending. The only part of the economy that has grown faster than spending by all of us the past few years has been spending by the government.’

and read this for good measure….

(Blair) ‘painted us a rosy picture of a Britain at home in its own skin. Part right. But it can hardly be entirely true of a country with the worst cancer survival rates in Western Europe, where young people cannot afford homes, pensioners have taken a severe financial battering while multimillionaires are created overnight and violent crime is rampant on sink estates where the law surrendered years ago.’