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  1. Little Bulldogs says:

    After Dutch MP Geert Wilders released his film Fitna, the BBC had to report on it. But while others were prepared to give a clear indication of what was in the film, the BBC decided to whitewash the contents as much as possible:

    Little Bulldogs


  2. Anonymous says:

    BBC sends 437 staff to the Beijing Games … that’s 100 MORE than the Olympic team.

    THE army of BBC staff being sent to cover the Beijing Olympics dwarfs the number of British athletes competing at the games.

    Yesterday the corporation revealed 437 employees will be flying to China this summer – compared to just over 300 competitors going to represent Britain
    Sending such an enormous contingent flies in the face of the BBC’s pleas of poverty after a lower than expected licence fee settlement.

    It also follows the massive payout made recently to win back the right to broadcast Formula One.

    The corporation paid around £200million for the motor sport rights despite there being no rival bidders.


  3. George R says:

    In its mission to oppose Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician, Al Beeb (e.g. 8 am Radio 4 News) only mentioned the screening of his film ‘Fitna’ on the internet in terms in terms of political opposition to it; Al Beeb described his anti-Islam stance dismissively as ‘right-wing’.

    As a corrective to Al Beeb’s ‘impartiality’ on this, here are two items:

    1.)Douglas Murray interviews Geert Wilders for ‘The Spectator’:

    “A Film-Maker Who Lives in the Shadow of a Fatwa”

    2.)Hugh Fitzgerald on the use of ‘right- wing’, in this context:

    “All those right-wing populists”


  4. Titus says:

    I’d like to see a break down of the 437 going to Beijing – doubtless there will be an enormous amount of junketing by people who will serve no real purpose whilst there at all. And are all those ex-athletes the BBC use as co-commenters and analysts considered staff, or are they extra to this figure? They will of course be going at the BBC’s (sorry, OUR) expense in any case.


  5. LMO says:

    Kirsty Young interviews Daily Mail cartoonist MAC on Desert Island Discs this morning and asserts that many think the Daily Mail “undermines the social fabric of society”!

    Unlike the BBC which has,and does, promote the cancerous doctrine of multiculturalism which has done more to damage the social fabric of this society then anything else.Do you think she will ask the same question of the editor of the Guardian or Independent?


  6. Anonymous says:

    While the BBC spends much of this morning lamblasting BAA for its unprofessionalism at the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow, that ‘newsreader’ Ms. Green, who attempts to give gravitas to her voice by going down an octave, rather cocked it up today on the Rado 4 News.

    There’s been no apology from the BBC, and the fact that Ms. Green’s hysterics ruined Mr. Abby Mann’s obituary, is just an acceptable joke apparently:

    [audio src="" /]


  7. Anonymous says:

    8 men killed by troops on the Israeli border this year alone.

    You would think the BBC would be in apoplectic overdrive.

    No wait, it was Egyptian troops doing the killing and black men doing the dying.

    No story here, move along please.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Why do the BBC describe “Fitna” as meaning “strife” when it means sedition?


  9. George R says:

    Sarkozy’s praise for British history, in contrast with the BBC’s often condemnation of it these days, is not lost on Littlejohn:-

    ‘Merci, Sarko! We CAN be proud to be British’:-

    “Since the Guardianistas seized control of the commanding heights of our culture – education, the Law, the arts, the BBC and just about anything else – British history has been comprehensively trashed.

    “Schoolchildren are taught that Britain has an inglorious track record of war-mongering, racism, slavery, oppression and exploitation. ”


  10. DB says:

    Ian Richardson, former managing editor of BBC Arabic Television:
    “Al-Jazeera Satellite Television went on air at the beginning of November 1996, staffed chiefly by former members of BBC Arabic Television, all of them fervent believers in the BBC ethos of balance and fairness.”

    Yahoo News:
    NEW YORK – Former “Nightline” reporter Dave Marash has quit Al-Jazeera English, saying Thursday his exit was due in part to an anti-American bias at a network that is little seen in this country.
    Marash said he felt that attitude more from British administrators than Arabs at the Qatar-based network.


  11. Gordon_Broon_Eats_Hez_Bawgies says:

    Don’t know if it has been picked up on elsewhere, but it transpires that east London police have now charged someone with the “faith hate” attack on a local priest.

    The BBC and its shills here were very anxious that we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about what other faith might have been behind the attack. It could easily be the Sikhs, according to commenter Alex.

    So they must be astounded to learn that the name of the accused is Babul Islam (

    So he’d be Jewish then.

    I am reminded of that legendary Not the None O’Clock News sketch, about the policeman who keeps arresting a Mr. Winston Kodogo. Would he be a black gentleman, asks the plod’s boss? “Can’t say I ever noticed, sir!”


  12. George R says:

    In its trailer for its radio 4 series on rambling (hear the scenery), the BBC describes its chosen guest as ‘comedian and activist’, Mark Thomas. (Elsewhere, Geert Wilders is described by the BBC as ‘right-wing’.)


  13. Mailman says:


    I doubt the attacker of the priest follows any other religion other than him being number one (ie. he cares feck all about anyone else other than himself).



  14. Cassandra says:

    I heard the TOADY show news report where the news reader giggled and laughed her way through an obituary! Pehaps it was a one off? Er NO! She did the same obituary and again laughed and giggled her way through it and everyone in the room had a good laugh too!
    Has the TOADY show no shame? Does anyone think that they would laugh and joke if it were one of their heroes like Castro or a socialist hero like him?
    Are the TOADY show jokers are on drugs or something?
    NEWS FLASH for TOADY! laughing at a persons life work and obituary is a terrible thing to do, no excuses.
    What will they do when Thatcher pops her clogs? have a booze up and big party? Maybe have a leftist comedian or two on to dance on her grave? What must the family of the deceased be thinking and feeling now?
    I feel so angry at what they did but will they be brought to account? Perhaps a payrise from a grateful BBC?


  15. Jack Bauer says:


    As diligent watchers know, the BBC is so anti-Jew (that’s right anti-Jew, apologists not the weasel anti-“zionist”) it long ceased to be comical. And being anti-American, well that comes with the contract.

    As we all know, the mentally unbalanced al-Lie-zeera was formed by these wonderful BBC folk for whom the BBC wasn’t quite anti-Jew enough. Backed by corrupt Arab governments

    So get this… the final American accented news reporter has finally decided he can’t take any more of those stiff, upper twits who run that channel out of London.

    Dave Marash quits Al-Jazeera English
    Thu Mar 27, 7:45 PM ET
    NEW YORK – Former (ABC) “Nightline” reporter Dave Marash has quit Al-Jazeera English, saying Thursday his exit was due in part to an anti-American bias at a network that is little seen in this country.

    Marash said he felt that attitude more from British administrators than Arabs at the Qatar-based network.


  16. David Vance says:


    Babul Islam then, eh? Who would have thought THAT then? I’m still banking on the Zoroastrian connection that Victoria/Alex flagged up. The name Babul Islam may be all part of a cunning Zoroastrian plan to blame the innocent Religion of Peace. Looking forward to the BBC giving us all the details….just after hell freezes over.


  17. Lady of the Lake says:

    Are there no Government lobby groups, or bodies campaigning with Ofcom or whoever is the regulator, to remove the cancer of the BBC from our culture. They are getting worse !! Cannot they be taken to court for treason, or mis-representation, or stoking up racial hatred?


  18. Cassandra says:


    The BBC are probably very busy trying to link this attack on the Jooooos or trying to justify it because of the Iraq war? Expect a report from the BBC explaining that its the victims fault and the poor muslim perpetrator only beat the vicar to a pulp because he felt he was being discriminated against by the evil and racist British people who did so many bad things during the crusades! Perhaps the BBC will pay for a ‘yuman rites’ brief who will press for lots of compo for this poor muslim victim of white agression?


  19. Martin says:

    I was disgusted when on Radio 5 the vile Victoria Derbyshire interupted her interview with a Police Officer over the murder of Sophie Lancaster. Derbyshire cut across him (with an apology) to go and talk to Willie Walsh head of BA.

    Personally I don’t give a shit about BA or Terminal 5.

    Perhaps the BBC should have made Walsh wait?

    The utter hand wringing from the Socialists of the murder of this girl is utterly amazing. Women breeding children without fathers and living off benefits (something Polly Toynbee has championed and she is ex BBC), the harassing of the motorist by a disproportionate amount of Police resources (again championed by the BBC), the continual spouting of “uman rites” for vile inbred scum and the failure of left wing teachers and their “trendy” ways to actually give working class kids hope just about sums this failed Country up.


  20. David Essex says:

    Geert Wilders is a bloody hero. I would vote for him.


  21. Anonymous says:

    The BBC sanctions the laughing through the obituary of an oscar winning respected American Jew Abby Mann.

    “I did feel slightly embarrassed” said Charlotte Green

    Well that covers it, what an apology.

    The Today editor defended Green to the hilt and even said how much it was enjoyed by some listeners.

    The BBC has sunk to new depths.

    And the Today programme is the lowest of even the BBC low, Toady is too polite a name for it.

    I’m disgusted.


  22. field.size says:

    Geert Wilders is a bloody hero. I would vote for him.
    David Essex | 28.03.08 – 2:03 pm | #

    here bloody here


  23. Gordon_Broon_Eats_Hez_Bawgies says:


    Al-BBC’s website yields four articles about “Michael Ainsworth”, the clergyman who was violently assaulted. None mentions the local history of Muslim violence. Those that mention Muslims at all do so only to big up the local Muslim elders’ condemnation – but even that is not what it seems:

    Dilowar Khan, head of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, said: “The youths who attacked Canon Michael need to be brought to justice.

    “We have become increasingly concerned about antisocial behaviour among a minority of youth, particularly the rise of alcohol-related incidents.

    Everyone got that? The local Muslim elders are horrified – not at the possibility that this was an attack by a Muslim, but at all these “alcohol-related incidents” which can only have been carried out by non-Muslims.

    This story is turning into a very elegant example of the classic BBC lie. Their coverage omits the context of Muslim violence altogether, and will tolerate no speculation – however well-founded, given this background – that Muslims were behind the attack.

    It nonetheless hands Muslims the floor and allows them to speculate groundlessly that this was an “alcohol related” crime, and thereby to plant the idea that the police are wrong and it wasn’t a faith hate attack at all!

    For me, this is starting to resemble the infamous case of that lowlife who was up in court on terrorist charges, where the BBC’s court reporting mentioned that he was a plumber, but didn’t see fit to mention the (obviously much less relevant) fact that he was a Muslim. I wonder if “alcohol-related” could be headed the same way as “plumber” – i.e. it’s a BBC-approved “beard” term to shelter and play down Islamofascist terrorism? “Anger grows over alcohol-related cartoons”? “Heightened alcohol-related security at Glasgow airport”? “London tubes and buses blown up in alcohol-related incident”?


  24. WoAD says:

    A tipping point must come soon.

    Where’s ill*unt?


  25. Lee Moore says:

    Come off it. Sometimes people just get the giggles.


  26. H Green says:

    Latest research by BBC Watch lawyer Trevor Asserson.

    Sixth bbcwatch Report • The BBC Goes Native: A Study of BBC Arabic

    This report analyses four weeks of reporting during the 2nd Lebanon War in 2006 as broadcast by BBC Arabic. The report classifies the programme guests in terms of their political leanings. It finds that BBC Arabic has a marked tendency to give air time to representatives of terrorist organizations (Hizbollah) and rogue states (Iran) over the air time given to representatives of Israel (17 to 5). The BBC also gives air time to people with marked anti American and anti Western opinions.

    Click to access Report_6.pdf


  27. H Green says:

    More on Trevor Asserson’s 6th BBC Watch report

    The BBC Arabic radio appears to be out of control. It is providing a platform for a wide range
    of anti Western and in particular anti American ideologues to express their nasty, at times
    absurd and sometimes dangerous views in a forum that is almost invisible to most Westerners.
    The often unchallenged broadcast of such views by the BBC gives those views a veneer of
    legitimacy and truthfulness.
    Overall, in the 25 programmes analysed, there emerges an unmistakable identification with
    parties with whom Israel is in conflict. While most programs provided a forum for the
    expression of a variety of positions, the blatant disproportion, both quantitatively and
    qualitatively, in the voice afforded to the respective views points to an unequivocally biased
    programme to the detriment of the Israeli position. Frequently, programme hosts make no
    pretence at objectivity, and even when the questions posed by the host were relatively neutral,
    they were often tainted by clear animosity toward Israel and the West, while generally no
    attempts were made to challenge the virulently anti-Israel and anti-West views expressed.
    The relative lack of Arabic speakers amongst those who pay for the BBC means that the BBC
    does not benefit from the criticisms of the general listening public as it does for its English
    speaking programmes. The corrective influence which those complainants normally provide
    is necessarily absent.
    Having rejected the Independent Panel’s recommendation to appoint a “guiding hand” to
    monitor its Middle East output, the BBC has no systems in place to know what its own
    journalists think. We are not aware of any systematic method it has for monitoring
    programme content. It seems that the BBC has less control of its Arabic programmes than of
    any others, because it appears that relatively few of its senior staff speak Arabic.
    We are left with the disturbing fear that the most powerful media organisation in the world
    has left the fox guarding the hen house.
    MARCH 2008


  28. Lee Moore says:

    What’s this fuss about the BBC Arabic service ? So it’s 17-5 for the terrorist spokesmen v Israeli spokesmen. That’s a much better ratio than the Israelis get on the main English language channels.


  29. Little Bulldogs says:

    Now the BBC refuses to call a convicted terrorist a “terrorist” insisting that he is a “man convicted of a terrorism offence”.


  30. David Vance says:


    Yes, and then there was that “alcohol-related” incident on 9/11.


  31. Anonymous says:


    Her only child, now 9, has been living with her parents back in New York for seven years. “Why can’t I raise my own daughter, who was born in Israel?” says Larissa, struggling to hold back the tears. “I only see her once a year, because I don’t have the financial capacity to travel.”

    Why the separation? For the child’s safety. Since 2001, Palestinians have shot more than 7,000 Kassam rockets into Sderot, a mile from Gaza. When you hear the “red alarm,” you have barely 15 seconds to get to an air-raid shelter. Some days the alarm sounds 20 times or more.

    Larissa’s is just one of thousands of anguished stories in this city of 25,000 in southern Israel.


  32. nrg says:

    Maybe the Beeb is reading this blog and taking note afterall. TV news tonight at great pains to use “terrorist” and “Jihadist Terrorism”.

    Let’s keep up the pressure.


  33. Greencoat says:

    George R:
    In its trailer for its radio 4 series on rambling (hear the scenery), the BBC describes its chosen guest as ‘comedian and activist’, Mark Thomas.

    Oh, he’s a comedian alright, George. No doubt about it.


  34. Anonymous says:

    “Come off it. Sometimes people just get the giggles.
    Lee Moore | 28.03.08 – 3:16 pm”

    During an obituary?

    No, they don’t.


  35. pounce says:

    The BBC, there is only one god and his name is Allah and how beer is bad for you…

    Kashmiris take to alcohol
    There has been a sharp fall in violence in Indian-administered Kashmir and at the same time the consumption of alcohol has started picking up fast. Liquor shops and cinemas were the first to close down on orders from separatist militant groups after the outbreak violence in the late 1980s aimed at driving India out of the region. But now the liquor traders are back in business.
    Traditionally the liquor trade was mostly in the hands of non-Muslims. But as most of them fled the Valley in the wake of the armed conflict, the shops that have now re-opened are being run mostly by Muslims.

    The BBC reports from Kashmir where the faithful have taken to the bottle rather than the Koran in which to find peace… However the BBC cannot allow this message to spread to the west. So in good old fashioned liberal fashion the BBC finds the only angle in which to attack the consumption of alcohol as bad.
    I quote;
    “Even schoolchildren have started coming to these shops,” says Shabir Ahmed, who rows a shikara (pleasure boat) on Dal Lake. “It’s causing havoc.”
    Psychiatrist Dr Arshid says the easy availability of liquor could create a problem with alcoholism in a society where many people have been traumatised by violence and which is also undergoing the strains of urbanisation and growing materialism. He says a survey conducted two years ago revealed that “about 17% of people, aged 18 to 35, had taken opiates at some point”. He says such people could easily turn to alcohol.”
    “But a spokesman for the Houseboat Owners’ Association, Tariq Ahmed, says tourism can do without liquor. “We used to tell the tourists that alcohol was banned in Kashmir. They did not make a fuss about it. They come to see the beauty of Kashmir, not to booze.”

    Ah the BBC promotes the message that Alcohol is bad for you and that you would be better off doing without. Now if only they could conduct an article on how so many of the faithful are arrested under the influence?


  36. Hillhunt says:


    The BBC sanctions the laughing through the obituary of an oscar winning respected American Jew Abby Mann.

    Congratulations. You’ve won the Atlas Shrugged comedy paranoia award of the week.

    1. It wasn’t an obit in the usual sense, an appreciation of someone’s life. It was a brief announcement of his death
    2. They weren’t laughing because he was Jewish or American.
    3. And that’s not why the BBC have treated it lightly. It was completely without malice. Unlike this blog.

    A little levity goes a long way:


  37. Tim Almond says:

    Can someone point me at some bloggers in Iraq that I can read who can give a genuinely balanced point of view over what’s going on out there?

    By which I mean, the good and the bad from people who are Iraqis living there, and not just BBC correspondents who will do everything to make out that it’s all doom.

    I know it’s not perfect, but things like troop deaths are down, the Iraqis are now fighting for themselves, but I get the sense that the BBC mutters these good things, slipping them into the middle of reports, whilst giving prominence to, say, William Hague’s call for an enquiry.


  38. George R says:

    While the BBC is concerned about the welfare of non-English speaking immigrants to the UK, who are on hunger strike, it reports, in support of them, without demur, the comments of a left-wing lobby group I.A.C. and, course, those of Sharia-sympathetic R.Williams:

    ‘Detainees hunger strike protest’

    Of course, the broader issues of whether the Labour Government’s mass immigration is having negative effects on the British indigenous people, or whether immigration controls are ineffective, are not discussed by the BBC here.

    There is no prominence at the BBC to this new House of Lords report on immigration:

    ‘Migration has brought “zero” economic benefit’ ( Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph ) –

    “A House of Lords committee, which is due to report next Tuesday, will call into question Government claims that foreign workers add £6 billion each year to the wealth of the nation.

    “It is expected to say this must be balanced against the increase in population and their use of local services such as health and education, resulting in little benefit per head of the population.

    ‘Our overall conclusion is that the economic benefits of net immigration to the resident population are small and close to zero in the long run,’ the report will say.

    “The findings of the Lords economics committee threaten to demolish the key argument made by ministers to justify the highest levels of immigration in the country’s history.”


  39. Hillhunt says:


    There is no prominence at the BBC to this new House of Lords report on immigration:

    ‘Migration has brought “zero” economic benefit’ ( Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph )

    “A House of Lords committee, which is due to report next Tuesday…”

    Possibly because they will cover it on Tuesday when the report is issued. I’d guess that the Telegraph was leaked an early copy.


  40. George R says:

    ‘EU referendum’ site has a pertinent comment about the BBC’s news values today:-

    ‘Is there anyone at the helm?’ –

    “It is hard to agree with the BBC’s news values, which elevates the baggage-handling glitches in Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 to the status of a national crisis • running
    it as lead item on all its bulletins.

    “This is by no means the first new terminal which has had teething problems • Denver and Hong Kong come to mind • and any damage done to Britain’s reputation will be transitory and quickly forgotten.

    “Not so the mounting crisis in southern Iraq, to which the BBC allocated the sixth slot on the early evening television news – allowing just thirty seconds for the newscaster to tell us that Bush had said that Iraq was facing a new ‘defining moment’ • with no mention at all on the main radio ‘World Tonight’ bulletin.”


  41. Bryan says:

    Regina Bublil-Waldman addressed the UNHCR on March 20th on the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and described her personal experience of having to flee Libya in 1967, narrowing escaping being murdered along with her family – simply for being Jewish.

    This story has all the ingredients that usually cause the BBC to start hammering away on its collective keyboard:

    *Middle East;

    *Conflict between Jews and Arabs


    *The UN, one of the BBC’s all-time favourite organisations.

    So why, we have to ask, has this story been ignored by the BBC? (We could also ask why it seems to have been ignored by all other mainstream media, but the BBC is under discussion here. Google Regina Bublil-Waldman Jewish refugees and a mere 430 results come up, as far as I can tell mostly from the blogging world.)

    Why has the BBC ignored this poignant and highly relevant story? Anyone?


  42. George R says:

    A BBC report:

    “Mr. Obama suggested in an interview with ABC’s ‘The View’ that he would have left the Chicago church he has attended for two decades had Mr. Wright not retired.”

    But why would Obama do this? After all, he agreed with Rev. Wright’s anti-white views for 20 years! The BBC does not explore; but Lawrence Auster does:-

    ‘How Obama became a Christian, and why he is unable to break with Wright’


  43. Chuffer says:

    Fantastic coverage on the BBC of Earth Hour, starting in Sydney: all the lights turned off to save the planet. And how was this footage obtained?
    From a helicopter.


  44. Hillhunt says:


    Why has the BBC ignored this poignant and highly relevant story? Anyone?

    A more relevant test is via Google News. If you enter the same search items, you get two results, both specialised Jewish media.

    Lots of people address UN gatherings, often on vital and emotionally-affecting matters, but only a few ever get wide coverage.

    A fair test of the BBC’s alleged bias is to see how far it deviates from other responsible outlets. If no-one outside these two agencies considered Ms Bublil-Waldman’s address as newsworthy, then you have no case against the BBC.


  45. Oscar says:

    R4s Any Questions this week was an object lesson in bias. While most of the time it’s a matter of some conjecture just how loaded to the Left/Liberal agenda the programme is, this week usefully revealed the political preferences of the panelists by asking how they would vote in the Mayoral elections (first and second preferences). Keith Vaz and Brian Paddick of course supported their own parties. Vaz went Green for his second choice and Paddick wouldn’t give one.’Impartial’ BBC science expert got booed when she mentioned Boris (highly unrepresentative of public opinion) – and went for first choice Brian Paddick and second choice Ken. But it wasn’t until Dominic Grieve spoke up for the Conservatives that the bias turned nasty – when he said he’d support Paddick second choice the audience jeered in derision while Paddick said he didn’t want his vote. This I think unwittingly revealed precisely the state of BBC sensibility. It’s not enough to out number the Conservative voice on the panel (and in the audience) – it has to be ridiculed and ostracised as well. Grieve was also the only member of the panel who was continually booed and heckled by the audience. And this just as Labour support plummets and the Conservatives are riding high in the polls. The BBC are imposing a world view which is increasingly out of touch with public reality. In fact it seems set on a collision course.


  46. Oscar says:

    BTW – Jonathan Dimbleby revealed that Boris Johnson has declined an invitation to appear on Any Questions before the majoral elections – and is it any wonder? Can you just imagine what political mischief the BBC would have concocted? But what an indictment of the BBC. Boris’s snub says it all.


  47. John Galt says:


    The BBC set its controls for the heart of the sun, many years ago.

    The BBC is the most dishonest propagator of The New World Order there is . It matters not whether the employees know this or not, or have pictures of Bushitler on their walls.

    This is far bigger matter then a simple minded, dumb ass ex drunk, with a criminal family background, like George Bush. FAR FAR BIGGER then any elected government American, European or British.

    The BBC is working for The World Corporate fascist agenda all the same. In fact more then any other broadcaster on the planet, with no exceptions.

    Know this and you know everything. Refuse to know it and you know nothing worth knowing, and will understand still less. While constantly barking up the wrong trees, becoming forever more confused and bewildered by rapidly moving events.

    To you and others do not take my word for this. Do your own research on The New World Order yourselves. (There is mega-tons of information about the subject from a large choice of different sources, all over the internet).

    Then make the choice to open up your own mind. If you still have one to open.

    Please try to understand people like JR and Hillcunt are playing with your minds. They talk crap to make you oppose them. The answer is not to oppose their cleverly crafted dis information. The answer is to educate and inform yourself. So you can take the correct action, in order to protect yourself and your family, from what is very soon coming. If not already here.

    Please do not believe that these creeps are Leftists or Rightists. The establishment sees no distinction between them, because they invented the terms, for their own DIVIDE and RULE, advantage.

    The BBC, JR and HILLCUNT are the worst aspects of both, which is best expressed by the description ” evil to the core brainwashed proponents of WORLD CORPORATE FASCISM.”


  48. Lee Moore says:

    Another of those strange selections from Have Your Say. The BBC asks the bizarre question :

    Do you think Zimbabwe’s elections will be free and fair?

    and get the predictable answer • “you’re joking” – from the overwhelming majority of their commenters :

    But when it comes to this story :

    Zimbabwean voters elect president

    they select this HYS comment :

    The elections will no doubt be free and fair. The allegations being peddled are unfounded and based on hearsay

    Sosten Musiniwa, Harare

    Still there’s a good joke here, where they tell us about the international observers for Zimbabwe’s election :

    Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has said that 47 observer teams will be invited “on the basis of reciprocity, objectivity and impartiality in their relationship with Zimbabwe”. These include delegations from South Africa’s governing African National Congress, which endorsed the 2002 presidential election as free and fair, Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran. Zimbabwe has refused to allow observers from Britain, the EU, the United States and a team from the Commonwealth to monitor the elections.


  49. Martin says:

    John Galt: I’ve never believed in all this new world order crap. I’ve heard that big fat aweatty tub of larg Alex Jones prattle on about it for long enough.

    Why do you say Fascist? I’d say Communism, corrupt politicians is the danger (along with Islam)
    Why are our politicians so keen to flog off our freedons to a bunch of Eurocrats? Easy. Money. Most of our politicians are in politics to make money for themselves.

    They pass laws that benefit them or their friends (usually lawyers). Just look at the garbage we have represeting us in Europe. Peter Mandelson, Neil and Glenys Kinnock. None of them ever did an honest days work in their life, yet they now rake in thousands of pounds.

    Europe is the new gravy train for fat corrupt politicians.

    As for Communism. Just listen to George Galloway. He opposes any Country or large state (like the Soviet Union) breaking up. Communists are control freaks. The more power you move to central control, the less ordinary people are able to influence anything about their lives.

    It has nothing to do with Fascists or capitalists. It’s simply fat (and MOST politicians are fat) politicians who want to ensure that the endless gravy train of freebies continues.


  50. Martin says:

    Chuffer: The BBC could do us all a favour and turn off BBC TV and Radio permanently.