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  1. deegee says:

    Some of these reports have been discussed on this site but I have never seen all six archived in the same place
    BBC Watch

    Latest report March 2006 BBC Arabic


  2. Jack Hughes says:

    Let there be darkness

    We have this earth hour shit here as well.

    I did my bit:

    I put a load of washing on (3kW). I had a shower ( ?kW ). I made a cup of tea (3kW kettle). I put all my gadgets on charge ( not much ).

    I then did some ironing ( not much ).

    Interesting to note that Auckland (pop 1.4m) does not count as a major city to the BBC.


  3. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    David Cameron was last night accused of paving the way for the destruction of the BBC after he threatened to hand £250million of its money to other broadcaster


  4. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    The media is once again hyping an allegedly dire consequence of man-made global warming. This time the media is promoting the ice loss of one tiny fraction of the giant ice-covered continent and completely ignoring the current record ice growth on Antarctica.


  5. Jack Hughes says:

    The BBC has learned that …

    This egocentric stuff is more and more common on TV, radio and online – lets look at the “earth hour” piece as an example.

    Para 4: But critics have dismissed the event as a gimmick that will not make any difference, a BBC correspondent notes.

    Para 10: “We’re aware of villages in Norfolk in England that are doing Earth Hour and we’re aware of the big cities like Chicago and Sydney that are doing it,” he told the BBC.

    Para 11: Celebrations in Australia to mark Earth Hour include traditional Aboriginal torchlight performances, environmentally friendly dinner parties and special candlelit evenings for single people, the BBC’s Phil Mercer reports from Sydney.

    Para 14: Australia is one of the world’s worst per capita emitters of greenhouse gases and many believe recent droughts and floods are the result of man’s destabilising influence on the climate, our correspondent says.

    Next week: That’s enough about me; let’s talk about me now.


  6. deegee says:

    Came across this cartoon while surfing.
    © Copyright 2008 Dario Castillejos Dario La Crisis
    No further details


  7. Anonymous says:

    Three Cheers for David Cameron

    David Cameron finally susses Britain’s Lord Haw Haw..

    Daily Mail…”David Cameron was last night accused of paving the way for the destruction of the BBC after he threatened to hand £250million of its money to other broadcasters.

    The Tories plan to force the Corporation to give away part of its licence fee funds to create new competition in public service broadcasting.

    The move will break the BBC’s “monopoly” over programmes and guarantee more quality output in areas such as children’s television, the Tories claim.

    “We must ensure there is plurality of provision of quality broadcasting content,” says the party’s new blueprint for public service broadcasting, to be unveiled tomorrow.

    The move will be coupled with a plan to scrap the governing BBC Trust – itself only set up last year – and replace it with a more independent “public service broadcasting commission”.

    But the plans prompted an angry backlash from the BBC – which claimed it would mark the beginning of the end of the Corporation.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Marr (accidentally?,) almost skewers Home Secretary, Ms. J. Smith, on BBC tv today over consequences of Labour Government’s open-door immigration ‘policy’:-

    “Illegal immigrants ‘get carer jobs'”


  9. Lee Moore says:

    On This Day is usually a rich source of BBC nonsense and today doesn’t disappoint :

    However, records and testimony from intelligence sources in the US and Russia, suggests Julius Rosenberg had been involved in giving some sensitive information to Soviet contacts in support of the war effort against Hitler.

    Those last few words show how difficult it is for lefties to give up their cherished myths. The idea that he handed over “some sensitive information” may be compared with account of the not very reactionary Wikipedia :

    According to Feklisov, Julius was his most dedicated and valuable asset, providing thousands of classified reports from Emerson Radio, including a complete proximity fuze, the same design that was used to shoot down Gary Powers’s U-2 in 1960. Under Feklisov’s administration, Julius Rosenberg is said to have recruited sympathetic individuals to the KGB’s service, including Joel Barr, Alfred Sarant, William Perl and Morton Sobell

    and the idea that it was done “in support of the war effort against Hitler” is transparently absurd • spying on the US being useful for a conflict with the US, not its enemy Germany. The Rosenbergs never claimed that their spying was done in support of the war effort against Hitler • they claimed to be innocent. Some other spies, when caught, claimed this • nonsensically • and a corresponding claim has simply been pasted onto the BBC report to paint them in a better light.

    The obvious conclusion • the Rosenbergs were communists, communists believed in supporting the Soviet Union, so they spied on the US to help the Soviet Union • is just too bitter a pill for Auntie to swallow.

    (Laban Tall has another of these progressive zombies-myths, myths that keep on rising from the dead • on his blog :


  10. Lee Moore says:

    Sorry didn’t get the second link right.


  11. Anonymous says:

    See comments from Daily Mail readers..

    “The BBC must be broken up,Bring it on!”


  12. John Galt says:

    Lee Moore

    The CIA leaked very important information to the Soviets themselves. How to build nuclear weapons was just one. None of these activities ever involved executions.

    The Rosenburgs where set up patsies to help convince the public that the CIA had nothing to do with it.

    CIA and KGB policy during the cold war in the 50s through to the 80s was to promote a military stalemate in the world.

    This to justify vast NATO and Pact government expenditure on a massively expensive, otherwise pointless, arms race. An arms race that never was going to lead to anything other then to a highly profitable state of affairs for the people that REALLY control the CIA and the KGB.

    Which are very clever enormously powerful banking and financial corporations that funded apart from many other things the French and RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONS, The CND, the Communist and Socialist Parties of the world. Including the likes of George Galloway, Michael Moore, Ken Livingstone, Castro, Chavez, and Wilson.

    In short THE CONSPIRACY.

    Please dont just read the above and laugh. Think about it. Its the year 2008 now, not 1963.

    It really is the only logical explanation for all that has happened since and before the war. It explains perfectly, why well documented events on this planet do not make real sense. If the above were not so. We most likely would have all blown ourselves to kingdom come 45 or so years ago.


  13. Britain First says:

    Just discovered this latest ‘neutral’ article by the BBC’s Mike Baker, as part of the curious Analysis series on its news website. In it, he berates the newspapers for what he calls ‘knee-jerk’ reactions over the NUT’s call to ban the Army from going into schools. He also criticises the Daily Express for reporting on the ‘Imams in schools’ story.

    Since when was it the job of the BBC news department to criticise other sections of the media? And what are articles like this doing in the news section anyway?


  14. Susan says:

    Anonymous, from the Daily Mail commenters, this was hilarious:

    Good, I hope he succeeds the BBC is an billion pound white elephant that needs its tusks removed.

    – Skippy, England


  15. Ed says:

    Tim Almond:
    Can someone point me at some bloggers in Iraq that I can read who can give a genuinely balanced point of view over what’s going on out there?

    Tim, I find the reports from Michael Yon, Michael Totten and Bill Roggio useful:

    While they make no pretence that everything is great in Iraq and Afghanistan, you won’t get the relentless defeatism of the BBC.
    Take today’s BBC news website report on al-Sadr’s call for his militia to withdraw from the streets – BBC analysis is that “Prime Minister Maliki has been weakened, while Moqtada Sadr has been strengthened.”
    How can they be so sure? It’s at least arguable that Al-Sadr appears to have blinked first.


  16. Mullah says:

    Re: Britain First (8.54pm) and Mike Baker’s pro-NUT piece.

    Follow the link to Baker’s own website:

    “He is a regular columnist for BBC News Online, The Guardian, and The Education Journal. He continues to broadcast on the BBC and Teachers’ TV.

    Mike is also an experienced chair and moderator of conferences, seminars and awards ceremonies, and provides print and broadcast media training, tailored to the public and voluntary sectors, especially education.”

    In other words: his bread and butter is the public education sector.

    You have to read his opinions in that light.

    He makes some valid points in the article you link to about misreporting aspects of the NUT conference.

    But there’s only the gentlest of suggestions that the wild, incendiary language used by NUT member – people who teach your kids and mine – might be ever so slightly out of order.

    He claims that propaganda in schools is not allowed under the Education Act, but makes no recognition of the constant pro-multicultural tripe with which my five year old daughter is being bombarded at her state primary.

    Why not, I wonder?

    I wouldn’t actually mind the bias, if only the BBC would make it clear where the vested interests lie.

    It’s when they portray this stuff as balanced and ‘neutral’ that it gets really insidious.


  17. Lee Moore says:

    John Galt : Please dont just read the above and laugh

    Just a gentle smile. Keep on taking the tablets.


  18. Jack Hughes says:

    WTF is this headline about ?

    Turkey court mulls party ban case

    It’s like something from Journalism 101 – how not to write a headline.

    The story is about the turkish constitutional court deciding whether to hear – or not to hear – a case. The case has been brought by the chief prosecutor. It would close down Turkey’s ruling AK party for anti-secular activities. The AK party wants the country’s institutions to become more islamic and less secular.


  19. Gordon says:

    Will the BBC tell us that, of the 27 ministers in the Turkish Government, 26 are mullahs?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Given the furore over the Peterborough uniform issue you would think this had been picked up.

    By the BBC? No

    Not even on the West Midlands page.

    Not even on the BBC Birmingham news page.

    In fact Radio WM and the Birmingham pages are a waste of space and valuable licence fee money, unless you want class pages like this one there

    They managed to cover that…


  21. Reimer says:

    Brian Keenan: Back to Beirut
    BBC 2 Mon 31 Mar, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 60mins

    Brian Keenan was held hostage in Lebanon for nearly five years. Constantly moved from location to location, he never knew where he was being held. He was blindfolded and chained. He was beaten and tortured.

    In the summer of 2007, he returned to Lebanon for the first time since his release in 1990, free to travel around and to see the country he wasn’t able to see the first time around.

    Keenan’s personal odyssey takes him through the beautiful landscape and tortured history of Lebanon, a land where brutal violence sits alongside dreams and high human ideals. “Lebanon is like a beautiful flower” Keenan observes, “and you find out sooner or later, and often the hard way, that there is poison hidden in its petals.”

    But Brian Keenan’s journey is also one into his own soul, and at the end of it he discovers a kind of peace that he didn’t even know he lacked: “I’m sure I go back not so much a different man but maybe like I’ve had a good scrub. I’ve come back to this place, it’s received me, it’s been kind to me, and it has taken back whatever dross was hanging around from 20 years or more ago.” [S]

    Brian was interviewed about the programme on R5 today: whilst his captivity thankfully doesn’t appear to have outright warped him he sounds self-absorbed enough to draw any practical conclusions from it all other than woolly epiphanies.

    Presumably the peace Brian finds is one that we kuffrs can also find if we stop struggling against that which the Beeb wants to help us into accepting.


  22. nrg says:

    Now here is an interesting turn of phrase regarding London mayoral election

    Mr Johnson, who polls suggest is in the lead for the 1 May election, said that tackling crime was his top priority.

    Persumably Livingstone would be “ahead in the polls”, but for Boris the polls on “suggest” he is in the lead.


  23. Oscar says:

    Another Boris report that leave you in doubt where the BBC stand. Take a look at the picture alone. Bias? What bias?


  24. pounce says:

    The BBC, a WW2 mystery and half the story.

    Australia to probe WWII mystery
    A board of inquiry in Australia is to investigate the sinking of a World War II cruiser, following the discovery of its wreckage. HMAS Sydney came under attack from a much smaller German ship in late 1941. None of the Sydney’s 645 crew survived the attack – making it the country’s worst-ever naval disaster. Australians have long been fascinated by the mystery of how a ship seen as the pride of Australia’s navy lost to an auxiliary vessel. For years theories have abounded – including that a Japanese submarine really sank the Sydney or that the Kormoran’s crew machine-gunned down all the Australian survivors.

    And what the Aussies know;
    HMAS Sydney II and the Kormoran
    The action between HMAS Sydney and the auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, 19 November 1941
    It was 5.30 and the ships were steaming parallel on south easterly courses at 14 knots, the Australian cruiser abeam of the raider at a range of 1,500 metres, a perfect target. The Sydney’s fate was sealed when she flashed to the Kormoran: “Show your secret sign.” Detmers now had no choice but to fight. The Kormoran hoisted the German ensign, uncovered her armament and opened fire. Two ranging shots pitched short and over respectively then a full salvo hit, smashing into the Sydney’s bridge structure and director tower. Simultaneously, the Kormoran fired two torpedoes. Her automatic 2-centimetre anti-aircraft guns and rapid firing 3.7-centimetre anti-tank guns played onto the cruiser’s bridge and also amidships, where the two port four-inch guns of the secondary armament and the torpedo tubes were mounted.

    The Sydney replied with a salvo from her six-inch guns that tore over the Kormoran. However, the cruiser’s forward turrets were knocked out by the raider’s third and fourth salvoes, then the fifth caught the Sydney’s aircraft on the catapult, wrecking it and spreading burning fuel over the ship amidships. About this time the Sydney’s after turrets came into action, firing in local control. Y turret fired two or three unsuccessful salvoes before falling silent but X turret opened a rapid and accurate fire which hit the Kormoran in the funnel, engine room and electrical installations, starting uncontrollable fires. Shortly after this, one of the raider’s torpedoes hit the Sydney abreast her forward turrets. Within five minutes of the commencement of the action both ships were mortally wounded.

    The Sydney, down by the bow, turned sharply to port onto a southerly course as if to ram the Kormoran or to bring her starboard torpedo tubes to bear. She passed close astern, under fire from the raider’s after guns At 5.45 pm, as the range opened, the cruiser fired her four starboard torpedoes at the raider, all of which narrowly missed astern. About the same time the Kormoran’s engines broke down.

    As the Sydney struggled off to the south she was hit repeatedly by the Kormoran’s port side guns and at 6.00 the raider fired a torpedo from her port underwater tube which missed. The Kormoran continued to fire at the Sydney until 6.25, by which time her own engine room was wrecked and uncontrollably ablaze. As a raider she was finished and, mindful of her full cargo of mines, Detmers ordered her abandoned. As the crew left the Kormoran scuttling charges were set. They were fired at midnight when the last of the crew had departed. At 12.30 the mines exploded and the Kormoran sank. Of her crew of 393 officers and men, 78 lost their lives, either in the action or the sea afterwards. Two captured Chinese were also killed.

    The BBC, a WW2 mystery and half the story.


  25. pounce says:

    The BBC, its PC agenda and sending a cripple to a war zone.

    How f**ing stupid of the BBC to send a cripple in a wheelchair to a war zone.
    Unless of course that war zone isn’t as bad as the BBC makes out.

    This week the BBC’s Frank Gardner revealed that a contingent of Arab troops from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been secretly operating alongside the Americans in Afghanistan. But getting access to them took months and was fraught with hurdles, especially as our correspondent is in a wheelchair.

    The BBC, its PC agenda and sending a cripple to a war zone.


  26. Lee Moore says:

    I was interested to note the absence of quotation marks around “poll tax” in this report. Likewise no “so-called.”


  27. Anonymous says:

    B-BBC is concerned with BBC content;

    ‘Harry’s Place’ even says:

    ‘The New BBC News Website Design is Rubbish’


  28. Reimer says:

    The BBC, its PC agenda and sending a cripple to a war zone.
    pounce | 31.03.08 – 7:01 pm | #

    Hilarious: I’m surprised they didn’t insist military operations be suspended whilst suitable access was fitted to the war zone, failure to do so triggering stern recriminations from a bunch of self-aggrandising prats in Brussels & Whitehall.


  29. George R says:

    For years the BBC, ‘Today’ included, was utterly disparaging about the publications of:

    Now, in summarising the new House of Lords Report on the economics of UK immigration, tbe BBC is finding itself, inadvertently, summarising the case which ‘Migrationwatch’ has been putting for years; because the Lords Report is largely in line with ‘Migrationwatch’.

    The BBC attempts to give a positive emphasis to mass immigration in its headline; but it could be pointed out that the main economic gainers from UK immigration are, of course, immigrants and their families and dependents:

    “Immigrants ‘small benefit’ to UK”

    For a different emphasis on the Lords Report on Labour’s UK mass immigration policy, the ‘Daily Mail’ has:

    ” Lords report exposes Labour’s lies on mass immigration ”


  30. Bryan says:

    pounce | 31.03.08 – 7:01 pm

    Reimer | 01.04.08 – 12:58 am

    This says a helluvah lot about the self-indulgence and self-absorption of the BBC. As long as their journalists have all the right PC credentials they can report on anything, even when the report, by their own admission, will be less than enlightening.

    In other words, to hell with the public and its right to information. Frank Gardner wants to go to a war zone in his wheelchair and the very last thing the BBC will do is gently suggest that it might be more appropriate to send someone with the use of his limbs.

    That said, I was amazed at Gardner’s almost sympathetic portrayal of the UAE soldiers and their cause of getting Afghans onside against the Taleban. This is far from typical BBC fare, even though the UAE soldiers are Muslims. By his own admission, Gardner harbours understandable resentment against his would-be-killers and has said that he will never forgive them.

    This is in stark contrast to the fawning over the Taleban that Mark Byford, BBC PC second in command, showed when he said he was “immensely proud” that the BBC had interviewed the Taleban.

    So while Gardner could not resist the obligatory BBC dig at official Afghanistan with his question as to “why the Taleban had been so successful in making a comeback since they were defeated here in 2001,” could be that his first-hand experience of Islamist savagery has given him a perspective that diverges from that of the soft-on-terror BBC.


  31. Anonymous says:

    So the negative effects of migration lead al-Beeb’s ViewsOnline:

    AND Migrationwatch and Sir Anthouny Green are NOT prefaced with “right-wing”!

    Is this an April Fool?


  32. DB says:

    I see the BBC’s favourite eco-activist/comedian, hectoring hypocrite Marcus Brigstocke, is doing his latest bit to combat global warming – by staging a huge festival in the Alps.


  33. George R says:

    Perhaps the best BBC April Fool story this morning was Ms. Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, explaining why she wore a stab-proof vest to tour her constituency of Peckham.
    The deadpan BBC ‘impartial’ reporting was carried off well, as was Ms. Harman’s almost convincing defence of her ludicrous garb. Congratulations to the BBC and Ms. Harman for putting out this preformance, un-Charlotte Green-like, without ‘corpsing’. That was left to the BBC audience. With apologies to Littlejohn, ‘you couldn’t make it up’:

    “Harman defends wearing stab vest”


  34. DB says:

    Headline: “EU Soldiers Accused of Torturing Civilians in Congo

    Suggested sub-heading: “MSM silent”.

    Imagine the media coverage if the first two letters of that headline were U and S.


  35. Roger C. says:

    I note that there is no mention of Lord Sainsburys (labour) £27m tax fiddle on our impartial BBC, despite it headling in the press. The BBC hiding bad news about its paymasters!


  36. pounce says:

    The BBC, devastation and half the story.

    Muslim hairdresser ‘devastated’
    A Muslim teenager has told a tribunal that she was devastated she was not offered a job at a hair salon because she wears a headscarf. Bushra Noah is suing the owner of the Wedge salon in King’s Cross, north London, for religious discrimination.
    Ms Noah claimed salon owner Sarah Desrosiers asked her in an interview if she always wore her headscarf and told Ms Noah that she felt uncomfortable.
    Ms Desrosiers has denied discriminating against the teenager in March 2007.
    Life-long dream
    Ms Noah, who is 19 and lives in Acton, west London, said: “She asked about my experience in hairdressing, that took a few minutes, then focused on my headscarf and if I wore it all the time. “She asked me when I took it off. Then she focused on the idea that I should have told her over the phone, she said it several times. “Then she said how uncomfortable she felt with me being there.” The teenager told the tribunal in London she was “devastated” that she wasn’t offered the job “due to my headscarf”.

    and here is what the BBC leaves out from its ‘cry me a river’ spot for Islam
    “Miss Noah, who has been rejected for 25 different hairdressing jobs after interviews, is suing Miss Desrosiers for more than £15,000 for injury to her feelings plus an unspecified sum for lost earnings.”

    “A Muslim woman suing a salon owner for refusing her a hairdressing job because of her headscarf has more than doubled her claim for damages, after allegedly receiving hate mail.”

    The BBC, devastation and half the story.


  37. Lee Moore says:

    Nice balanced story this. A Catholic grammar school proposes to introduce its own selection exam when the NI government abandons its province wide 11 plus. We get to hear the views of :

    (a) a bishop (he’s against the school’s plan, and thinks selection is a very bad thing)
    (b) a trade unionist (who thinks the same thing)
    (c) the NI Education Minister (ditto, with threats)

    is there a syllable offered on the school’s side ? Of course not.


  38. Lee Moore says:

    But note the subtle difference of emphasis in the headline. “Small benefit” is much softer than “little benefit.” It implies there is a benefit, but it is small. The Lords however are saying that they doubt there is any benefit, but if there is it’s small.


  39. banjo says:

    News 24
    3:00 headlines.
    Prime minister rejects finding of immigration report.

    I`d have thought the headline was.
    Immigration report finds…blah ..blah..blah.

    bbc spinning like a top for labour.


  40. banjo says:

    I see the BBC’s favourite eco-activist/comedian, hectoring hypocrite Marcus Brigstocke, is doing his latest bit to combat global warming – by staging a huge festival in the Alps.
    DB | 01.04.08 – 11:32 am | #

    Marcus Bridgstocke is still wearing Ben eltons old underpants.

    With any luck he`ll write book,make a shitload of cash, that the licence payer hasn`t been forced to stuff in his pockets,do the same as `Red Ben` and fuck off to australia.


  41. Anonymous says:

    banjo | 01.04.08 – 3:13 pm

    I`d have thought the headline was.
    Immigration report finds…blah ..blah..blah.

    Lucky you don’t work in TV news then.

    If you came up with a headline for the 3.00pm bulletin that was the essentially same as the one in the morning papers, you’d soon find yourself relegated to fetching the tea.

    Didn’t you hear the Today programme?


  42. banjo says:

    I have always been grateful that i don`t work in tv news.

    However making the tea seems to seems to have a certain integrity to it.