Sorry for the lack of output from me here these past few days but normal service is resuming! Hey – have you been following the BBC’s coverage of the Local Council and London Mayoral elections? Some hilarious stuff – did you see Jeremy Vine’s performances late last night? Cringeworthy! Makes Peter Snow seem good. These results must be such a nightmare for Al-Beeb as Labour are humiliated across the country and it’s looking like Boris is going to dethrone the gruesome Livingstone in London – fingers crossed. I’ve heard some very easy rides being given to those Labour Minister suckers forced to come to camera – Alan “Postie” Johnson was given the most gentle of interviews on the lunchtime news. Did you see it? Tonight should be great stuff as the dawn of the end of Ken becomes apparent and the BBC have to see their beloved Jihad supporting Mayor take a your highlight of the election coverage…!


Just as Sky News are making it clear that Boris will win, the BBC are still equivocating on the Mayoral result as of 10pm. The line being taken is that Ken Livingstone WON the last time despite Labour, now he “may” lose because of Labour! Looks like the BBC will berate Labour but still loves the IRA supporting Jihad understanding Jew hating Livingstone.

UPDATE TWO. It’s now 10.30pm and Newsnight are still in denial mode. The air of depression is obvious although I noted that the lead item was prefaced with the description of Boris being a clown, a joker and chat-show host. Better than being a terror-supporting anti-semitic goon, eh?

UPDATE THREE. It’s now 10.45 and Newsnight are now in full-on “Save Gordon” mode. Ruth Kelly, a vision in pink, is being allowed to talk tripe and commentator Michael Crick has been saying that in a way this was not unexpected.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Did anybody notice the ‘Today’ programme of Thursday morning – polling day – when they boldly announced, ‘the credit crunch is over’. Apparently it was based on a press release from the Bank of England: So the government used two arms of state to help their electoral chances.
    Too bad for them it didn’t work…


  2. haddock says:

    Highlight for me was Hoon pretending not to hear a question.
    The scrolling subtitle on news24 saying all day that Conservatives have won control of ‘several’ councils ( several = 12 or more at the time)


  3. Jack Bauer says:

    It’s the “Dawn of the Livingdead.”

    In which Labour zombies (Lambies) roam the streets of London aimlessly trying to cause even more damage than when they lived.

    But as we know, that’s just not possible.


  4. David Vance says:


    Hoon’s loss of hearing was a gift.


    I agree re the Bank of England report spewed out to try and convey the idea that things can only get better. That’s true – better for anyone who loaths Mr Broon and his crew. But how can the BBC present this – after all, the prospect of a future conservative govt must be their worst nightmare.


  5. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Hoon was priceless: I was laughing so much at his ‘Crisis? What crisis?’ nonsense, I literally choked on my tea. Do these idiots genuinely not realise how pathetic they are?

    Gruesome: yes, that’s the word I have been looking for all this time for this undead monstrosity!


  6. George R says:

    It is quite significant that the BBC (and ITV) refused to air the election Manifesto of the Christian Choice party because (inter alia) that Party described Tablighi Jamaat as “a separatist Islamic group”.

    The BBC did air the election Manifesto of the Green Party, a Manifesto which did not mention that the Green Party was entering into electoral alliances with Muslim groups to defeat Boris Johnson. This was not mentioned in the Green Party manifesto. Are not these words which appear on the Muslim Public Affairs website, which are the words of the
    Green Party’s Press Officer, Gary Dunion, offensive to the BBC?:

    “I agree that Boris Johnson as mayor would be a total disaster for community relations and the situation of Muslim Londoners.”

    The Green Party makes no mention of its ‘Green’ (!) stance against Boris Johnson’s ‘community relations’ views in its Manifesto.

    This gives some inkling of the lengths to which the anti-Boris Johnson aliance will go, regardless of window-dressing ‘Manifesto’ words:


  7. Jack Bauer says:

    lurker -too funny.

    Don’t they call that a SNUFF VIDEO?


  8. down like the bismarck says:

    Another subtle yet significant bit of bias by our friends at the BBC:
    With all local election results declared, Sky News are reporting 299 Conservative gains, and 421 Labour losses here,,91211-1314737,00.html.

    However, the BBC are reporting these as +256 and -351, respectively, here:

    The significant difference comes from the way in which the new Cheshire and Durham unitary authorities have been counted. The BBC has chosen to represent all of the seats won here as gains, whereas Sky have (correctly) calculated the gains and losses based on the old council seats.

    Qu’elle surprise.


  9. Chuffer says:

    A gem from Chris Evans tonight on Radio 2 re Boris- “Everyone’s walking around with their heads down. They can’t believe it…”
    A nice antidote to the strewn champagne bottles of a few years ago!


  10. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Couldn’t happen to nicer scum, far as I am concerned.


  11. Anonymous says:

    A gem from Chris Evans tonight on Radio 2 re Boris- “Everyone’s walking around with their heads down. They can’t believe it…”
    A nice antidote to the strewn champagne bottles of a few years ago!
    Chuffer | 02.05.08 – 8:37 pm | #

    Evans is a well-known supporter of Red Ken:

    I bet it’s like a funeral in Beeboid-land tonight. Ha ha.


  12. dave t says:

    Off topic in a way but given the comments by the Greens etc about Boris being a bad thing for Muslims….

    Funny how the BBC report any anti Muslim thingies straight away yet failed to tell us that the 1st Royal Malay Regiment have taken over the Queen’s Palace Guard the first time an ALL ISLAMIC guard has been formed and is protecting her Majesty. Why would they not rush around screaming about this fine example of the good side of Islam versus the terrorist nutters. Oh wait, the MILITARY are involved and we all know that the only things Al Beeb will report are incidents that show the military in a bad light…

    PS I’ll bet Ken and his cronies have been shredding paperwork all day! What a panic will be going on at City Hall!


  13. George R says:

    If the BBC can’t/doesn’t want to keep up on its website re-London Mayoral election rumours, suggest visit ‘The Times’:-

    “All the rumours on the London election….UPDATED”


  14. Reversepsychology says:

    On BBC news twenty fours, 8.30 P.M. news headlines, I’ve just been informed that Boris and Ken are almost neck and neck.

    If Johnson wins London easily, the BBC should never be either used, or trusted to call the election results again.

    Their out right appeasement to everything and anything, this New Labour “project” have to say or offer, over this last twenty four hours, has been utterly shocking – even for them.


  15. Sadder than thou says:

    London is screwed if Boris wins. Not just because Boris is a gaff strewn loon – I’m sure he will sit grinning whilst the party machine runs London.

    No, because of ‘County Hall’ is full to the brim of placemen. Some may leave in a huff, some may go before they are pushed but most will stay and obstruct every change Boris tries to implement.

    Nothing will get done without a fight and the BBC will publised every minor failure.

    Sad to see such a once great city brought low by a corrupt newt loving Jew hater …


  16. JG says:

    ‘Boris is the Mayor’
    Boris Johnson is the new Mayor of London, his rivals conceded

    Champagne bottles strewn through the corridors of Broadcasting House……or maybe not.


  17. Rustigjongens says:

    The results of the local elections must have shook the BBC to the core, it would be a great injustice if the Conservatives failed to receive the plaundits from opinion forming programmes such as Newsnight.

    Yet, I can already sense that the beeboids are infuriated after the British public refused to play the guardianista game of loving all things PC and instead decided that sticking two fingers up in protest.

    So I can only imagine that we will be subjected to a summer of BBC programmes telling us how misunderstood Brown is and what a great fellah he really is!.


  18. Minoan says:

    This is a good Guardianista thread on which to gloat about the Tory and Boris win:

    The pro-Ken camp is remarkably quiet – for once.


  19. Travis Bickle says:

    So can we assume that the corridors of Broadcasting House were not littered with empty champagne bottles today?

    Poor old Dermot Monaghan got well confused today, must have forgotten he works for Sky News instead of BBC the way he was acting as a Labour apologist.


  20. dave t says:

    Have you noticed how the front page has moved the story about the Royal blackmailers to the top when it was below the top story (the election) all day? Are Al Beeb trying to slide the election stuff down the page and off the front as quickly as possible? I’m sorry but I keep laughing my socks off at the thought of all those poor little Beeboids aimlessly wondering the corridors of Beeb Hoose!


  21. Laughing Gravy says:

    Brilliant news. And a death knell for both political correctness and the BBC.

    I’m wondering into how many tiny pieces the BBCs funding will be smashed once the Tories take power.

    What I want to know though is how the Beeboids will dismiss the will of a nation to rid itself of leftism forever.

    Ah, of course, the whole thing will have been the work of racists.

    Will the BBC continue to Labour’s villanous PR work for them or will they gradually change tact to claw up the arses of the Conservatives in a bid to protect their own worthless hides.


  22. Anonymous says:

    “Will the BBC continue to Labour’s villanous PR work for them or will they gradually change tact to claw up the arses of the Conservatives in a bid to protect their own worthless hides”

    I have a feeling that will be exactly what the Beeboids try and do. But it’ll be too late. Hopefully the Conservatives will have the backbone to start spreading public broadcasting funds to other channels shrinking the BBC’s pot, as a starting point to killing the BBC off for good.

    You have to laugh at Labour though. They simply haven’t got a clue. They’re so out of touch they don’t even realise they’ve got a huge kicking because they tax too much; they do nothing about immigration; they lied about the EU Lisbon treaty vote… I could go on. They think it’s only about the 10p rate of tax and the global economy. Nope. That’s just the top of the iceberg. Roll on 2010, the ending of the Labour, and the beginning of the end for the BBC licence fee.


  23. Laughing Gravy says:

    I think my question is already answered if Carole Walker’s Brown-nosing is anything to go by.

    Yes, apparantly it was all just a ‘protest vote’ by the plebs. But don’t worry folks, there’s still a few years of BBC propaganda and Brown bullshit to go. I’m sure they can convince the Hoi Polloi of the error of their ways.



  24. Ellacar says:

    It’s 7.00am here on Saturday Morning in Brisbane Australia and I have just been listening to the BBC News on a local radio station. Right at the end (I must confess I didn’t expect to hear anything) was the comment that Ken Livingstone is “slightly ahead of Boris Johnson in a very close election” for the London Mayor. I gather from other blogspots that they’re being slightly optomistic!


  25. Grimly Squeamish says:

    Great looking at the dour faces at the BBC as they contemplate the demise of the Zanulab social experiment and their beloved Ken Leavingsoon.

    Chris Evans innocently let the cat out of the bag on his Radio 2 show this evening with words to the effect of..

    “It’s strange seeing everyone walking around with their heads hanging down…I mean…what’s happened…not that we don’t like Boris, of course, but just that….”

    No empty champagne bottles strewn along the corridors of AlBeeb then.

    Just sad, dejected lefties wondering how it could all go so wrong…

    I love it.


  26. Garden Trash says:

    “The pro-Ken camp is remarkably quiet – for once.”

    You have to understand,packing and applying for asylum in Syria takes time.There is wiping fingerprints off everything,flushing the stash and shredding documents,clearing out the bank account,erasing the computer memory.
    Then there is the tedious security at Heathrow,the trains and ferries will be crammed.
    Have some pity.


  27. cameron says:

    very funny watching newsnight canvassing people in the labour heart lands of the north, asking solid labour voters if they had voted labour.
    What a bunch of tossers these beeboids are?? I come from south yorkshire- its like asking if people living in the mining areas if they would like to vote for maggie perhaps?

    Why didnt they ask people who have voted conservative?

    the BBC are now saying the london poll figures are “open to interpretation” and “someone will end up with egg on there face”

    Hope its everyone at the beeb.

    BNP and UKIP getting blamed etc and BEEB horrified at the thought they may get in – they also talking up the useless greens.

    He just actually said “perhaps heralding a new golden age gor the conservative party” – are the beeb hedging there bets already?


  28. Martin says:

    It’s not all over yet. I notice on Sky News that in the first preference poll Ken is closing on Boris quite rapidly and the poll time is going backwards. I really do smell a stitch up here. Paddick down at 9% really that bad? His polling was generally higher than that.

    I wouldn’t put anything past McBean and Livingstone to stay in power.

    As Richard Littlejohn said last night, they will have to drag McBean from Downing street by his finger nails and Kent too.


  29. Kelvin says:

    On BBC News24, the reporter just said, and I quote ‘the mood is getting very pessismistic’ He was not prompted to say this but was interviewing 2 obvious Labour apparatchiks!


  30. Martin says:

    What do we reckon. Will we find out who won the race to be Mayor of London first or who won the election in Zimbabwe?

    Do we have UN inspectors watching what is going on in London?


  31. Martin says:

    I just find it amazing that the BBC gave a free interview to the metal knicker wearing Ruth Kelly with the lame excuse that the BBC couldn’t get a shadow Tory member to appear (probably all on the piss if they have any sense)

    But couldn’t they get a Tory backbencher? I’m sure they get a McLiebour backbencher when they can’t get a minister.


  32. cameron says:

    Boris Johnson is the new mayor of London, according to reports.


  33. Anonymous says:

    What the last 24 hours has shown is how powerless the BBC is in trying to save Labour. Most people have arrived at the conclusion independently that a high tax society with a government which is so out of touch with reality and the public that regardless how much soft left propoganda the BBC pump out Labour are finished. The BBC simply isn’t reaching people. People are wise to the soft left propoganda the BBC presents, and it is no longer effective. Talking heads will appear, and they will be out of touch with reality and the public. None of them get it.

    Labour are finished as tax is too high, inflation is out of control, immigration is out of control, they lied about the Lisbon Treaty, crime is out of control, they screwed over their own supporters to appease middle England and didn’t realise they have had enough of socialists. Labour is finished. And the BBC will be joining them in time.


  34. cameron says:

    Im not a true tory supporter,never have been – but i do feel quite euphoric seeing this bunch of bastards at the BBC getting there noses rubbed in it.

    Not so smug now are they?
    That beird on newsnight looks like shes going to shout “god is great” and blow herself up at any moment.


  35. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Well, over the past X decades I have voted for a whole range of parties in general and local elections, sometimes deliberately in opposite directions within 2 years because of the specific issues or because of particular MPs or local councillors. The important thing right now is that this despicable bunch of gangsters, liars, thieves, illiterates and certifiable madmen are getting what they deserve: a right going over and a comprehensive shafting (I mean local and national politicians and their crooked media ass-lickers). Not a moment too soon, either.


  36. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Just to remind everyone of what that disgusting slug said last year:


  37. Garden Trash says:

    A feeling of deja vu is beginning to blossom.What is the betting that nobody at the BBC will admit to have been a socialist in a few months,nobody will have voted for Nu Labor.It will be so 1945.


  38. Arthur Dent says:

    Boris is the new Mayor


  39. dave t says:

    And yet the news about Boris being the new Mayor is relegated to sit UNDER the story about the Royal blackmailers as at 2359hrs! BBC – twits.


  40. Hillhunt says:


    What the last 24 hours has shown is how powerless the BBC is in trying to save Labour.

    Indeed it is.

    But it wasn’t trying to do so….


  41. Arthur Dent says:

    But it wasn’t trying to do so….

    I think the Americans have a suitable phrase – Tell it to the Marines


  42. Martin says:


    I can hear the Champers bottles rattling at the BBC right now, or am I dreaming that?


  43. Garden Trash says:

    “What the last 24 hours has shown is how powerless the BBC is in trying to save Labour.

    Indeed it is.

    But it wasn’t trying to do so….”

    The other American phrase is “We can tell shit from Shinola”

    The polish has gone of the NuLabor project.


  44. Anonymous says:

    The BBC are in mourning. Laying in to Andrew Gilligan and Boris’ sister.


  45. Anonymous says:

    But couldn’t they get a Tory backbencher? I’m sure they get a McLiebour backbencher when they can’t get a minister.
    Martin | 02.05.08 – 11:32 pm

    Stephen Pound’s raison d’etre.


  46. Laughing Gravy says:

    Can someone at least say for definite Boris is mayor so I don’t wake up having found that Nulab have done a number on the polls and that terrorist appeasing jew hating poker faced nasal whinig piss stain wish-he-wasn’t-living-stone is back in again.


  47. Bryan says:

    Go to the Guardian homepage and you find Boris prominently displayed at the top, where he should be. Then there are twelve related stories and then, under “more news” there is a link to Zimbabwe with the headline, Mugabe will take part in poll run-off:

    Go to the homepage of the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Mugabe story is the top one with Boris coming a poor second or third, given the same weight as Sudan’s defence minister, dead in an air crash.

    Wish I knew how to do screen shots. You really can’t make this stuff up. The BBC is adololescent.

    But I’m tremendously cheered by this major double whammy defeat of Labour and the ascendancy of the Conservatives. There is hope yet for Britain.

    Now if you guys can kick Labour out in 2010, getting rid of your atrocious PM as a bonus….


  48. Bryan says:

    Laughing Gravy | 03.05.08 – 12:32 am,

    Yes, Boris is mayor alright so you can sleep easy. The BBC has been forced to admit it through gritted teeth.


  49. Martin says:

    Laughing Gravy: I was very wconcerned that we might see some leftie conspiracy.

    The Toady show should be good listening tomorrow, I’m sure they will dig out all of Boris’s gaffs and play them every hour.

    Fact is Boris Johnson is probably the most powerful Conservative politician in the UK at this moment.

    On Sky News they had that vile hag Yasmin Alabi Brown (the Reverand Wright of the British media) who was almost spitting at Iain Dale and Boris Johnson.

    Why can’t the left ever accept the democratic word of the people? Boris was elected on the biggest turn out for the London Mayor election, yet still the vile pig complained.

    The left might as well do away with democracy, after all they seem to think that the only way to vote is Socialist and anything elese is wrong.

    We’ve had to put up with Livingstone for 8 years and McLiebour for 11.

    All Alabi Brown could say was it’s the fault of Tony Bliar. Can’t she give that up? He’s long gone.