The BBC’s daily gushing tributes to Obama are an utter disgrace to the very notion of “impartiality.” I listened to Steve Rosenberg’s coverage of the visit by Obama to Germany on “The Today” programme this morning (7.42am) and a more fawning sycophantic biased item would be hard to find. Is Obama already President? Does John McCain even exist? As Steve points out, if Germans could vote in the US election then Obama would be President. Lucky that they can’t then, isn’t it? The JFK analogies were duly trotted out and the only down- side presented was that since expectations are so high, then Obama might struggle to deliver. I find this daily onslaught of pro-Obama PR hard to take – it is grossly irresponsible of the BBC to do this but I suggest it it merely the years of simmering hatred of the Bush administration coming to the surface where we all can see the pretence of impartiality uncovered without a trace of modesty.

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  1. Pat says:

    I heard this item too and was trying to figure out what Obama’s visit to Germany had to do with us. Are we going to get a report from every country he visits?


  2. Simon says:

    If you had the misfortune to watch Bonekickers last week, you would have seen an inspirational, aspirational black candidate for the US presidency (named Simon Joy) being presented in a most favourable light.

    Clearly an Obama reference and slipped into a (very badly written) drama.


  3. Jack Bauer says:

    Ich bin ein BEGINNER

    as a US cartoonist humorlessly mocked the annointed one. The most lightweight, unqualified candidate in living memory.

    Fear not little Britishers. This EUro Trash adoration is not going to play that well in America with real people outside the Obamiacs and the MSM.

    There is actually huge, unreported (by the Obama media groupies) resistance to the messiah amongst voters to this boiler-plate Euro socialist with an ego slightly bigger than the Matterhorn.

    If the Reps had a more aggressive and real “conservative” candidate, who was able to fire up the conservative base, NObama would be behind, instead of at a statistical tie in the opinion polls.

    Even with ALL this, the most corrupt and biased media in history, he still can’t get ahead of McCain in the polls. This does not bode well for November for Obama.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    I did, of course, mean “humorously mocked.”

    Obama is the humorless one.


  5. zamboy says:

    The liberal-left (including Al Beeb) seems to be treating an Obama victory as a certainty, in a very similar manner to what they were saying about John Kerry in 2004. Back then there seemed to be genuine incredulity in left-wing circles that Bush had the nerve to spoil the party and beat Kerry. It will be very interesting to see how Obama copes with debating McCain in the months ahead, for he does appear to be rather gaffe-prone when having to actually think on his feet. Also, I would expect his wife to be quietly pushed into the background as she, too, has the potential to alienate floating voters each time she opens her mouth.


  6. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    There is actually huge, unreported (by the Obama media groupies) resistance to the messiah amongst voters to this boiler-plate Euro socialist with an ego slightly bigger than the Matterhorn.

    Quite right, and if the dumbos at White City were doing thier job and reporting properly (LOL I know!), then they would be reporting on the likely size of Obamas defeat.

    As the old saying goes Americans do Race, Europeans do Class., It is no surprise that Obama is polling quite well but in the cold light of an actual voting booth……………………Look Out!


  7. Jack Bauer says:

    Lurker — if Barack Millhouse Obama loses (a distinct possibility in a two horse race, just ask President Dewey) the BBC meme (representing leftists everywhere) will be


    Those red-neck white racists… And the Bradley Effect.


  8. Cassandra says:

    The BBC are trying very, very hard to equate Obamas trip to Germany with guess who? Oh yes, its that other democrat, what was his name? Oh thats right its Kennedy! The BBC are not even trying to hide this silly attempt to build support for Obama. But heres the thing, the BBC did everything it could to cheer for Clinton during the Obama/Clinton contest, it was Clinton this’N’Clinton that blah blah OK? Obama was clearly not on the BBC wishlist THEN was he? Oh no, he was supposed to be the plucky RUNNER UP that made Clinton look good right? But Obama didnt play by the script and he won the nomination! Obama will never forget the BBC partisan bias. I happen to like Obama(FWIW) but the fawning greasy BBC coverage is just plain creepy and will hurt Obama more than it helps I am sure


  9. Cockney says:

    I think an American presidential candidate getting this sort of reception in Europe is in itself newsworthy, but I’m uncomfortable about the extent to which the European media has created the adulation itself and is now reporting on it. Circular media storms are never good.

    The BBC has also been ridiculous in its ignorance of McCain to the extent that the odd half hearted profile looks artificially dragged in by the hair. Obviously the Beeb shouldn’t be opining on this stuff anyway but this is a good, qualified candidate in a way that Bush never was. It seems they’re incapable of seeing past the Republican label.


  10. zamboy says:

    European adulation for Obama will not go down too well among quite a few voters in the USA, for they do tend to view anything that Europeans fawn over with a touch of suspicion. Also, Obama’s trip does have a hint of expediency about it, so that, I am sure, will not go un-noticed in american homes.


  11. JohnA says:

    The REAL NEWS about Obama is his endless flip-flopping – especially on Iraq and the surge, where his convolutions have become awesome to behold. He even claims that with 20/20 hindsight he would still vote against the surge. A ludicrously stupid view. But somehow the BBC glosses all over that.

    Has the BBC mentioned that the venue in Berlin has very strong Nazi triumphalism overtones ? Or that Obama is staying in the Presidential suite ? Or that a lot of US voters will be alienated by all the Euro-slobbering ? – just as they were alienated by Kerry’s Francophone image. Remember the Guardian’s attempt last time to influence US voters – it badly backfired.

    I remember many years of cool reporting of US elections by Alastair Cooke, for the BBC and also for the Manchester Guardian. He was never obviously “in the tank” for any candidate, he reported on the political scene fairly, with balance. Warts and all. Even though he was pretty liberal in his own views. In those days, Cooke’s reports gave an interesting and unbiased view of the whole electoral process, all the issues and candidates.

    These days – the BBC is the LAST place I would look to for proper reporting of the US political scene. That is the measure of the BBC’s decline into blatant bias.

    It would be interesting to set Cooke’s reports on any particular campaign against the utter dross we get from Frei, Justin Webb and the awful James Cooraswami-whatever, a real creep.

    Of course there is also a lot of Obama gushing in the US TV scene. The sun shines out of his backside it seems :

    and if you track which candidate the journalists give their cash to – the picture is even more stark :

    We are getting to the point where people will start having those bumper stickers – “Annoy the Media, Vote McCain”

    – or maybe “Annoy the Euroweenies, Ditch Obama”


  12. Jack Bauer says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but German mass hysteria and adulation at an outdoor rally for a politician, kinda scares me.

    And the compulsory Obama Youth — reminds me of something.


  13. Robin says:

    A good antedote to the BBC Obama hysteria is in today’s Daily Mail from Melanie Phillips:


  14. Julian the Wonderhorse says:

    Let them let them, boys and girls. Let the BBC cannonise Obama, and then let’s see their faces when McCainn wins in November. I predict solemn musidc and a black framed picture of Obama, with a narrative along the lines of “how could they do it?”


  15. David Vance says:

    Jack Bauer…lol!

    Julian – that would be a great moment, mass mourning…proof that the US is racist, of course!


  16. Ron Todd says:

    If McCain won it would be like the Irish referendum.

    All of Europe would be demanding the election be run again until they got the ‘right’ result.


  17. Jeff Todd says:

    Well if US voters are wary of voting for someone who has no political record or political experience worth speaking of – and only vague promises of “change”, who could blame them?

    Last time the UK went down the “change” and “things can only get better” route we ended up with Blair/Brown.

    Not that the Beeb will ever draw that comparison.


  18. NotaSheep says:

    From the BBC coverage of the Presidential election you would assume that a Barack Obama victory was a dead-cert as almost every interviewee expresses a preference for Obama. However I see on Gallup that: “Barack Obama maintains a modest 46% to 42% lead over John McCain among registered voters nationally in Gallup Poll Daily tracking, with no sign yet of a significant “bounce” from Obama’s high-visibility world tour.”


  19. D Burbage says:

    I am told that the trip is also getting disproportionate news coverage in the US MSM – Fox highlighted how all the MSM anchors went on the trip with him and compared it with how they ignored McCain’s similar trip.

    So the BBC are not any different to their network cousins in the USA (not that that is any real excuse)


  20. MartinW says:

    THe blatant BBC promotion of Barak (Barry) Hussein Obama and almost total airbrushing out of McCain should be something for Ofcam.

    At a personal level, I am utterly sick of hearing Obama this and Obama that on the BBC.


  21. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    And if/when Obama loses in November, it will be because of white racism. But who are blacks voting for as a group? And in the same manner as white students show how non-racist they are by sleeping with any black guy on the campus, are there not millions of whites who want to show how non-racist they are by voting for any black Presidential candidate?


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The most important thing to remember about the election coverage by the BBC, nearly all European media, and all the Leftoid US mainstream media is that this election is not actually about Obama versus McCain.

    This election is really about defeating George W. Bush. That’s how pathetic these media myrmidons have become. Their Bush Derangement Syndrome is so deeply entrenched that the Democratic nominee could be a small piece of string, and they would still faun all over it, trumpeting the small piece of string as the savior of the US. That small piece of string will be the world’s only hope for restoring faith in the US or some such BS. They still occasionally promote the lie that McCain is just another four years of Boooosh.

    There is no honesty or integrity at the BBC when it comes to the US election. They know it, we know it. They’ll continue to pretend to cover the election properly, since they’re (mostly) not stupid or anything. They know they have to make some gesture towards professionalism, so occasionally they’ll mention a couple of Obamessiah shortcomings. But it will matter little. Nearly every single BBC employee covering this election has at one point or another given themselves away.

    Every thread about the BBC’s biased election coverage and/or Obamessiah genuflecting should be sent to a whole bunch of conservative and libertarian bloggers and radio hosts. The BBC will hear the noise. They did when Andrew (former site owner) notified Drudge about the ugly 9/11 articles on CBBC.

    I can provide a list of suggestions if any of the Mods are interested.


  23. David Vance says:


    Please do. My email is

    I agree that we need to create MUCH more noise.


  24. Martin says:

    The US media is for the most part up ‘Osama’s’ arse.

    However, I keep saying, McCain will be the next President.

    Osama keeps dodging questions. Sooner or later he’s going to go head to head on TV with MCain. Then all that shite about change will be seen for what it is. Hot air.

    Bad News for the BBC. Don’t bother to stock up on Champagne for November.

    The fact that even with the MSM in the tank along with most of Europe, Osama can’t get a decent lead in the polls.

    If MCCain picks a decent running mate he will be quids in.

    Osama isn’t going ot dare pick anyone who might overshadow him (like Billary)

    Read it hear first. Put your money on McCain in November.

    McCain has been proved right about the surge in Iraq AND he’s slowly agreeing to more oil drilling in the USA.

    Not only that, Americans take the job of Commander in Chief very seriously.


  25. Rob says:

    The Beeboids can’t hide their bias about BHO. Indeed, I doubt they are even aware of it. Do any of them ever meet anyone outside the left liberal media set who might have any doubts about him? They remind me of the New Yorker who could not believe Nixon had won because no-one he knew had voted for him.

    With regard to Bonekickers, I confess I have to watch it with the same guilty fascination one might have for rubbernecking at a car crash. So far the intrepid archaeologists have managed to destroy the True Cross of Christ and the preserved remains of Queen Bodicea. They make Indiana Jones look like Sir Mortimer Wheeler. They have also uncovered a Christian terrorist group which beheads peace loving Muslims, and discovered that American independence was won by brave black men, who were promptly betrayed by evil white slave owners, who to this day will kill anyone who finds out about it. If you see any of this garbage which is only possible because of the unique way the BBC is funded, you will rip up your TV licence and demand a refund.


  26. Martin says:

    rob: Yes and that creepy shit John Barrowman (is he gay? I’d never have guessed) on just about everything.


  27. Jack Bauer says:

    and discovered that American independence was won by brave black men

    Of course, many “negroes” did fight in the Revolutionary War. But I am unaware of any scholarship which replaces George Washington, the “continental army,” and the various congresses as the prime movers in the war of independence.

    Did they mention that the Injuns (Native Americans) fought predominantly on the side of the British?


  28. Rob says:

    “Did they mention that the Injuns (Native Americans) fought predominantly on the side of the British?”

    If it’s a historical fact it has no place on Nosepickers I’m afraid.


  29. disillusioned_german says:

    I guess it’s too late for me to drive to Berlin now (the Obamessiah speaks at 7.30 pm local time and I live about six hours away) which is a shame. I have a large cannister of water here I’d like to be made into wine.

    I’m still not happy with McCain and his lack of enthusiasm but I still hope he’s going to win in November.

    P.S.: Check out this picture:


  30. Jack Bauer says:

    I guess it’s too late for me to drive to Berlin now (the Obamessiah speaks at 7.30 pm local time and I live about six hours away) which is a shame. I have a large cannister of water here I’d like to be made into wine.

    Ha ha.

    I’m reading that the expected crowd has been scaled back from over a million to “tens of thousands.”



  31. libtard says:

    Obama has no experience at anything.
    This clearly illustrates the vaccuous nature of liberals.
    They don’t give a flying fuck about the qualifications of a candidate or the candidates fitness for office, they care about the IDEOLOGY.
    The LEFT is nothing but large group of SUCKERS.
    Obama has friends who bombed the Pentagon.
    That means NOTHING to liberals.


  32. Niallster says:

    I was in Washington last week and had a few discussions with Americans about politics. Not suggesting in anyway these are representative but two points were very clear:

    1. Obama’s popularity in Yoop is a huge negative in America. They believe Americans are hated by most Europeans and are very suspicious of us.

    2. Obama’s lack of experience is a positive. The average voter hates the Beltway insiders and are wedded to a Mr Deeds type dream of an outsider riding in and cleaning things up.


  33. Martin says:

    I listened to some of what Osama spouted and flicked between the networks.

    The BBC classic “it was almost rock star like”

    The female beeboid on lies 24 looks like she’s about to have an orgasm.


  34. Jack Bauer says:

    1. Obama’s popularity in Yoop is a huge negative in America. They believe Americans are hated by most Europeans and are very suspicious of us.

    I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh and he’s reporting the Obamanation has just reassured the Germans he’s a “citizen of the world.”

    WOW. Again… that’s going to go down well in Flyover Land.

    He’s also ripping off Reagan. Or pimping him, as Rush says.

    Of course, Reagan was actually President when he told the commies to pull down this wall.


  35. Martin says:

    Yes it was that evil Republican Reagan along with Thatcher that stuck it to the commie bastards so loved by the BBC.

    Hmm if Osama so loves freedom, how come he’s never put on a uniform to defend it?


  36. disillusioned_german says:

    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 24.07.08 – 5:51 pm |

    According to FNC the Obama Campaign said there were about 200,000 people at his “We are the world” speech.


  37. disillusioned_german says:

    Not to forget that the wall actually came down when George Bush I was president. Yet another evil Republican.


  38. disillusioned_german says:

    P.S.: From what I’ve heard both German State Broadcasters (ARD and ZDF which are Al Beeb clones) had the speech live! I wonder if they’d done that had McCain made a speech in Berlin.


  39. dave s says:

    Have driven across the US a few times.One big country.Shouldn’t think the heartland of the US gives a toss about Europeans and what they think.
    Much more likely is a retreat into isolation under the next President whoever he is and the US withdrawing to the western hemisphere and leaving Europe to rot.Which it richly deserves given the rabid anti Americanism of the liberal left.
    The US saved Europe from itself twice last century.
    We have repaid this debt with sneers and a misplaced view of our own importance and stength.
    Deprived of American military power we will be as we always were.Useless.


  40. NotaSheep says:

    I think tonight the BBC 10 o’clock news has had the first collective orgasm in broadcasting history.

    Don’t forget that Barack Obama will be President of all 57 states but will have to relinquish his membership of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee first.

    Good grief the BBC cover the John McCain campaign, apparently “working class white men” are McCain’s biggest supporters, the subtle(?) insinuation was clear…


  41. adam says:

    tonights coverage is sickening.

    and they are already playing the race guilt card.


  42. Will86 says:

    FWIW, I’ve actually read Obama’s book where he is supposed to set out his plans to “reclaim the American Dream.” I’ll grant that he’s a pretty charismatic figure, but his book is complete waffle. It’s a perfect example of watered-down, let’s appeal to everyone, Tony Blair style “sofa” politics. Either he actually has absolutely no real substance under all the rhetoric or he’s keeping his cards pretty close to his chest, which in either scenario is not good. The BBC’s pro-Obama bias has been unbelievable,though- I’ve lost count of the number of JFK comparisons/links that fawning Beeboids seem determine to find. And as several here have perceptively noted, should BHO fail to get elected, the BBC will doubtless attribute it to racist red-necks who obviously make up the majority of the US electorate. Shades of the BBC response to the Ireland referendum, methinks.

    RE John Barrowman: I note from the TV listings that said actor is to present some kind of “identity search” into why he is gay. Is this really an appropriate use of our licence fee? I’m reminded of Martin’s post last week to Beeboid and proud that the BBC always seem to promote alternative lifestyles over normal heterosexual monagamous marriage- spot on it appears.


  43. NotaSheep says:

    Oddly the BBC reported that McCain’s main supporters were white working class men. No mention of who black voters were mostly supporting. Odd that…


  44. GCooper says:

    I must admit, I really thought the BBC had already scraped the bottom of the barrel. Then I saw the BBC 1 ten o’clock news.

    Quite amazing.


  45. Martin says:

    GCooper: Oh I think the BBC can scrape a lot lower than that.

    WE haven’t seen the start of it yet.

    I’m expecting a Panorama or Newsnight special (probably with Greg Palast) into why McCain actually was a war coward and how he’s gonna blow up the world, despite the truth that it was Hillary that said she’d Nuke Iran and Osama that said he’d invade Pakistan.


  46. Anonymous says:

    On a slightly more entertaining level I like this:

    “Republican presidential candidate John McCain had his own German experience Thursday _ at a restaurant in Ohio. He asserted that he was happy to devote his time this week to touring the nation’s heartland.

    “I’d love to give a speech in Germany. But I’d much prefer to do it as president of the United States rather than as a candidate for president,” McCain told reporters after a meal of bratwurst with local business leaders at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant in Columbus’ German Village neighborhood.

    As Barack Obama delivered a high-profile speech in Berlin, McCain said he was focusing his attention this week on economic issues, including soaring food and fuel costs. He has been busy campaigning and raising funds in key battleground states like Ohio.”


  47. disillusioned_german says:

    Anonymous above was me. I forgot I was posting using Firefox which doesn’t have my nick saved.


  48. David Vance says:


    I also saw the BBC 10 O Clock news. All hail the Messiah Obama and to hell with balance. Hey are YOU a citizen of the world? I’m not…


  49. Martin says:

    Newsnight with the scottish attack dog spouting forth.

    It’s been a terrible week for McCain. Oh yes, so bad he’s still neck and neck with Osam in the polls. Yer really bad.

    Osama is full of hot air (just like Al Bore) and many Americans see right through it.

    But the BBC fail to point this out about Osama.

    “…It was totally in bounds, and expected, when CBS anchor Katie Couric bore down on Obama on Tuesday night during their interview in Jordan — demanding to know why the candidate still wouldn’t concede that the military surge had helped reduce violence in Iraq.

    Obama responded that no one could be certain what would have happened without the troop buildup. He also acknowledged that “the extraordinary work of our U.S. forces has contributed to a lessening of the violence.”

    Indeed, Obama does appear loath to admit the surge has helped. And, ironically, the relative calm has made his 16-month withdrawal timeline more plausible to many, including the Iraqi government…”

    Even the dopey Katie Coric managed ot give Osama a hard time. Something the BBC couldn’t manage.,0,2428475.story


  50. Martin says:

    Citizen of the world crap again? Is this the ‘world’ that sat back and did jack shit about Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan…………

    The EU is the most gutless organisation of camp failed socialist twats, followed by the UN.

    And Osama might have given a little credit to real MEN like Ronald Reagan that really stuffed it to the Commie’s that allowed the Germans to ‘tear down the wall’

    Oh and Osama might have also mentioned that the RAF took part in the Berlin airlift as well.

    Hey, we even fought in WW2 you know!!

    I loved the line in that god awful movie Pearl Harbor, when one of the halfwit actors says (as they are being bombed) “World War 2 has just started”.

    Utter classic.