The BBC’s daily gushing tributes to Obama are an utter disgrace to the very notion of “impartiality.” I listened to Steve Rosenberg’s coverage of the visit by Obama to Germany on “The Today” programme this morning (7.42am) and a more fawning sycophantic biased item would be hard to find. Is Obama already President? Does John McCain even exist? As Steve points out, if Germans could vote in the US election then Obama would be President. Lucky that they can’t then, isn’t it? The JFK analogies were duly trotted out and the only down- side presented was that since expectations are so high, then Obama might struggle to deliver. I find this daily onslaught of pro-Obama PR hard to take – it is grossly irresponsible of the BBC to do this but I suggest it it merely the years of simmering hatred of the Bush administration coming to the surface where we all can see the pretence of impartiality uncovered without a trace of modesty.

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  1. Jason says:

    I just read the gushing, starry-eyed coverage of the German visit on the Barack Broadcasting Corporation website:

    Anyone would think they were covering a Papal Visit.

    What also struck me was their badly cloaked sneer at McCain, which can be seen in the caption under the picture of a man holding “McCain” placards:

    One McCain supporter could be seen spreading the message in Berlin”

    Special emphasis on the word “one” of course, as if to say, “there is only one McCain supporter”. If this wasn’t the point they were trying to make, the caption would have read “a McCain supporter spreading the message in Berlin

    How did the BBC know there was “only one” McCain supporter there? Earlier in the piece they said the event had the air of a rock concert, and they show a picture of how huge the crowd was. Do they really expect us to believe that they scoured that entire crowd and came to the empirical conclusion that there was only one McCain supporter there?

    More proof that the BBC has all but decided to act as Barack Obama’s international mouthpiece.


  2. Jon says:

    Could it be that the BBC don’t know what democracy is? In the US I believe they vote for their government – over here we vote for a UK borough council of highly paid administrators to rubber-stamp the diktats from Brussels bureaucrats. So it is quite understandable that the BBC should only report one side – they don’t know any better.


  3. Will Jones says:

    About five weeks ago all the US MSM wet themselves because Obama got 70,000 at a speech in Portland. No mention was made of the concert held before his speech which had (you guessed it) 70,000 in attendance. The Herald Tribune just reported the Berlin crowd at 200,000 and somehow failed to mention the two very popular musical acts which preceded his speech. Free concerts do have a tendency to draw large crowds. I wonder if the BBC will report the concert. I only saw this in a German news report


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Barack Hussein Obama. Ich Bin Ein Messiah.

    Good lord. The GALL of this man. And this to a crowd of scruffy quasi-commie Germans who generally despise AMERICA.

    Yet this is what the nuddnicks cheers. Finally an American they like… yeah well, from those wonderful folks who brought you WW2.



  5. Jack Bauer says:

    Do more of what? Do less of what? Whatever… you’re gonna be REQUIRED to do it.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Will Jones | 25.07.08 – 6:02 am |

    The Herald Tribune just reported the Berlin crowd at 200,000 and somehow failed to mention the two very popular musical acts which preceded his speech. Free concerts do have a tendency to draw large crowds. I wonder if the BBC will report the concert. I only saw this in a German news report.

    Nah, those bands are just Obamessiah worshipers who just wanted to attend the rally…er…speech. Completely innocent. It should be reported the way the awful US media did: “The crowd was also treated to free performances by….”

    Or, they could just lie about it completely:

    He was applauded by a crowd of 200,000 in scenes reminiscent of a pop concert.

    Forget presidential – the welcome given to Barack Obama in Berlin was more befitting for a rock star than a politician. More than 200,000 people turned out to hear him speak in the German capital.

    No shame at the BBC.


  7. John Bosworth says:

    The Obama situation is like when a friend falls in love with an airhead. You say, “But he/she is an airhead”. But you can’t reason with your friend – love is blind.

    I fear the worst. The USA will marry the airhead and then too late will awake to find themselves in bed with – an airhead.


  8. bettyangelo says:

    What a relief – I wondered what the British public actually thought about this man, and found this thread after being as appalled with the BBC coverage as with CNN< ABC, etc... Obama is an embarrassment. I absolutley cannot wait until he gets his head handed to him in November.


  9. Jon says:

    Looking at the photographs of the “crowds” at Obamas glorious German gig in the papers, I didn’t notice any old men or women, it looked just like a scene from a pop concert (which apparently it was)


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This whole Obamessiah World Tour thing is pathetic. He and his handlers did not – contrary to the BBC’s blinkered analysis – set up this star tour to prove his presidential stature to the folks back home. Not at all. This was planned specifically to play on the same meme that so many US Leftoids have been whining for the last eight years – what the rest of the world thinks of us.

    Supposedly, we United Statesians are supposed to care about our stature in the world; the opinion of Europeans and everyone else is supposed to matter to us. Having droves of Europeans turn out to worship at his feet is supposed to tell us foolish voters that this is the man who will restore worldwide respect for the US. As if that means anything, or will help any of the problems my country actually faces. The BBC has been telling us since the very first BBC World News America broadcast that only a Democrat can restore the esteem which the world once held for us.

    I could care less. I don’t give a damn about the opinions of countries such as France or Germany or Spain or Italy or any Arab country or, forgive me, Great Britain. In fact, it was with great pride that I listened to so many people overseas cry, “How could you re-elect Booooosh?!”

    I am not alone in this, which is why the Guardian’s foolish letter campaign backfired (or was ignored completely, since we don’t care what socialist Northerners think).

    The BBC and Euro Media are playing right along with this folly. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a report about the sun stopping in the middle of the sky during one of his rallies. The closest thing so far is the BBC telling me that Obama is The One to get other countries to actually help out more in Afghanistan. Yeah, right.

    This whole farce is supposed to tell me that the world’s opinion is just as important as that of the citizens of the US. It ain’t. The Leftoids in the US have been trying to convince us for years, and it hasn’t worked so far. The Leftoids in the Euro Media and at the BBC are working overtime to help the cause.

    If anything, we just might vote for McCain to spite the Europeans who have hated us for so long. Screw ’em, and screw the BBC for thinking their opinion on my country’s future is of any value to me.


  11. Jason says:

    How many Germans turned up to worship Adolf Hitler at his rallies in the 30’s? Was it less than 200,000 or more?


  12. bettyangelo u.s.a. says:

    David you are exactly right. What the media forgets is that deep in the American psyche lies a revulsion of domination. We may appear sleepy at times, but the giant eventually wakens, and woe to the perpetrators of bombast. The media is working overtime selling this phony, I for one feel as if my bubble were being invaded, and an opinion thrust down my throat as being what’s good for me. Precisely because the rest of the world doesn’t like my country, and they would like my country if I voted for Obama, that’s what Obama’s visit is meant to convey.

    Is anyone else reminded of Peter Sellers as Chauncy, in Being There?

    The people in this country who care what Europe thinks, back in 1776 they would have opposed independence, they would have been loyalists, and they would have been on the wrong side. Just like now.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:


    I, too, have been reminded of Chauncy, although it was earlier on in the election, while Hillary was still in it. There have been comments here referring to Obamessiah as a blank slate, upon which all may project their hopes and dreams, which is similar.


  14. Ron Todd says:

    The left are telling us how terrible that it would be if nasty white people voted against him because he is black.

    They seem to assume that all black voters of whatever political views will vote for him just because he is black.

    How many black men would have voted for a woman if Clinton had been the candidate. We know from listning to their lovely music how much they respect women.

    St Obamas own father did not have enough respect to stick around and bring up his own son


  15. Susan says:

    I’ve been avoiding all news coverage of the Obama-messiah’s European trip. I have a weak stomach.


  16. George R says:

    Nick Cohen:

    “[Jon] Stewart’s audience makes a far better spectacle than the comedian on the stage, however. They had roared when he mocked Bush, Clinton and McCain, but when he ridiculed Obama, a few tittered nervously and most sunk into a shocked silence. Ordinary political satire had become a kind of blasphemy.
    ‘You are allowed to laugh at him,’ Stewart said. Hardly anyone wanted to.
    Like other US comedians, Stewart wonders if the public is frightened of seeming racist.”