Well, the celebrations following Obama’s historic election as US President continued unabated on the BBC today. What’s that you say? He hasn’t been elected yet? Mmm..hard to tell when it comes to the Barack Broadcasting Corporation this morning! Two interviews ln less than 30 minutes this morning from the BBC with no pretence of balance – just pure Obamania.

At 7.13am we had an interview with the Democrat economics adviser Professor James Galbraith of Harvard University. Galbraith was allowed to waffle about the dire state of the US economy with nary a mention of the fact that the US economy has just enjoyed surging growth of 3.3% in the last quarter. (Wanna compare THAT with the Eurozone performance, Beeboids?) Galbraith spouted the usual half-baked left wing economics that Democrats always advocate, even being invited by the BBC interviewer to compare Obama’s protectionist plans to those of the “New Deal”. Any student of economics with any will understand just how profoundly flawed THAT was and yet the BBC was hailing it as economic success incarnate and the good Professor grabbed the rhetorical ball and happily ran with it.

Next up at 7.40am we had Justin Webb with his daily dose of pro-Obama propaganda followed by James Naughtie interviewing Sam Liebermam, chairman of the Democrat Party of Nevada. Naughtie concluded by wishing Lieberman “good luck”. We get the picture. Listen to the BBC – Vote Obama.

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  1. JohnA says:

    And it will steadily be made plain that Joe Biden’s bankruptcy bill 2 years ago (lobbied for by his son on behalf of the credit card firm MSNB) is a primary cause of the current state of the US housing market.

    That is – Biden played a lead roll in causing the housing mess – and he did it because he was acting for lobbyists. I thought Obama was against the corruption of lobbying ?

    Obama – the Emperor With No Clothes.


  2. Cockney says:

    The HYS page on the speech is interesting. Two massively laudatory quotes on the front page. No sceptical ones.

    Although interestingly the most recommended comments suggest that the Brits have genuinely jumped aboard the Osama bandwagon.


  3. James says:

    i too noticed that the two comments didn’t have any real difference, but then i read the fist two pages of the hys by readers’ recommended, and it was a pretty accurate reflection it would seem


  4. Martin says:

    Fox News. All over the Republican VP pick

    The BBC………………………………………………………………………………………………


  5. Martin says:

    Fox News say Palin IS VP Pick. I bet the BBC will be digging the dirt tonight.

    Expect some camp beeboid to be off to Alaska to dig the dirt.


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    BBC is now reporting US media saying it’s Palin.

    A strange caption next to McCain’s picture: “Mr McCain may pick someone who offers things that he cannot.


  7. Martin says:

    BBC not bothering to make Palin breaking news on News 24. Talking about golf instead. Nice to see beeboids getting their priorities right.

    When it was Obama last week the BBC were live for hours beofre his nom was announced.


  8. Martin says:

    Ha! The BBC say little known Governor Sarah Palin. Not history making that he’s chosen a woman!!!!

    Only Jesus himself (Osama) can be history making to beeboids.

    However, Fox News have just shown a clip of her in Iraq. Boy she can handle an M4 rifle!!!


  9. Phil says:

    Aye i noticed the picture isn’t quite as big as when Biden was chosen onty he front page, and they jsut seem to refer to her as ” woman running mate” while Biden’s name was spalshed everywhere like we would all know instantly who he was.


  10. Martin says:

    I think our media are so up the arse of of Osama that they just can’t see for all the shit up there.

    Even Jeremy Thompson on Sky said it won’t attract Democratic women. No, perhaps not, but it will attract a lot of the 24% of undecided women.

    Oh and then there was the comment that the Dems will attack her for not being experienced. Really, what and Osama is?

    Then Joe Bidem will “chew her up”. Oh yer, I’m sure he will


  11. James says:

    do you think that it’ll limit mccain’s obama is inexperienced attack line if the dems can turn around and say so is palin


  12. Martin says:

    James: Depends on what you mena by experience. She’s got more executive experience than any of them, she’s the only Governor.

    She doesn’t have foreign policy experience, although she’s been to Iraq at least once. But that’s McCain’s strong point anyway.

    What she does have is experience in dealing with running a state.

    As was pointed out on Fox News. Most US Presidents in recent times have been former Governor’s not senators.

    Don’t forget VP’s don’t really do that much. The more important psots are Secretary of state and defence.


  13. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 still not giving the story any airtime.

    BBC going big on the house fire thing from a couple of days ago. Funny the BBC didn’t think that story was worth top billing yesterday!!!!


  14. Phil says:

    I like for balance how they have put ” Obmama’s convention succes” as a follow up story underneath the Palin article, probably to provide some balance………


  15. Heron says:

    James, now you’re back, any evidence that Palin is corrupt? Or were you just making it up?


  16. James says:

    is that corrupt with convicted-by-a-court certainty or with biased-bbc “obama is an islam” certainty

    if the former then i’ll rephrase as she is under investigation because she used her political power against an estranged family member, allegedly as vengeance


  17. Martin says:

    Ha! BBC wanking on about the fact she’s got no foreign policy experience.

    And I guess Osama has got loads?


  18. Martin says:


    Your friend Obama hangs out with convicted terrorists and racist scum like Reverand Wright (just to mention one)


  19. JohnA says:

    …plus he bought his house with the help of a convicred felon.

    Both Obama and Biden are up to their necks in special-interest lobbying, handing out earmarked public funds to their friends. In Obama’s case – to the crook Rezko.

    How can they possibly talk of “Change”. It is McCain and Palin who have actually achieved real change.


  20. DB says:

    R5L’s 5pm headlines had the Palin VP pick at either 6th or 7th in importance. The Biden pick by Obama last Saturday was the main headline behind the latest GB gold medal, which in other words meant the main news headline.

    The right side of the US blogosphere loves this choice, the left side is clearly stung. Inspired.


  21. Martin says:

    Seeing Palin up there with McCain MUST really stick the knife into Hillary Clinton.

    Anyone who thinks Billary will be campaigning for an Obama win has just seen it all go up in flame.

    Who’d have thought that it’s quite possible we’ve just seen the first US female President and it ain’t gonna be Hillary!


  22. Jack Bauer says:

    Hey Sarah Palin has already won me £80 as I put ten quid on her on Tuesday @ 8/1.


  23. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Well done Jack, shes a winner!


  24. Jack Bauer says:

    Lurker — I venture there are going to be very long faces at the Beeb on Nov 4.

    They’ll need a Suicide Watch helpline.


  25. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    To right!


  26. Jack Bauer says:

    James, now you’re back, any evidence that Palin is corrupt? Or were you just making it up?
    Heron | 29.08.08 – 4:25 pm | #

    He’s repeating a Democrat talking point.


  27. JohnA says:

    “BBC” is reporting the Dem attack that palin will be a heartbeat aqay from the Presidency but has no foreign affairs experience ?

    Errr – and Obama’s foreign affairs experience is ???

    Not even the “BBC” can bury the selection of a woman as VP candidate. They would soon have buried a male choice.

    the PM programme has just said that palin is known as an anti-abortion conservarive. She may be that – but that is not her claim to fame. Her reputation is that she is a maverick, has chopped pork-barrel projects including the £200 million “bridge to nowhere”, has challenged fellow-Republicans on ethics issues. In other words – REAL political change.

    The Obama tema, behind all the bluster, is REALLY “politics-as-before”. Same as, same as.

    McCain – Palin – “Change you can REALLY believe in”


  28. HSLD says:

    She’s a supporter of the right to bear arms and a hunter, so I’d vote for her if I was an American.

    She’ll strike a real chord against that pair of metrosexuals.


  29. Martin says:

    Thicko Beeboid keeps spouting shite about her being Mayor of a town of only 9000 people.

    She’s been state Govenor for 18 months.

    What’s Obama EVER been in charge of?

    Obama hasn’t even done a full term as Senator yet.

    The BBC we distort the truth and tell lies. It’s what we do best.


  30. Martin says:

    The BBC will soon diss her. They hate Condi Rice. They went for Osama over Hillary.


  31. Jack Bauer says:

    the PM programme has just said that palin is known as an anti-abortion conservative.

    Did they mention that she a few months ago she gave birth to her fifth child, her son who she knew was going to be born with Downs Syndrome?

    Or that her eldest son joined the US Army last year?

    I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh at the moment.


  32. Martin says:

    Fuck me the BBC are still putting Osama above McCain on the 6pm news!!

    Next week. BBC 6pm news. Top story. Matt Frei reports from Osama’s arse as he takes a dump.

    Frei reports it’s the greatest turd in all history.

    History. It’s what the BBC does best!


  33. James says:

    “He’s repeating a Democrat talking point.”

    oh right as opposed to this all of b-bbc’s independently thought-out non-partisan arugula greek god elitist inexperienced

    wait hang on what was i saying


  34. JohnA says:

    Justin Webb’s first comment on the PM programmes – “Some people are saying this is a strange choice”… almost desperate choice” A very patronising tone. Presumably that”s what they think inside the “BBC” bubble.

    What absolute bollox. Virtually all the Repub comment is positive – right across the board. So how is it strange, desperate ?

    And when Obama should be 10 to 15 points ahead – why does McCain need to be desperate ? It looks far more like a cool, deliberate and radical decision, already wiping Obama’s flatulent speech off the headlines. A game-changer as many are saying.


  35. JohnA says:

    Jack Bauer

    There was just one mention of her Downs syndrome child. No mention of her son in the army.

    And I don’t think I have ever heard the “BBC” mention that McCain has a son in the army.

    As you know – the “BBC” looks down on the military.

    But for that matter they have not mentioned that Biden’s son is a lobbyist – the bete-noire of the Obama campaign.


  36. Cassandrina says:

    Tonight on Radio 4 news they stated that the choice of Palin was “a desperate choice”.
    If they supported the Republicans they would have stated it as it is, as an “inspired choice”
    2 years as Governor with excellent state management experience against stiff opposition, is worth more than Obama’s total experience.
    As for foreign experience Britain has a Prime Minister and Foreign Minister who had, and still have, absolutely nothing to show for all their foreign outings.
    BBC never mention this.


  37. Martin says:

    JohnA: Webb is a wanker. He came out with the biggest pile of shit going.

    How can they accuse HER of inexperience but defend Osama? I’m still waiting for “James” to give me a list of Osama’s achivements.

    How can it be desperate? McCain wasn’t 20 points behind in the polls was he?

    The BBC are desperate. The idea that Biden will eat her for breakfast is nonsense. You don’t get to be a state Governor if you don’t know what you’re doing.


  38. Jack Bauer says:

    Thicko Beeboid keeps spouting shite about her being Mayor of a town of only 9000 people.

    That’s funny, because that is the OFFICIAL OBAMA CAMPAIGN PRESS RELEASE.

    So it’s official. The BBC is now simply repeating the Talking Points of a US political party.



  39. Tim Spence says:

    Excellent first speech by Sarah Palin (she’s the rebuplican running mate announced earlier today)


  40. Martin says:

    Jack Bauer: Oh I think the BBC probably work with the Dems to pump this shit out.

    Of course the BBC keep wanking on about her lack of foreign policy experience. SO what experience does Osama and Biden have in running anything?


  41. DB says:

    Re Justin Webb’s pre-recorded report about the Obama speech on the BBC 6pm news was out of date before it had even been broadcast. Poor chap was stuck on a plane with the rest of the BBC’s huge Denver press pack when news of this began to break.

    At least the BBC TV news is headlining the choice of Palin – R5L can’t bring itself to lift the news above third in importance (up at least 3 from 5pm, though).


  42. DB says:

    Excellent first speech by Sarah Palin (she’s the rebuplican running mate announced earlier today)
    Tim Spence | Homepage | 29.08.08 – 6:21 pm

    Thanks for the heads up, Tim.


  43. James says:

    martin my achievements post is down lower on one of the biden theads, the one with 130 or so comments i think


  44. Jon says:

    But why should it be “headline” news in Britain – its a foreign election. Yes I know that the US has a big influence on the world – but the corruption and totalitarianism of the EU has a much greater effect on our lives. Imagine if any of the pundits in the US election was going to restrict the voice of the people – what would the BBC say?


  45. DB says:

    “She’s a 44-year old anti-abortion campaigner and lifelong gun owner.” R5L’s brief summary of Palin at 6.30pm – I get the impression Drive’s editor thinks these are the bad things which need to be highlighted. Works for me, though.


  46. Gibby Haynes says:

    Desperation BBC? What’s that, projection? The Left (which of course includes the BBC) is scared shitless by this genius pick. I look forward to them having to eat the shit sandwich again this november.


  47. JohnA says:

    Wait till they attack her for hunting, shooting and fishing – and loving moose burgers.


  48. Jack Bauer says:

    I guess the Barack Bum-licking Corporation won’t be incorporating this McCain Press Release into its news broadvcasts

    McCain camp responds to Obama’s belittling of Palin pic.

    It is pretty audacious for the Obama campaign to say that Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice President. She has a record of accomplishment that Senator Obama simply cannot match. Governor Palin has spent her time in office shaking up government in Alaska and actually achieving results — whether it’s taking on corruption, passing ethics reform or stopping wasteful spending and the ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Senator Obama has spent his time in office running for President.


  49. Martin says:

    And she has an approval rating of 80-90%. Obama would love that.

    But you do have to feel sorry for Hillary. God she must be spitting feathers!!!


  50. Niallster says:

    Absolute kick ass acceptance speech from Palin. Live on Fox (of course).

    This women will tear Biden a new arse in a live debate.

    This useless twat being the one who stole Windbag Kinnocks speech in case you forgot.

    Game over for the Obamassiah.