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  1. jimbob says:

    ” had been held under a 22-hour curfew. ”

    “accused of breaching his strict bail conditions. ”

    ” he was accused of a possible breach of his exceptionally strict bail conditions. ”

    “These include wearing an electronic tag, not attending a mosque nor leading prayers, and staying in his home for up 22 hours a day. ”

    “He is allowed out for two hours – but in one hour blocks to prevent him travelling too far from his home. ”

    al beeb subtext

    1. we will tell you repeatedly about his strict bail conditions.

    2. we will not tell you anything about what his had done to bring himself to the attention of the authrorities.

    3. we will repeat phrases at you such as “strict bail conditions”, until you agree with us.


  2. JonD says:

    Story at “Trust in top politicians ‘falls'”. “The survey suggests 22% of people think government ministers tell the truth”.
    So how does the Radio 4 World at One cover this story? By running the “George Osbourne did nothing wrong but it looked bad” yacht story again.
    Any excuse is good enough.


  3. Cheeta says:

    This story looks a bit like it was just copied out from someone else, and also one-sided, so I had a look on DailyTech, who have done a bit more work on a similar subject and wisely give two different viewpoints. Lazy BBC!


  4. John Bosworth says:

    WOW! This is the most incredible comment from the BBC’s Kevin Connolly on line under an article entitled “America dares to dream”:

    “The whole idea of the American dream after all is unique – no-one talks about the Irish or German dream, and if there is a British dream then no-one has told me about it yet and I am running out of time.”

    “If there is a British dream”…???!!!

    The “British dream”, Connolly, is shouting, screaming, yelling at you. It is the throats of your viewers and listeners.



  5. Insider says:

    Did anyone else notice the BBC Teletext item line 114 or thereabouts that read; ‘’Opposition wins vote in New Zealand’’.
    Was this the BBC enlightening us on some government motion or other, stray dogs and footpaths in S Island that had been defeated by the Opposition?
    No when I read the article I discovered that this was in fact the New Zealand general election result and that NZ’s trendy leftie Labour had been defeated by the National Party. Obviously, a party with the word National in it’s name must never defile the BBC Teletext or news pages in case readers mix it up with one closer to home. Equally obviously, the departing Labour party had a good write up and had only been defeated according to the BBC because of the World wide economic slump.
    ‘New Zealand election result- National Party defeats Labour’ •would that have been so very hard for the BBC editors to write?


  6. The Commentator says:

    Biassed broadcasting co have programme on R4 called ‘Enemies Within’. It is about the heroic people who informed on the IRA.

    Naturally the pro-republican BBC would name the programme from a republican perspective, i.e. use the term enemies to describe the informers.



  7. MarkE says:


    I’m pleasantly surprised to hear the BBC actually covered the election on teletext; had I not had an email from a friend in NZ I doubt I would know the result.

    I noticed much the same after the Canadian election which was also won by the “wrong” party.

    Apparently in BBCland the commonwealth is only worth covering when murderous dictatorships in Africa are criticising the few democracies for not giving them enough aid.


  8. mailman says:


    The National Party is pretty similar to Labour, in their past drive to destroy the country that is.

    National gave NZ its Think Big and Rogernomics debacles (think big really means, spend big when you have no money).

    Oh how I remember careless days of the 70’s! Oh hang on, imagine carless days here in Blighty? What a fantastic way of getting fat arses out and about for exercise! 🙂

    On the other hand, National did give kiwis one of their finest prime ministers ever (Muldoon) BUT, like Blair, he outlived his usefulness.



  9. George R says:

    BBC report:

    “Italian nuns kidnapped in Kenya”

    ‘Jihadwatch’ report and comment:

    “Oh, those Baptists: ‘Fundamentalist guerrillas’ kidnap nuns in Somalia.”
    “What’s that? The kidnappers weren’t fundamentalist Christians at all, but Islamic jihadists?

    “What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?”

    “Italian nuns in Somali kidnap”


  10. George R says:

    The way the BBC (D. Casciani) reports this, it makes it sound like a case for its chum, S. Chakrabarti:

    “Arrested Qatada to face hearing”

    A non-BBC report (of 24 hours earlier than the BBC report)


    “UK jihadist Abu Qatada held over bail breach”


  11. George R says:

    ‘Evening Standard’, Londoner’s Diary:

    “A Traitor in our midst”:

    “Ed Stourton betrays his blue-blooded background by grassing up the Queen Mother for once making what was in reality a harmless remark about ‘Huns, wops and dagos’, describing her as a ‘ghastly old bigot’ in his new book It’s A PC World.

    “What Posh Ed does not reveal is why he was invited to lunch at Windsor Great Park in the first place. He was there not through any BBC contacts, but because of his aristocratic connections – his son was one of Prince William’s best friends at Eton.

    “Chaps who know how to hold their knives properly should remember that private conversations always remain private, as Nat Rothschild and George Osborne have shown.

    “In Ed’s case, he’s got a book to sell and alimony payments to meet, so maybe this indiscretion will be forgiven. Mind you, his PC republican bosses at the BBC (where he earns around £150,000 a year plus pension) will applaud him for knocking the Royals.”


  12. Niallster says:

    Bit late but the excreable Johnnie Walker was filling in on Radio 2 yesterday.

    He was praising the American election system for its ability to elect someone like the Obamasiah.

    Someone emailed in and said ‘you never praised it when they elected Bush twice’.

    As yes says Walker but ‘Bush fiddled it’.

    So there you have it a Radio 2 presenter openly accusing Bush of electoral fraud.


  13. Martin says:

    Classic Nick Robinson bollocks on the 6PM news.

    1. He called Obama “President Obama”. The twat hasn’t been sworn in yet.

    2. Robinson then calls McTwat a “President Roosavelt ” type leader.

    You’re having a laugh Robinson. That fat oeye eyed Scottish twat is a moron and bankrupting our Country before our very eyes.


  14. Fulton says:

    Last night and today is the 70th anniversary of the nazi ‘Kristallnacht’ anti semetic attacks on German Jews.

    How is it that the BBC are happy to highlight anniversaries that glorify Islam, yet when it comes to our Jewish friends, never will the BBC show/discuss how cruel, barbaric & short the lives that many Jews had to endure?.


  15. David says:

    “Robinson then calls McTwat a “President Roosevelt ” type leader.”

    A cripple, you mean? 😉


  16. Martin says:

    I have to laugh at the Government going on about obesity. They need to sort out the fat twats in Liebour first before they start telling other people how to live their lives.

    Gordon Brown is a fat bastard as is John Prescott and as for Diane Abbott she’s a real heffer. Try practicing what you preach Liebour.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Fulton | 10.11.08 – 6:28 pm |

    Yeah, obviously just the one day per year perfectly balances it out against full series and special shows and an editorial policy.


  18. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    I could not believe it when I heard today on Radio 3 that David Oistrakh was a ‘Ukrainian’ violinist.

    Let me repeat:
    The BBC are a bunch of antisemitic scum. The BBC is an antisemitic organisation. It is riddled with antisemitism from top to bottom.

    I will try to complain about it. Will they tell me to fuck off? I expect no less.


  19. Atlas shrugged says:

    The BBC are a bunch of antisemitic scum. The BBC is an antisemitic organisation. It is riddled with antisemitism from top to bottom.

    If you had payed any attention as to exactly who controls the BBC you could basically come to only ONE CONCLUSION. They are basically Zionists of one form or another.

    This does not however discount your observation in any way.

    The BBC is DIS INFORMATION of the highest form, so far created.

    You surly do not believe Muslims like or trust the BBC more then the average member of the public, or do you?

    Muslims can not trust the BBC any more then you do. I would say they should far less, if they have any sense.

    The BBC has no moral compass, it changes its propaganda almost as soon as it is instructed to.

    If the BBC was told tomorrow by the people who control it, to suddenly or gradually start being really nasty to Muslim immigrants it would in a heart beat.

    Just like German state propaganda in the thirties, first they were nice to Jews, then indifferent, then damned right evil. But even then, never told the German people what was really happening to the Jews.

    Zionism has little to do with being Jewish, for better or for worse. It does however have much to do with freemasonry, the British establishment, and The Roman Catholic Church. As does much of the existing Muslim establishment.

    The above statement may seem like complete nonsense, but it is true all the same.


  20. It's all too much says:

    George R,

    Did you seethe “Red Andy” Marr show on Sunday? he commented that on the Sunday times report (Marr reading headline…) “A BBC presenter had said that the Queen Mother was a ‘ghastly bigot’. I should say, that’s not me…..this time”


    So we know where we stand there then. Followed by well paid BBC treasure John Simpson.


    He didn’t want to touch the Sunday Mail because of the “appalling campaign it is running against the BBC” Frankly I think that Ross offering to masturbate a 78 year old man on radio 2 is quite a lot more appalling. Simpson follows this up with a real winner

    “It’s a wonderful new dawn and thank god we are finished with the Bush era…”

    what more can we say?


  21. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Zionism has little to do with being Jewish, for better or for worse. It does however have much to do with freemasonry, the British establishment, and The Roman Catholic Church

    You need to see a psychiatrist. Zionism has everything to do with being Jewish, since it is the national movement of the Jewish people.

    You are either an ignorant twit, completely round the twist or an antisemite. I don’t particularly care which.


  22. Anonymous says:

    “Edward Stourton is a descendant of the 19th Baron Stourton and in very distant remainder to this barony presently held by his cousin Edward Stourton, 27th Baron Mowbray. He is the son of Nigel Stourton OBE, who worked for British American Tobacco, and Rosemary Abbott, being brought up near Patrick Brompton. He first married Margaret McEwen in 1980 in Kensington, the daughter of Sir James Napier Finnie McEwen, a Baronet. He married Fiona Murch on November 8 2002 at Chelsea Register Office. She was an editor for BBC2 (producing the Correspondent programme, in which Edward featured, although he left the programme) with whom he lived with from 2001. They live in Balham. He is a Roman Catholic[1] and has an extensive knowledge of the Catholic faith.”

    A good BBC prole Ed.


  23. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The little shit Paxman on Uni Challenge just now, was as biased as I have ever seen him. He favoured LSE all the way through – ignoring their blatant conferring during starter questions, giving them far too much time to confer during other questions, and accepting the totally incorrect year 222 (hence AD by default) when the correct answer was 222 BC – and penalised Selwyn by disallowing ‘amoebic’ for ‘amoeboid’, the sort of thing he has always accepted from his favoured teams.


  24. disillusioned_german says:

    “It’s a wonderful new dawn and thank god we are finished with the Bush era…”

    It’s all too much | 10.11.08 – 8:16 pm |

    Did the fat git really say that? Sounds balanced to me (Al Beeb style, that is!)


  25. archduke says:

    i wish they’d get the pronounciation of bin laden’s terror outfit right on “Spooks”…

    its not “al kai EEE dah”


    “al kai da”

    (with the “k” being the glottoral hard Arabic “q” sound..)


  26. archduke says:

    A good BBC prole Ed.
    Anonymous | 10.11.08 – 8:42 pm |

    and on £150,000 per year according to the Evening Standard this evening.

    thats £12,500 per month.


  27. JohnA says:

    Simpson’s remarks would seem to indicate that he has been hostile to much or most of Bush’s policies.

    Now who would have guessed ?


  28. archduke says:

    Biassed broadcasting co have programme on R4 called ‘Enemies Within’. It is about the heroic people who informed on the IRA.

    Naturally the pro-republican BBC would name the programme from a republican perspective, i.e. use the term enemies to describe the informers.

    The Commentator | 10.11.08 – 2:13 pm

    hang on a minute – i had to re-read your post about three times… and each time my brain was registering

    “a programme on IRA moles in the British government…”

    did they *really* call it that?


  29. Battersea says:

    Heh! All the misguided fools who thought that Spooks had changed;that it has acknowledged who our enemies are…The character ‘Harry’ just gave his appeasement speech in which he said that we MUST talk to Al-Quaida and that we can achieve peace with them.


    Spooks hasn’t really changed people.


  30. archduke says:

    and if they say “al ka eee da” one more time… grrrr…


  31. Battersea says:

    Now the terrorist mastermind comes out with a speech justifying Al Q’s terror attacks and the number one villain is…Israel. He is allowed to reel off mumbers of Palestinian victims of Israel and none of the other characters say to him: ‘what about Hamas murdering Fatah and other Arab-on-Arab deaths – in Iraq for example. What about Israeli victims of Hamas suicide bombings?

    Spooks fits the BBC mindset perfectly. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.


  32. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Full credit to the BBC for reporting this without trying to gild the lily:

    Muslims’ free speech ‘threatened’

    It’s about time they started allowing this kind of thinking into the public sphere.


  33. Battersea says:

    I don’t believe that on a website dedicated to BBC bias we should be praising the BBC for anything. Their conduct during the US election and the overwhelming evidence of their bias illustrates that this is an intellectual war with them. There is nothing to be gained in giving them ‘full credit’ for something.


  34. archduke says:

    which spooks are you watcing battersea?

    i’m on about the one on now live on BBC1… or are you refering to something on iplayer?

    right now a bomb has gone off in a restaurant full of Westminster MPs..

    ( for al qaeda to actually do something highly popular with the pulbic is a new one for me!)


  35. archduke says:

    and now the MI5 head is doing a deal with an Al Qaeda operative to stop Iranian missiles???



  36. Nachman says:

    Anyone see the latest episode of Spooks. MI5 has sold itself out to Al Quaida operative – what a load of rubbish the BBC would love if it would happen. best of all the Americans have bumped him off – great!!!


  37. archduke says:

    yeah nachman… (picking my jaw up off the floor)

    ever notice that there is a complete lack of CIA intelligence agents – as in American spooks helping us out?

    all part of the BBC narrative.. the americans are the enemy and wouldnt ever help MI6 out.

    what a load of crap.


  38. Battersea says:

    And finally Harry makes the obligatory pro-Obama speech saying that this is a new beginning and that peace is achievable. They just HAVE to bring Obama in to the narrative!


  39. Battersea says:

    And didn’t you love the way the Connie character makes some sneering comment at the end about having to save ourselves from our ‘friends’ the Americans?

    The hatred that the BBC feels for the US is pathalogical.

    Are we ever going to wake up from this nightmare?


  40. It's all too much says:

    Disillusioned German

    yes the lardy git did say that. It is a direct quotation and not in a ‘BBC sense’ – the link gives the exact timing for the statement


  41. David Preiser (USA) says:


    I disagree. One of the primary accusations against this blog is that everyone here is so biased to the far right that we even see BBC bias when they’re merely reporting on things we don’t like. That goes especially for charges that we all just hate Muslims and their religion, full stop. That perception allows them to dismiss any and all points we try to make.

    Making a positive comment about this kind of report shows that we know the difference.


  42. archduke says:

    10 o clock news – all three major parties jostling on the tax cut agenda.

    of course you have to turn to the chinese news agency (yes , china!) to get a bit of background

    “BRUSSELS, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) — European Union (EU) leaders agreed on Friday to coordinate their economic policies “


  43. archduke says:

    David Preiser (USA) | Homepage | 10.11.08 – 10:13 pm

    i would agree. its important to give credit where it is due.


  44. Battersea says:

    The most disgraceful report from Jeremy al-Bowen. The piece as introduced by Huw Edwards is supposed to be about Hamas-Fatah fighting. Cue Jeremy Bowen attacking ISRAEL for its policy in Hebron. Then Bowen suddenly, without an introduction, switches to the Hamas-Fatah but all seen through the prism of the struggle with Israel. In other words according to the message Bowen wishes to convey: Palestinians, please stop fighting because you are only helping the Jooooooos.


  45. Battersea says:

    David Preiser and Archduke I understand your sentiments on the matter of giving the BBC credit, where due. I was so angry with Spooks that this motivated my comment to David.


  46. whitewineliberal says:

    “The above statement may seem like complete nonsense, but it is true all the same.”

    Best comment on b-bbc. Ever.


  47. frankos says:

    “Robinson then calls McTwat a “President Roosevelt ” type leader.”
    God help us all if Brown follows Roosevelt. He constructed a huge natinalist socialist state which set all industry prices, employed people counting streets etc just to give them a job and fully controlled the banks and financal houses . He took Keynes to a new level.If Brown imagines he can control me to the degree Roosevelt did —then start passing the ammunition


  48. whitewineliberal says:

    fibs. robinson didn’t say this. he said Brown saw himself as such, quoting the fear fear itself line. ex YC robinson seemed to mock this stance.


  49. Robert S. McNamara says:

    ‘President-elect Barack Obama goes to the White House and meets George Bush!’ announces the BBC News monkey. Who’s this George Bush fellow, some squatter? Nice of the new Undisputed Leader of the Citizens of the World to humour this guy, whoever he is.


  50. archduke says:

    battersea 10.33…

    heat of the moment stuff so. to be expected. no problem – we’ve all gone off on one at one time or another on this blog.