Looks like the BBC has found itself a new political hero in the unlikely shape of George Papakonstantinou, who speaks for opposition party the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. George was given a generous airing on PM last night and he is back again on Today this morning. I’m sure you notice how gently the BBC treats those such as George who advocate the ongoing ..ahem ..”peaceful resistance” to the government, along with its subsequent removal, of course.

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20 Responses to A GREEK HERO

  1. frankos says:

    I did enjoy the party political broadcast by the Socialist party —perhaps almost as much as the one by the Spanish Socialist Party a few years ago .. I must commend the Socialist party on their running of the Spanish economy. The BBC have a socialist on at every opportunity reminding us how the capitalist elitist west has failed us poor plebs. The BBC rarely mentions that Socialist goverments have at best a patchy success in increasing their citizens wealth. no real mention of Cuba, Russian Federation, Mozambique, Cambodia, Eastern Bloc etc etc


  2. frankos says:

    Londoners beware –Chavez wants his oil back


  3. Timon says:

    Another thing the BBC has failed to explain is that the party they term ‘conservative’ (New Democracy) is, effectively, an anti-corruption party that enjoys popular support (plus the backing of many young professionals) because of the endemic corruption in Pasok.

    As anyone who has holidayed in rural Greece will know, the thuggish, high-handed cops on the take are invariably socialist-supporters – rather like in Britain today.


  4. The Random Punter says:

    I guess you can forgive the BBC for assuming that the Greeks’ police force are controlled by the government like ours are…


  5. thud says:

    You can trust in the beeb to always find a like minded fellow traveller in any situation/country.


  6. backwoodsman says:

    I look forward to the bbc giving a similar amount of air time to Charles Moore, to explain his reasons for refusing to pay a tv licece fee on principle !
    Guido has a very amusing story on this and a link to the relevant face book page, where you can pledge not to review your tv tax.


  7. nicknafplio says:

    I concurr with Timon.

    Most police here in Athens were hired by PASOK (opposition party).

    Just read this
    ‘The anarchists are misunderstood’

    What a little gem. Now, will al-Beeb come up with a piece saying ‘the pigs are misunderstood’ highlighting that an average Greek policeman is on 600 eu (@ £475) per month? That they all shouldn’t all be tarnished with the same brush for the sake of a few bad apples (who’re being brought to justice)?


  8. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Guido has this

    Charles Moore is Britain’s Gandhi :
    200,000 Pledge Not to Pay TV Licence



  9. Martin says:

    Perhaps Greece needs Gordon to come and save them? After all he’s saved the world for us!! Who needs Bruce Willis and a nuke when we have a fat one eyed jock with a credit card underwritten by UK bank PLC?

    And I love the c**t on the BBC website who decides to correct what Gordon Brown said. How the fuck does HE know what the fat one eyed unwashed Nazi intended to say?



  10. frankos says:

    it is amazing –if you listen to the BBC you would be convinced that Brown is storming ahead in the polls, that everyone is in tune with the Brown Great Giveaway and that the Tories are mad for suggesting anything else. The truth is that most of the comment on the Nick Robinson, Have Your Sigh and Peston blogs are anti government or at least highly scepticalof their motives. The BBC may well split the electorate between the knee jerk Lefties who like Browns solution on principle of it being redistributive and the voters who actually think the consequences could be fatally costly in the long term.
    The next few months could be interesting, especially if the BBC get any more discredited.


  11. meggoman says:

    All hail the Great the Gordo, saviour of the planet and humankind and everything else. Who says so? He does of course.


  12. Martin says:

    BBC 6PM news and wankstain Nick (the prick) Robinson defending fatty one eye over his “save the world” gaff.

    So they have to dig up Maggie’s “we are a grandmother” comment.

    Hsng on that was a statement of fact, the fat one eyed jock c**t hasn’t saved the world.

    But he could start by washing his greasy hair though and Robinson needs to get his tongue out of fatty one eye’s shit chute.


  13. anton says:

    See the islamic element in the Athens riots?

    Foretaste of things to come in Europe?:




  14. Dick the Prick says:

    Ah, is that who it was – just got some random idealist bloke.


  15. Ralph says:


    We’re lucky he bothered to even report it because as we know only Tories, Republicans, and Israelis make fools of themselves.


  16. Martin says:

    Ralph: Fatty one eye made a total fucking tool of himself, but the good old BBC are there to wipe his shit pipe for him.


  17. archduke says:

    eu ref cuts through the crap , and gets to the real meat of the issue


    “it’s the economy stoopid”

    yup – we’re seeing a bit of the EU falling into anarchy, because of the EU..


  18. Preposteroso says:

    Yes, those who rule us are intent on telling us that the riots (destroying other people’s property and lives) in Greece have nothing to do with hot-headed young leftists and straightforward opportunistic apolitical vandals and delinquents, both groups spurred on by the Greek wing of those who rule us who should know better but want a right wing government out of office any way they can. Such democrats! No, the riots are in some way understandable and even maybe honourable, because they only began when a young person was shot by a policeman whilst, err . . . rioting.


  19. Mailman says:


    THat link is disingenious by using the image of the burning christmas tree in an article about muslims out of control.

    Its that kind of “propoganda” we complain about being used by Al Beeb.