MSM coverage of events in Athens last night was lamentably slow, with Sky and the BBC sharing honours in putting BAFTA trivia ahead of a major European capital in flames. Then again, when a broadcaster like the BBC is in receipt of ££millions from the EU, perhaps the images of Athens ablaze is unhelpful? Of course in the end they HAD to show the scale and depth of public unrest but not without the repetition of this soundbite from Lucas Papademos ““Vandalism, violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country and won’t be tolerated”. I am surprised that the BBC were unable to find anyone who could point out that unelected technocrats imposing Germanic austerity against the will of the Greek people is not really “democracy” in the first place.


Well it looks to me that the BBC is dismayed that Greek PM George Papandreou is still in office. For the last week or so they have been claiming that he would resign/lose the vote of confidence/walk away/be pushed. Naturally, they got that wrong and yet even after his victory in the Confidence vote last night, they are still pushing the idea he will yet fall and that their designated favourite, the Finance Minister Venizelos, will replace him a “Government of National Unity” – despite the fact the Nation is not allowed to speak to determine what the politicians should unite around! All the BBC glitterati were flown out o Athens for the vote …. from John Humphyrs to Stephen Nolan. It’s funny how the BBC choose not to pursue the validity of a Government ignoring the will of the people, yet I suppose when the aim of the BBC is to propagandise for the EU, maybe we should not be that surprised at this?


Another day and another concerted attack on Greek PM Papandreou by “the international community” and its mouthpieces such as the BBC. Did you catch this? David Buik was incredibly angry and outraged about the decision by the Greek PM to consult the Greek people – thus delivering the message the BBC wanted. Furthermore, the BBC itself is longing for Papandreou to lose the vote of confidence that will be held tomorrow, and it is holding the Finance Minister up as hero.

As I write this, the BBC is running the story that Papandreou is about to resign. Presumably this will mean no referendum and hence the BBC will be content. It’s VITAL to EU interests that the people do not get to speak – rarely was tyranny so obvious and yet, remarkably, ignored by our well funded State Broadcaster.


Demonstrators take part in a protest against plans for new austerity measures on October 20, 2011 in Athens
Another blow to the BBC. Greece’s cabinet has given unanimous backing to the plan by PM George Papandreou to hold a referendum on a EU debt rescue package. You will recall that only yesterday the BBC was hoping that perhaps Papandroeu would fail to win this backing, so another bad day for those living in the fetid Euro-swamps of the BBC. They wheeled on Elena Panaritis, an MP from the Greek Pasok party, to the Today programme this morning but she did not follow the script and talked about the need to consult the people about the implications of the Austerity measures forced on her country by “the colleagues.” This was met by BBC stony indifference. It’s hilarious watching the puffed up outrage of the Euro-elite at the concept of  the people of a Nation being given the right to speak out about their future, it’s disgusting to note the State Broadcaster parrot this totalitarian creed.


You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the BBC’s horrified reaction to Greek PM Papandreo’s decision to hold a referendum on the alleged “austerity measures.” Could it be that even Greece has no confidence in the EU? Heaven forbid. Anyway, the BBC wheeled on Vicky Pryce, former head of the government’s economic service, to tell us that the Greek people were “suffering terribly” because of the horrendous austerity imposed upon them (e.g paying taxes) and that perhaps Papandreo could win the referendum because, after all, the Greek people desperately want to stay in the EU (BBC meme alert) (BTW Ms Pryce is the former wife of Chris Huhne, and came to her office care of Labour, a few details the BBC conspicuously forgot to mention).


Looks like the BBC has found itself a new political hero in the unlikely shape of George Papakonstantinou, who speaks for opposition party the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. George was given a generous airing on PM last night and he is back again on Today this morning. I’m sure you notice how gently the BBC treats those such as George who advocate the ongoing ..ahem ..”peaceful resistance” to the government, along with its subsequent removal, of course.