South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of those to whom the BBC always shows great respect. That makes me suspicious of him and so it is this morning, Christmas Eve, that the BBC has been trailing Tutu claiming that South Africa had lost “moral leadership” by not taking a stand against Mugabe. Tutu goes on to claim that the use of force should be considered to remove this tyrant from power since he is persecuting his own people. Two points here; 1. Where has Tutu been for the past few decades on this issue? Zimbabwe, the bread-basket of Africa, has been systematically turned into a basket-case by the Marxist Mugabe and I can’t recall too many protest by Tutu. 2. Interesting that the BBC echoes the request by Tutu for the “international coimmunity”to consider force to topple the tyrant in power I seem to recall Tutu joining in the chorus for the “international community” NOT to use force to topple another tyrant from power. Presumably Desmond reckons the life of an Iraqi is worth less than that of African. It strikes me that Tutu is himself a moral hypocrite but the BBC will never ask any hard questions of him. The BBC have their little favourites and this elite are truly blessed at this, and indeed every other season, insofar as they can say what they want without fear of any contradiction.

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18 Responses to TUTU IN A SPIN

  1. Martin says:

    What launch yet another illegal war? Is the BBC joking?

    I thought the left were going to show us right wing knuckle draggers how to do diplomacy?

    Fuck Zimbabwe. Who gives a shit?

    Merry Christmas!!!


  2. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Tutu is a priest – one of that select band of people who believe an invisible being is watching us, usually a symptom of mental illness. Quite why anyone should pay any attention to anything this man says is beyond me.

    Since Zimbabwe has neither oil nor weapons of mass destruction, the case for invading it to remove Mugabe is slim.

    The whole of Africa has a population of 922 million. Why is it up to us to do something?


  3. Martin says:

    Andrew: Becuase it’s always left to the Brits or Yanks to clear out the shit.

    I don’t give a toss about Zimbabwe. As for the oil thing, that’s not true. Angola has oil and that is a shithole as well. We don’t have troops in there.

    Where is Tony (barking mad) Benn? Goerge Gallowanker? Why are they not protesting about Mugabe?

    I bet if someone suggested putting our troops in there these two vile left wing creeps would be all over the media.


  4. Derek W. Buxton says:

    But Tutu’s best mates in S. Africa all support Mugabe, as “Tutti frutty” has until now. Has the money dried up?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.



  5. frankos says:

    Mugabe is rather a sensitive issue in a continent with more than its fair share of dictators and cruel regimes. If Mugabe is forced to go who will be next? British troop action is definitely not an option in a country the size of Zim. It would become a protracted bloody guerilla war almost as bad as Afghanistan.
    I was in RSA in the 70s and remember the Rhodesian conflict then


  6. Garden Trash says:

    I disagree about none intervention in Zimbabwe.Let an International Brigade of,lefties,beeboids and apartheid protesters be formed and sent to Zim to sort out the problem.We could probably get rid of the whole Labour cabinet that way.


  7. Martin says:

    Garden Trash: Problem is the left are cowards. Most of them just give secrets away to the enemy or act as their mouthpieces.

    I always piss myself laughing when twats like Tony Benn go on about how he fought Hitler (from a beach in South Africa) or George Galloway goes on about how he’d have been first in line to fight Hitler. Yes, sure George.


  8. Dick the Prick says:

    Whoa there Shep. For Tutu to call for the use of force is such a shift in this man’s journey, it is both unfair and unjust to bag his words to simple BBC bias. Study the man, not the media.

    He is a learned, graceful, erudite and patient servant of the people. Don’t get all Atlas Shrugged and call conspiracy just because the Beeb slaver all over him. That ain’t right, that ain’t right at all.

    The Truth & Reconciliation committees that he convened and presided over couldn’t have been done by any of us – not one – let this thread go out to the whole world and you’d still just get one man who coulda done that.

    It’s his job to be a bit lefty, it’s his duty and his soul, he ain’t taking your money, he ain’t hiding behind anyone. We know his organization and we know his boss.

    He really is a truly remarkable man and i’m a Catholic so I think he’s a heretic!! Come on Dave – show the man some respect. When he’s calling to take the guy out – that ain’t flippant.

    Happy Christmas dudes and dudettes.


  9. Dick the Prick says:

    Dave – write him a letter asking him, he’ll answer it – I think you’ll find his position hasn’t changed, hasn’t shifted, hasn’t moved a milimetre.

    There are few truly brilliant people around – the BBC are trying to get some of it to rub off on them. That’s the story. The man makes me laugh so much and see glory.

    Did you see the truth & reconciliation coms for NI – I shed gallons of tears, gallons. We need more guys like him, not less. Sorry to bang on about it and he don’t need no one protecting him but he da man. He da man.


  10. billybob says:

    Nice to see that Tutu has finally seen sense. I’m not sure that this is a suitable post for here though. As far as I am concerned, it is a good thing that Tutu is finally speaking out against the Marxist dictator in Zim. If the BBC’s favourites continue to talk in this way, that’s progress. Let’s have a few more I say. Maybe there will be a tidal wave of anti-red feeling this year.

    2009 – The Year That Leftists Died


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Where was Tutu years ago? Where was he last year? Oh, that’s right, he was speaking out about this. This Bishop knew at least a year ago that South Africa was useless, as was the rest of the continent. Only the BBC wouldn’t tell you that because it went against their own Narrative: “It’s an African problem, which requires an African, non-white, solution. Specifically, this will be led by South Africa.”

    Looks like some BBC editors have finally given up on that ever happening, so suddenly other opinions are allowed. What took you so long?


  12. Bryan says:

    Here’s Tutu at his grovelling and groaning best, doing the obligatory Zionism = Apartheid bit and Zionism = Nazism but couching it in colourful and fake anguish so that his gross anti-Israel prejudice is not that apparent:

    I could have spent a great deal of time rehearsing what we all know. How I experienced a deja vu when I saw a security check point which Palestinians had to negotiate most of their lives that I was reminded so painfully of the same checkpoints in apartheid South Africa, when arrogant white policemen treated almost all blacks like dirt, or, when someone pointed to a house in Jerusalem and said that used to be our home, but now it has been taken over by the Israelis, which made me recall so painfully similar statements in Cape Town by coloureds who had been thrown out of their homes and relocated in ghetto townships some distance from town. I could have bemoaned the illegal wall that has encroached on Palestinian land, separated families, divided property and made what used to be a short walk to school turn into an expensive nightmare voyage running the gauntlet of checkpoints, etc. I could have said there were things that even apartheid South Africa had not done, for example collective punishment.

    I have not gone that route. No, I have chosen a different approach. My address is really a cri de Coeur, a cry of anguish from the heart, an impassioned plea to my spiritual relatives, the offspring of Abraham like me — please hear the call, the noble call of your scriptures, of our scriptures, to be with the God of the Exodus who took the side of a bunch of slaves against the powerful Pharaoh, be on the side of the God who intervened through His prophet Elijah on behalf of Naboth, hear the plea of your scriptures and stand with the God who intervened through his prophet Nathan on behalf of Uriah against King David. Be on the side of the God who revealed a soft spot in his heart for the widow, the orphan and the alien, be on the side of the God whose “Spirit sends us out to preach good news to the poor.” Don’t be found fighting against the God, your God, our God who hears the cry of the oppressed, who sees their anguish and who will always come down to deliver them. Be not opposed to the God whose Spirit when it anoints you makes you concerned for the poor. This is your calling. If you disobey that calling, if you do not heed it, then as sure as anything one day you will come a cropper. You will probably not succumb to an outside assault militarily. With the unquestioning support of the USA you are probably impregnable. But you who are called are they who are asked to deal with the oppressed, the weak, the despised compassionately, caringly, remembering what happened to you in Egypt and much more recently in Germany. Remember and act appropriately. If you reject your calling you may survive for a long time, but you will find it is all corrosive inside and one day you will implode.


    The man is a fraud, and a cunning and dangerous one. No wonder the BBC love him so much.

    And yes, he has jumped on the anti-Mugabe bandwagon decades too late, now that it has become fashionable. His timing is impeccable.


  13. Greencoat says:

    Tutu is a chirruping weasel.


  14. Jack Hughes says:

    I love the appeal to the “international community” for help. Who He ?


  15. DP111 says:

    Tutu should be worried about his native South Africa, as it is headed in the same direction as Zimbabwe.

    Give it 20 years and South Africa will be same basket case as Zimbabwe.


  16. Tom says:

    I agree with Dick the Prick.

    And it isn’t accurate to say that Tutu has only just started saying these things. Here’s an article from about four years ago, where he’s saying the same things, and from which it is clear he had spoken out the year before that too:

    Johannesburg February 07 2005 –

    Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu criticised Zimbabwe for “making a mockery” of African democracy and urged regional leaders to scold contemporaries who fail to foster justice.

    Tutu last year hit out at “kowtowing” in South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party, including President’s Thabo Mbeki’s policy of quiet diplomacy toward Zimbabwe, sparking a fiery public debate between the two men.



  17. libertus says:

    To his credit, Tutu has criticised the Zimbabwean government for some years now, although he was much slower than anyone in the west to see what was coming because of his socialist, Africanist blinders. The real problems are developing in South Africa, where the rapist Zuma will do what Mugabe has done.


  18. Bryan says:

    Tom | 27.12.08 – 9:57 am,

    True, but it was evident decades ago that Mugabe was destroying the country.