The BBC seem a tad embarrassed by the news that South Africa – that wonderful rainbow nation – is refusing to accept  a UN motion to unfreeze $1.5bn of Libyan assets to fund emergency humanitarian aid. I wonder why South Africa seems reluctant to help the Libyan Rebels? We may never know.

Here’s Nelson

“I shall therefore take the liberty to invite our guests to rise and raise their glasses with me in salute to Muamar Qaddafi, our Brother Leader of the Revolution of the Libyan Jamahariya”


I got a bit of flak here from some of the usual suspects when I dared to cast doubt on the sexual identity of Rainbow Nation athletic luminary Caster Semenya. The BBC was keen to echo suggestions that it is … gasp. .. almost racist to suggest that “she” might be a “he”. Comes the news that Sex tests carried out on Caster the world 800 metres champion, show that she is a hermaphrodite, a source close to the case claimed tonight. If the allegation is backed up by the results, the South African may well find herself stripped of her gold medal and banned from racing. Is it cos she is black?


Did you catch this interview concerning South Africa’s “golden girl” Caster Semenya, she would won the Gold medal whilst looking more masculine than Usain Bolt? It seems that she, and that proud ANC government she represents are “humiliated” by the suggestion that “she” may in fact be a “he”. The BBC managed to find plenty of family and supporters who insisted that “she was really a she”. From the BBC perspective it is all about how well athletics has supported this rising star. From my point of view, if gender tests have to be made, there is a problem! and one that South African athletics will run a mile from…in record time. I wonder why the BBC has such a problem criticising the South African authorities?


South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of those to whom the BBC always shows great respect. That makes me suspicious of him and so it is this morning, Christmas Eve, that the BBC has been trailing Tutu claiming that South Africa had lost “moral leadership” by not taking a stand against Mugabe. Tutu goes on to claim that the use of force should be considered to remove this tyrant from power since he is persecuting his own people. Two points here; 1. Where has Tutu been for the past few decades on this issue? Zimbabwe, the bread-basket of Africa, has been systematically turned into a basket-case by the Marxist Mugabe and I can’t recall too many protest by Tutu. 2. Interesting that the BBC echoes the request by Tutu for the “international coimmunity”to consider force to topple the tyrant in power I seem to recall Tutu joining in the chorus for the “international community” NOT to use force to topple another tyrant from power. Presumably Desmond reckons the life of an Iraqi is worth less than that of African. It strikes me that Tutu is himself a moral hypocrite but the BBC will never ask any hard questions of him. The BBC have their little favourites and this elite are truly blessed at this, and indeed every other season, insofar as they can say what they want without fear of any contradiction.


Nelson Mandela is in the UK for the next week and given his near saint-like status in some quarters we can expect euphoric media coverage. I was interested in reading the BBC report which stresses his glowing relationship with the Queen and which trots out the mantra about his tireless “campaign around the globe for peace and an end to poverty.” Given the horrendous violence which afflicts South Africa and the genocide taking place in its neighbour Zimbabwe, is it too much to ask the BBC to ask some hard questions about the actual achievements of one of their idols? Is it not reasonable to expect the State Broadcaster review all aspects of Mr Mandela’s career – from his former days as a terrorist to his current period as a man that can do no wrong?


I think it can be safely said that the BBC views the United Nations as “the world’s highest moral authority” insofar as it’s coverage of this institutionalised vast bloated corruption is always glowing. So when the UN Security Council condemns the violence and intimidation against Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the BBC runs with this and no tough questions are posed as to what these words amount to. It also throws in a few specious lines about the brave attempts by South African President Mbeke to find a solution to the Zimbabwean nightmare . This is pathetic stuff. The UN, and Mbeke, have done NOTHING to seriously pressurise the thug Mugabe. In fact Mbeke has given years of tacit support to his Marxist pal Mugabe. What is happening in Zimbabwe demonstrates two truths which sit uneasily with Beebview. It shows the utter impotence of the UN to do anything of substance and demonstrates the callous disregard that South Africa’s President has for the suffering of those poor people under the jackboot of Mugabe.


I was listening to BBC Radio 4 “Today” this morning and tuned in to an interview concerning the explosion of xenophobic violence that is afflicting the so-called Rainbow nation of South Africa. I was amazed to hear an interviewee place the blame for all this mob thuggery squarely on….apartheid! The BBC interviewer went with this nonsensical idea and their was an agreement so absolving those murderous black gangs of any sense of real responsibility for their intolerant actions. Theo Mbeke really owes the BBC!


I think it quite interesting if you first read this report of the burning to death of a Zimbabwean man in South Africa by a vicious baying mob, and then this report from the BBC. The BBC leads by parroting the ANC party line, assuring us that all is under control even as The Times exposes the raging hatred of the mobs. It strikes me that any criticism of the South African government is frowned upon by the BBC, still blinded to the total an absolute failure of Mbeki and his pals to do anything of substance even as their country burns and migrants are incinerated on the street.