South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of those to whom the BBC always shows great respect. That makes me suspicious of him and so it is this morning, Christmas Eve, that the BBC has been trailing Tutu claiming that South Africa had lost “moral leadership” by not taking a stand against Mugabe. Tutu goes on to claim that the use of force should be considered to remove this tyrant from power since he is persecuting his own people. Two points here; 1. Where has Tutu been for the past few decades on this issue? Zimbabwe, the bread-basket of Africa, has been systematically turned into a basket-case by the Marxist Mugabe and I can’t recall too many protest by Tutu. 2. Interesting that the BBC echoes the request by Tutu for the “international coimmunity”to consider force to topple the tyrant in power I seem to recall Tutu joining in the chorus for the “international community” NOT to use force to topple another tyrant from power. Presumably Desmond reckons the life of an Iraqi is worth less than that of African. It strikes me that Tutu is himself a moral hypocrite but the BBC will never ask any hard questions of him. The BBC have their little favourites and this elite are truly blessed at this, and indeed every other season, insofar as they can say what they want without fear of any contradiction.


Sorry to be so repetitive, and I’ll leave it after this for a while BUT I was outraged at the BBC’s reporting of Israeli reaction to Desmond Tutu’s UN sponsored visit to Gaza the other day. Having given that smirking South African clown the opportunity to demonise the Jews for their treatment of all those poor entirely innocent Palestinians, the Israeli government was allowed to respond and rightly (too kindly, I would add) suggested that Tutu had been “mislaid” by Hamas as to the nature of what is going on in Gaza. In many ways had it been left there, one could have said fair enough but the BBC was NOT prepared to leave it there and so this morning on the pro-Hamas Today programme around 6.55 we had an International Professor of Law interviewed who had accompanied Tutu on his grand tour of Hamasland and she was allowed to have another go at Israel, with the BBC interviewer helpfully bringing up the issue of “war crimes”. Naturally, this time round there was NO opportunity for an Israeli rebuttal. The BBC is determined to ensure that Tutu’s anti-Israeli spin prevails and this is what was driving this anti-Jewish agenda this morning. The complete lack of any discussion on the sheer savagery that drives Hamas – elected by the moral degenerates that live in Gaza – is blithely ignored at all times. Still the Jews deserve all they get – right? – and the BBC is here to make sure they get it. We talk about BBC bias here but in a way this is worse – it is the serial demonisation of a people by the British State broadcaster and it leaves me angry.