My goodness, I thought I was dreaming. Did anyone else catch Peston on the Ten News just now waxing forth on “the green shoots of recovery”?I loved his line that “since it started in America”, then America is where it could all start recovering. Especially with King Obama now on the throne. Amazing – as we enter the darkness of depression, Peston is full on shilling for the Dear Leader!!!!


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  1. GCooper says:

    Exactly my sentiments, too – as commented on another thread.

    If the BBC’s economic ‘experts’ are sufficiently deluded to believe the recession is all about US house repossessions then they are no sort of experts at all.


  2. David Vance says:


    Quite. They are not experts, they are apologists. propagandists, purveyors of deceit.


  3. George R says:

    BBC report:

    “Obama says stimulus deal on track”

    ‘Telegraph’ report:

    “Obama faces opposition to £600bn stimulus plan”


  4. Martin says:

    Yes because 125% and self certified mortgages and the failure of Northern Cock and Bradford and Bingley all started in America didn’t it? Nothing to do with a smelly fat one eyed Scottish Chancellor?


  5. Grimly Squeamish says:

    Yes I saw this too, and sat with a wry smile as the message beamed out from the Ministry of Truth.

    The word has gone out from Big Brother that a double-plus positive message has to be beamed to the masses.

    So, although this is the first day of an official recession which experts say may last at least several years, those green shoots of recovery are already being talked up. If the Beeb had talked them up any more, they’d be Jack and the beanstalk sized monster shoots by now.

    In addition, any hint that our dear wonderful prudent leader, you know, the one that flogged off our gold when it was at rock bottom prices, and presided over a credit boom from which his Government benefited, and milked us dry and spent all those tax pounds on hiring a million or so extra public servants, is in any way responsible, must of course be erased from history.

    So, it was all America’s fault. Those nasty yanks caused the credit crunch but hey, now that Bush has gone, it’s ok folks! Those green shoots are a-coming! Just rejoice!

    Nice to have the reassuring tones of the female economics reporter signing off with: “I promise you, it (the economy) will get better” at the end of her report.

    BBC reporters promising us things?

    They’ll be running the country next.


  6. Cassandra says:

    Nothing changes in BBC land does it?

    It started in the USA and the BBC follows the trail back to the UK! Except that it started in the UK with a hyper inflated asset bubble, crappy flats selling for 3-4 times their real value/housing supply kept short on purpose to inflate the value of the existing stock, monetary policy inflicted by Brown designed to inflate the bubble ever higher, retarded fiscal policies and regulation that brought out the worst human traits rather than supressing them, lavish public spending with no regard to long term cycle control, short sighted tax grabbing designed to ‘take a cut’ of the flood of cheap money swilling around the economy, insane enviromental/energy policies/EU directives that led directly to massive increases in energy costs that crippled industry and the crazy and costly ‘fight’ against a harmless trace gas(CO2)!

    Look folks I am not the sharpest tool in the box BUT even I could see the disaster coming AND its causes, the BBC still flounders and flogs the Brown lies!

    Oh yes, it started here alright and Brown bears the major responsibility and many played a bit part in the fiasco but it started with Brown and it will finish with Brown, get rid of Brown and we have a small chance of saving ourselves!


  7. Grant says:

    Grimly 12:22

    I thought the BBC was already running the country !


  8. GBS says:

    The sooner more people stop funding this propaganda news machine the better.

    Given the court fines, if caught without a licence, are apparently less than the annual fee itself, it makes economic, as well as moral sense.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The only thing green and growing in this case is Peston’s bank account.


  10. David H says:

    I see some Labour `Lord’ is blasting bankers for being incompetent, greedy, out of touch and responsible, in part, for the recession! That’s as maybe but this is most certainly a pot and kettle situation!


  11. Mailman says:

    People need to realise that todays problems were never going to be avoided thanks to an under-regulated market and links that are far too close between bank boards and the Government (and never mind the toothless wonder that is the FSA, staffed I might add by former bankers who will all have their own personal conflicts of interest).