Anyone catch Andrew Marr’s fawning interview with the Greek PM on his awful show this morning. Why it seems all is well in Greece after all. Then we had Mandelson on to dismiss the idea that Brown is a bullying freak. Marr naturally went with this. Each day that goes by, the BBC is getting worse as it glimpses the outside possibility that Labour may not go down in flames after all.

By Their Friends Ye Shall (Not) Know Them

Every time that the Conservatives are mentioned in regards to the European Parliament, for example, BBC reporters dust off the Labour briefing sheet about their political allies despite those slurs having been extensively debunked elsewhere. So you’d think that, for the sake of balance, when a party allied to Labour from EU aspirant Turkey is banned for consorting with terrorists, that might mention a small paragraph towards the end of the BBC article?

Deputies from Turkey’s main Kurdish party have said today they will quit their parliament after the group was banned by the Constitutional Court. The court voted on Friday to disband the Democratic Society Party (DTP), finding it guilty of cooperating with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) separatist guerrillas.

It’s so strange that there isn’t a single mention in the BBC article that these are Labour’s Turkish buddies. If it’d been any of the Tories’ mates banned for consorting with terrorists it would have been a very different story.

Cover story-

Looks like the BBC has decided that the big story tonight is the emergence of another video of police activities at the G20 event. It’s obvious to me that the only stand out story from that event was the death of Ian Tomlinson.

The BBC, it seems, has been looking for an excuse to demote ongoing revelations about systematic abuse of power within the Labour Government. The question of whether insiders like Nick Robinson, Robert Peston or others knew anything about the campaign is an interesting one…


Anyone else catch Postie Johnson being interviewed by Naughtie this morning on the topic of those Downing Street smears? For me, the crux of this interview – which sums up the BBC approach – is that Johnson was blatantly allowed to get away with suggesting that Gordon Brown could not be held responsible for everything that people who surround him get up to. Naughtie eventually DID bring up the substantive point that McBride was not exactly some anonymous low-ranking individual but rather a senior and trusted Brown strategist but even then, he let Johnson walk away from the clear infererence. Gordon Brown has taken the well know Trumanism and inverted it “The Buck never stops here” and the BBC plays along with this ludicrous charade. Can you imagine the difference in tenacity and tone from the BBC had we a Conservative Prime Minister presiding over such a sleaze culture?

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……than the BBC leads with the truly shocking UK unemployment figures now showing two million + unemployed! Do you share my surprise that the BBC has been LEADING the news agenda today with the release of Sean Hodgson, convicted of murder in 1982, based on new DNA evidence? I can understand that his release is not a minor story BUT I would have thought that with hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs that was deemed a more significant news story for the UK public? Perhaps the BBC was doing the Dear Leader a little favour today by elevating a story about the miscarriage of justice that so concern our dear liberal BBC friends?


My goodness, I thought I was dreaming. Did anyone else catch Peston on the Ten News just now waxing forth on “the green shoots of recovery”?I loved his line that “since it started in America”, then America is where it could all start recovering. Especially with King Obama now on the throne. Amazing – as we enter the darkness of depression, Peston is full on shilling for the Dear Leader!!!!



It takes a German to call it like it is. I refer to the comments made by Germany’s finance minister’s on the government’s plans to combat the economic downturn. Peer Steinbruck had criticised the UK’s decision to cut VAT and raise the national debt to record levels. He said Britain’s switch from financial prudence to heavy borrowing was both “crass” and “breathtaking”. The BBC was quick off the proverbial (Deutsch) mark to question the basis for any German politician daring to question Brown’s judgement (Hello Number 10 rebuttal squad!) with Pesto wheeled on to Today to offer sympathy and excuses to the Great Leader. Draconian Keynsianism is about the best description I have heard of what Brown and the comrades are up to – either that or cloaked communism or stealth socialism.


Following up this morning’s faux economic good news on the Today programme, (Broadcast just before a record jump in inflation was announced) on PM Eddie Mair produced a former editor of the Economist – Bill Emmett – who declares “Crisis what crisis?” Emmett intoned that economic conditions are mild, that inflation is on the way down, food prices are falling and property prices are going to rise again, – marvelous stuff. He also added that no matter how bad things are, things were much worse in the 1980’s – when those bad conservatives were in power! PM – doing the great Leader’s bidding everyday.

“A political crisis out of an economic problem”

I thought that was the strongest soundbyte from the strongest section of Harriet Harman’s interview with Hugh Edwards, and sure enough it was that section the BBC excerpted for their webpage. Edwards clearly showed he was not up to the job when he responded to Harman’s insistence that the problems of the country/Brown/the Labour party were exclusively the consequence of external economic factors by agreeing “all of those factors are clear”. Anyone with the slightest scepticism of the Labour Government would have harried Harman on economic gems concerning Northern Rock, the sale of gold by the Treasury, the growth of the public sector (combined with waste), public debt- including off balance sheet stuff like PFIs- and persistently low interest rates during a housing boom (which, btw, would cast shadows over how independent the Bank of England really has been). All questions which Hugh Edwards allowed Harman to dismiss as though non-existent. The BBC not only would like to save Gordon, but they and their Labour friends are looking well beyond that to the public narrative of the Labour legacy.

Hugh Edwards sounded tough when he was asking Harman about intrigues against Gordon- in fact he was painting the situation as a purely political or personal one. Most sceptical license fee payers will consider the matter one of governmental incompetence on multifarious grounds- rather than just a question of Gordon’s being the Prime Mentalist.