Hi all. Just to say that I have been thinking in recent days about how we make this as pleasant and welcoming a site for people as possible and have decided upon the following. I have asked people not to swear (unless it’s for laughs)! and in future, if I am around and see crudity without value, I will delete it. I will also remove any comments which appear gratuitously abusive. If someone chooses to continually resort to ad hominem abuse, I will warn them once and then ban them. I do this to make this a good space for you all. I am no prude and hate having to dictate but this must be done and I am prepared to do it. So, be witty, be incisive, be acerbic, be on topic and you will have no hassle from me. We’re finishing January with great traffic, record levels of comment and I sincerely want to do the right thing here to keep things growing and I hope you will support my aim.

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  1. Bryan says:

    You have my 100% support on that, David. I’m sure many people who would otherwise have made a valuable contribution here have been discouraged and driven away by unnecessary crudity.

    Everyone can make their point just as well without it.


  2. Chuffer says:

    Well said, David. I look forward to all of us taking your words on board and acting – and posting – accordingly.


  3. Bryan says:

    I meant to add that people batting abuse back and forth at one another is boring for others and detracts from the site.


  4. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Chuffer 3:40:
    No comment – and none needed.


  5. Tom says:

    Mea culpa, David V

    Before seeing your post, I am afraid I had a bit of an eruption against Nearly Oxfordian on another thread.

    I am normally very sweet tempered, but his obnoxious behaviour is becoming too much.


  6. subrosa says:

    Excellent decision David. Hope Guido Fawkes follows your lead.


  7. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    his obnoxious behaviour is becoming too much

    And yet another uncalled for personal attack, from the same person who called me a liar and is refusing to apologise.


  8. Anonymous(not Chuffer) says:

    “I will also remove any comments which appear gratuitously abusive. If someone chooses to continually resort to ad hominem abuse, I will warn them once and then ban them.”

    On current form you will be removing someone very soon.


  9. Bryan says:

    Tom | 31.01.09 – 4:06 pm

    Nearly Oxfordian | 31.01.09 – 4:12 pm

    Hell guys, don’t you think David Vance has enough to do without mediating in your squabbles?


  10. Dick the Prick says:

    Subrosa – steady on dude. Guido’s an attack blog with a disgracefully accurate ability to reflect people’s genuine and legitimate hatred of this government. Currently moderated due to margaux, litigious lords and a sudden upsurge of demented trolling.

    Biassed BBC is the owners’ blog, their shop, their rules. Like pamphleteers in the 18th century, different choices are important. Not all blogs should be identikit.

    I remember someone saying that they wanted to let their teenagers view the threads on here, whereas teenagers shouldn’t read Guido because they wouldn’t understand how demoralizing 12 years can be. Iain Dale doesn’t allow swearing much either and that’s a great blog.

    Leave the Libertarians alone.


  11. Chuffer says:

    Dear, dear Nearly Ox.: you leave me stunned. All you have done for weeks on end, since you discovered this site, it insult others (David, check it out: trawl back through the postings. You won’t have to go back far to discover that in all the nasty swearword-filled exchanges, there is one commmon name.) You’ve been calling me a liar for weeks, based, it seems, on the claim that I dared to correct your grammar during an exchange about apostrophes. I may well have done; there’s a pedantic delight in correcting a pedantic corrector! World shattering? I think not. A personal attack? Certainly not – it was probably a typo, which we all do from time to tome. I have resisted the temptation to remind you of the time, during a debate about homosexuality and HIV, you suggested that I was unaware of my wife’s virginity status when I married her. I was genuinely shocked and upset by that. Slightly heavier than a lot of kerfuffle about apostrophes.
    Yes, I have been involved in these recent acerbic exchanges, but simply because I find humourless pomposity simply ghastly, and can’t sit quietly trying to read what was once my favourite website because of one person trying fanatically to monopolise the comments sections with scattergun abusive one-liners to those daring to sugest a sifferent view. Yes, N Ox, you know lots about lots – that much is clear. But you don’t know all about all. It’s profoundly sad that you take differing opinion to be personal insult.

    As I said at the top of this thread, I am delighted to go along with David’s request. But the evidence from your quickfire response at 4.01 suggests that you are not. Let’s hope that the evidence is wrong.

    However, I am really, genuinely, keen to get back to good faith all round. So, N Ox, I apologise about the apostrophes. I apologise for all the wind-ups.

    I want to enjoy B-BBC again.


  12. Atlas shrugged says:

    Good stuff David.

    As someone who is constantly exposed to ad hominem abuse, simply for stating FACTS and personal opinions. I welcome your stance.

    Good that you have not included general conspiracy theories.

    Because as we now can surly plainly see, one persons conspiracy theory, has soon become our current reality.

    I have been telling people the TRUTH, at much personal risk to my family and myself, for many years.

    This does not make me friends and it certainly does not put any establishment bribes/money in my pocket.

    I hope that by my constant efforts have in some small way helped people to understand the world the way it actually is, for very likely the first time in their entire lives.

    I fully understand why this is a big shock for many people, and can be highly depressing at first. No one like to be told they seriously do not understand any thing important whatsoever, and that their government is simply a bunch of nasty greedy idiots working for the worst forms of criminal/Nazi type gangsters.

    However the truth about the BBC and the world, will not simply go away, by the population simply hiding their heads in the sand.

    If controlling/farming the population was not so vitally important for the powers that be. They would not have spent so much time and effort doing so ALL OF THE TIME, in every way possible and imaginable.

    The establishment know we out number them by many millions to one. All the bombs, bullets and BBC lies in the world can not change this equation much or quickly. This however much the establishment are now embarking on at least changing the odds.

    I do not tell people what I do simply to irritate or scare people. How else can I possibly hope to wake people up?

    As a general rule to understanding how BBC establishment propaganda works, please try to engrave the following statement into whats left of your free thinking mind.

    We have been carefully divided into various degrees of LEFT and RIGHT. There is a highly dishonest assumption running through the entire media that the truth is somewhere in between these artificially created political ideologies.

    This is THE BIG LIE.

    The truth is NEVER anywhere the establishment has a say in the matter. The truth can only be found in a individuals own common sense and personal experience. Which if it were unpolluted by a life time of BBC promoted establishment nonsense, would always triumph in the end.

    It is we the ordinary people that create ALL that works well, and creates a better world for us all. Which is why the blood sucking lying highly criminal parasites, represented by the worlds corporate establishment have been at WAR with their own populations well before any of us were born.

    I appeal to you all, including you David Vance, to get to grips with this reality ASAP. Trust no one including myself. Simply go out side, open your own eyes, and smell the FASCISTS coffee.


  13. Cassandra says:

    Well done DV, I support your well founded position and although few here could describe themselves as without sin(myself included) I think that if we all work together with a common purpose we can build a better forum for all of us.
    I hereby promise to do my utmost to act within the reasonable boundaries you have set.

    Cassie K.


  14. PaulS says:

    Nearly Oxfordian | 31.01.09 – 4:12 pm

    yet another uncalled for personal attack

    What was that about pot, kettle….?

    spare a thought for poor Chuffer: he has been reduced to trolling for the sake of it, stalking and muttering and hurling insults and lying his head off for a crumb of attention. Aren’t we both lucky to have been born with some intelligence and sanity, unlike that poor soul?
    Nearly Oxfordian | 30.01.09 – 9:35 pm

    Have you retarded tossers ever thought to seek psychiatric help? You need it very badly.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 3:06 pm

    Superior, ignorant, smug tosser.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 28.01.09 – 12:22 pm

    You have never watched the programme, have you? (Silly question; the absurd and ignorant WML never bothers with facts, he just spouts his nonsense regardless). Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 3:03 pm

    Perhaps you are just shooting your mouth off? Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 7:04 pm

    you are sad and no mistake.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 28.01.09 – 5:46 pm

    More delusional nonsense.
    Have you considered spending a whole 12 hours without lying, one of these days?
    Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 12:40 pm

    I suppose prats like you are just too ignorant to go back and check the history. If you did, you would see that it’s Abu Chuffer, the Hamas wannabe, who often starts the chain of abuse for no sane reason at all except his compulsion to look important.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 3:09 pm

    You really should be a Hamas leader.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 28.01.09 – 7:11 pm

    And then these infantile nutters who spend their time launching personal attacks on me, have the impertinence to whine about ‘lowering the tone of the blog’. Perfect Hamas recruits, every one.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 29.01.09 – 12:34 pm


  15. jeffD says:


    How dare you f***** dictate to me how I write my c******ing f**** sh**** posts.If you continue with this absurd f***** strategy I will have no f******** option but to pi***** kill you!You f******** no good c***!!!!



  16. Atlas shrugged says:

    Chuffer and N.O.

    I have no idea what problem you are both having with each other, but I will say this.

    We are not wrong, we are ALL RIGHT.

    We must not find fault within our own community. This is playing the ESTABLISHMENTS game of divide and rule.

    It is THEY that create division, disharmony, starvation, wars, and general dissatisfaction within the heart of society.

    It is THEY that build Nuclear bombs Neuron Bombs, and many other even more EVILLY destructive and highly murderous things. We just do the work and pay the taxes, that produces the finance, to pay for them all, with interest.

    NONE of us should take responsibility for the world the way it is. This because we have had ABSOLUTELY no say whatsoever in creating all the devoutly evil things the world now contains. That includes The left as much as the right, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or Jedi Knight.

    At the risk of sounding like some kind of Jesus Freak. Which please believe me, I am most certainly not.

    We the ordinary people are love, creativity, useful progress and Gods goodness in general. Where as THEY are hate, destruction, cruel radicalism, murderous dictatorship and devotees of pure unadulterated EVIL in general. Also known as followers of Gods very bad side, or indeed his fallen angle Lucifer.

    At least their favourate son of the establishment Alistair Crowly only slaughtered/sacrificed a few hundred young innocent children. These people have the blood of countless MILLIONS on their hands. Which is why they can not afford to lose, and have no intention of doing so.

    I am a life time Conservative Party activist, a Free Mason of the United Grand Lodge of England, and a semi-regular CofE church goer, and very proud to say so.


    I do not say what I say because I like what I know. I say it because I have to deal with my eternal sole, the only way I know how to. Which is to tell the truth as I know it, at every available moment, until the 4 O’clock knock on the door finally comes.


  17. cheerleader says:

    Please please don’t use the word ‘gravitas’. It makes me come out in a rash.
    Nearly Oxfordian | 31.01.09 – 1:06 pm

    All together now………………….


  18. John Bosworth says:

    I agree but – lets tolerate “Martin”? His language does stray over the bounds sometimes but he is always cheerful with it.


  19. betyangelo says:

    John Bosworth:
    Yes, I miss Martin being himself, I thought him concise.

    There’s a huge difference between swearing and abuse. Abuse means using something for which it was not intended. This blog is about BBC bias, the leftist agenda unmasked, and is a place for conservatives, who are truly an underground, to debate opinion and name facts to keep each other informed. Attacking each other is self defeating.


  20. Bryan says:

    John Bosworth | 31.01.09 – 5:52 pm,

    Problem is, he often strays as I’m taking a mouthful of food.


  21. libertus says:


    You are entirely correct to do this. As we approach what I hope will be a watershed election, I would very much like your site to be the premier place of record to which we happily refer everyone without exception for evidence of the BBC’s shortcomings in neutrality and objectivity. It must not be sullied by offensive language or abusive feuds. Our goal must always be to hold the BBC to account, not to further any particular partisan or personal cause. Bad language and personal quarrels will only vitiate this purpose.


  22. deegee says:

    You have my complete support. The flame wars we see on B-BBC degrade this blog.


  23. frankos says:


    Is that really how you spell “kerfuffle” –I always did wonder


  24. Libertarian says:

    Bush hatred and Obama euphoria are particularly toxic because they thrive in and have been promoted by the news media, whose professional responsibility, it has long been thought, is to gather the facts and analyze their significance, and by the academy, whose scholarly training, it is commonly assumed, reflects an aptitude for and dedication to systematic study and impartial inquiry.


    .via an original piece on EURef here http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2009/01/emotion-as-new-reason.html


  25. MartinW says:

    Well said! Crudity, swearing and abuse have no place in such a blog.
    You also have my 100% support.


  26. NotaSheep says:

    Well done David, about time.


  27. martin says:

    Actually in case ‘some’ hadn’t noticed I’ve turned over a new leaf.


  28. Will86 says:

    Good call, DV


  29. sawtooth says:

    The BBC’s Friday “6.00 p.m News” provided an interesting example of bias by omission. The report on the would-be suicide bomber who attempted to blow up a cafe in Bournemouth made some reference to the fact that he was “misled” or “drawn in” to a “cause”, the exact nature of which was not specified. Only in the latter part of the report was a brief reference made to his being in touch, via the Internet, with “two men in Pakistan”.

    Perhaps we may have inferred that the “cause”, for which he was being encouraged to commit mass murder, was not in support of the Pakistani cricket team. But the BBC’s report left us entirely in the dark on whatever else it might have been.


  30. Chuffer says:

    Martin, I had – it was much appreciated.


  31. betyangelo says:

    I noticed, but then – perhaps due to being around (and in) the military all my life – you never offended me at all. I like your tongue in cheek style and support your opinions. You add a touch of piercing, and therefore refreshing, analysis to this site (which can sometimes become pedantic with references to symbolisims far over this little blonde head) due to an inferior public education.

    Keep ‘er short and sweet, like you do so well 😉


  32. Original Robin says:

    Let`s be polite and civilised, and treat anybody who comes here with a different point of view with respect.
    The website is open to all, like an outdoor meeting. As such, how would you address the crowds- with reason and persuasion, or crudity and abuse ?


  33. David Vance says:

    Can I just say that Martin has proven exemplary in how he makes his points since my last request. I do enjoy his wit and one-liners but since he has altered the language a little his excellent points hit home with all the devastation of an exocet. It’s great when we all do this since this way we score bigger hits on the BBC. Thank you Martin and all, it’s really appreciated by me.


  34. Atlas shrugged says:

    Original Robin:

    Quite so

    Although I reserve the right to be as rude to the mouthpieces of the real architects of our current situation. Namely our undemocratically selected political representatives, as possible. Given the restraints of the English language.

    What is now is only the very beginning. What is to become will test the limits of the English language beyond its limits.

    The trick is to direct your anger at who is REALLY responsible for all that is and is very much planned to happen. Not your fellow citizens.

    However forgive me for not relying to any comments supposedly coming from any employee of The BBC. I simply can not be trusted to control myself.

    As far as I am concerned such individuals are tools of the establishment, and most likely agents of MI5.

    Sorry: Are 100% for absolute sure, agents of MI5.


  35. GCooper says:

    I’d like to thank David Vance for his benevolent light touch so far and thoroughly support his plan.

    I would ask one thing. In the long and sometimes bumpy history of this blog, the one thing that has caused trouble more than any other has been trolling – the calculated effort to rile people.

    It’s not just a matter of swearing and personal fights (tedious as they can both be). A skilled troll can appear to play by the rules, feigning all innocence, while deliberately suppressing debate by creating disruption.

    Please keep an eye open for that kind of trouble maker, too, and I think we will all be a great deal happier.


  36. Bryan says:

    Actually in case ‘some’ hadn’t noticed I’ve turned over a new leaf.
    martin | 31.01.09 – 8:02 pm

    In my absence I hadn’t noticed. Sorry, my fault for neglecting the blog.


  37. DB says:

    I know this isn’t what the thread’s about but has any consideration been given to changing the Blogger settings for comments, especially with Haloscan playing up as it has been? Guido’s blog has a pop-out Haloscan window just like Biased BBC but his blog lets you read all the comments as a web-page if you click on the header.


  38. David Vance says:

    Here’s a question.

    Is there anyone out there techie-wise who could help us with the site design? If so, please get in touch with me as I want to see if we can improve layout etc? My mail is d.vance1@btopenworld.com. I am not remotely techie but know what I like!


  39. Jon says:

    DV – I agree.

    “It is not he who gains the exact point in dispute who scores most in controversy — but he
    who has shown the better temper.”
    – Butler, Samuel


  40. Atlas shrugged says:

    G Cooper

    With regards to some of the more notable types of past Bias BBC trolls.

    At the risk of appearing certifiably paranoid, I will state the following anyway.

    I am strongly of the opinion that this site is either a product of, or is very carefully monitored by, agents of MI5.

    Remember our friend John Reith???

    An apprentice 007 if ever there was one. Which of course as we surly all know, there always is.

    What happened to him and several others, I wonder?

    Promotion I suspect.

    Please be reminded The BBC is not in any way what it appears to be, or very much would prefer the unsuspecting watching public to believe it is. Even the vast majority of the BBC’s employees do not really know for what exactly, they are working. However their monthly pay and expense accounts does help them, to not bother to ask what could be, embarrassing and personal poverty creating questions.

    It is my opinion the reason why the BBC has now gone wholly over to appearing to be a mouth piece of the Labour Party are many. However one of them is simply a means of self preservation.

    Labour Party members now half correctly believe, that any attack on the BBC is an attack on their beloved red team or highly manipulated and constantly changing establishment created ideology.

    Therefore they will smash several policeman’s heads in, before they will allow the destruction of their equally beloved virtually free to them, propaganda service.

    They are FOOLS to believe that The BBC ultimately gives a monkey’s for any democratic Party, never mind a non Fascist Labour Party. But then being easy to be foolishly brainwash, is the definition of a qualification, for a university education, and membership to any overtly socialist organization, IMO.

    The BBC is now and always has been a highly dishonest organization, that promotes with a varying degree of subtlety, an extreme form of a profoudly FASCIST ideology. Known by those that know anything important, as INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATE CAPITALISM. Which is a sort of cross between Hitlers Germany by the Year 2009, mixed in with a good measure of out right MARXIST COMMUNISM.

    Please note; not in anyway anything whatsoever to do with personal liberty, free market capitalism, and certainly not individual property rights, justice, democracy, or indeed truth or common humanity. Therefore The BBC may be many things but it is NEVER conservative under any circumstances, just like Adolf himself and his particular national socialist or indeed Nazi ideology.

    The BBC’s agendas come straight from the British establishment, often without the orders from which, even touching the sides before reaching the BBC’s indoctrination centers.

    British MILITARY INTELLIGENCE basically runs The BBC. This has been the case since before the second world war, was very the case during same, and has been the case ever since.

    How exactly this is done, I suspect even the Chairman of the BBC has little idea. So do not expect me to speculate on the details. Although recruiting policy has as much to do with it as any other methods.

    All that is obvious is that the BBC is under the direct or otherwise control of British Intelligence in all important respects.

    All you have to do to know this, is to know what our establishment wish for this country in the short, medium and long term. This can easily be established by simply reading official and officially published MOD or Royal Institute for International Affairs reports.

    Then sit down and watch any BBC TV products from the news, to the weather reports, to Doctor Who and around and then back again. Then the fact that the British establishment is clearly all over absolutely everything the BBC does and says, without even one single exception, becomes self apparent, to even a deaf dumb blind and essentially mindless, member of The Labour Party.

    Many of these reports have actually been published in main stream news-papers, usually the Times and The Guardian. You can obtain all you need to see, using the Freedom of Information Act. They really do make it that simple.

    The establishment do this because they seriously do believe no one really reads, or pays proper attention to any of them.

    The only people that would even properly understand these highly apocalyptic reports or their full implications, would by their own calculations already be in the ‘know’ anyhow.

    So why not take the utter piss, while telling the public exactly why they are actually doing so? It only gos to show the establishment big wigs, how clever they are, and reconfirm to themselves, how stupid, powerlessly divided and unsuspectingly mind controlled, we the common people very much are.

    The establishment often use other forms of predictive programming using Hollywood and British Movies. They know that if we cant even work out where they are going to take us, even after they have effectively spelled it all out for us in big capital letters. We basically deserve what they are most surly going to give us.

    However quite understandably, the public still would rather stick their heads in our establishments created LEFT RIGHT nonsense, rather then face their true reality, glass chin first.


  41. Ratass Shagged says:


    I’ve noticed a change. You’ve stopped spelling your name with a capital ‘M’. Why?


  42. betyangelo says:

    Atlas. Sweetheart. I lost you at the term, “INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATE CAPITALISM”.

    I never believed people could live long enough or pay attention enough to be an “illuminati” with so clouded an agenda the average homo sapiens sapiens cannot figure it out on a lap top in say, about an evening. Then I heard of the annunaki, and reading Sitchin. Only if Marduk walks the earth at this time could these things be true. Which I have always found that truth is far stranger than fiction and so may well be true.

    Und so, I therefore call your bluff and raise you two.


  43. betyangelo says:

    Which is not possible but I am burning the pork chops so…sorry!!! You know what I meant……


  44. John Bosworth says:

    Perhaps Martin can give J Ross some instruction.


  45. Caveman says:

    Atlas Shrugged – Interesting idea about M15 and British Military Intelligence controlling the BBC. Occassionally I listen to the non-establishment Fox News Radio on the Internet whilst working, and I get the impression that the establishment mainstream media in America has a similar bias problem to our BBC’s – eg bias for Obama. Who do you think controls them?


  46. Roland Deschain says:

    Quite right, David.

    Contributors should remember it is not always necessary to have the last word. Silence can speak volumes.


  47. archduke says:

    “David Vance | Homepage | 31.01.09 – 9:39 pm ”

    if you want some inspiration, have a look at my alternative biased bbc blog (now defunct .. but the islamocrazies are still leaving comments..)

    feel free to grab the CSS for it and adjust it to your needs.

    however, it is using a newer version of blogger – unlike this site, which i think is still using the older version. before upgrading, you might want to make 100 per cent sure that the original blogposts are preserved and that it doesnt wipe them out. be careful!


    (a recap: that blog was set up when this one went through a frenzy of comment censorship. before Mr Vance arrived on the scene. comment censorship stopped, and therefore the other blog was no longer needed..)


  48. archduke says:

    atlas: you are deliberately being obscure, because i sense you have no evidence for your assertions.

    on the other hand , i can certainly feed you with evidence about what is in store for us…

    “EU opens jobs centre in Africa”


    they really do NOT give a damn about the indigenous people of Europe.


  49. archduke says:

    50 million africans to be “invited” to europe


    compared to the EU, the Serbs ethnic cleansing was amateur.

    atlas -you dont need to be a conspiracy junky. the evidence is in plain sight.

    they are re-engineering the entire population makeup of Europe…


  50. archduke says:

    just a note on the orignal blogpost – i actually LIKE the swearing ban. it forces you to be a bit more imaginative with the english language.

    which isnt a bad thing.

    so rather than referring to gordon brown as a “f**ker” and “c**t” , one can use “one eyed snot gobbling jonah” or “communist pile of marxian turdness”

    by the way – in irish gaelic there are no swearwords. you have to make up seriously insulting sentences instead. so, i’m used to this.

    and it also shows up the likes of Jonathan Woss for being the imbecile that he is… its not rocket science to use swear words.

    its a lot harder to come up with Oscar Wilde put downs.

    “A woman will flirt with anybody in the world as long as other people are looking on.”

    “Murder is always a mistake. . . One should never do anything that one cannot talk about after dinner. ”

    “He had gone on the Stock Exchange for six months; but what was a butterfly to do among bulls and bears?”

    “I have always been of the opinion that hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do.”

    lots more here – and not a swearword in sight..