It is very interesting to observe how the BBC covers the growing restlessness amongst the UK workforce as more and more precious jobs are lost to non-nationals. It has to be a tricky one for the multiculti-EU loving BBC and true to form I see that the line currently being peddled is to place all responsibility with the management of those companies concerned but this obscures the central fact that the companies are lawfully employing EU citizens, it just so happens this is in preference to UK citizens. So the issue is not UK management, it is the provisions of EU legislation that have created circumstances that are now leading, slowly, inexorably, to widespread civil unrest. As I pointed out at the time, when Brown talked about British jobs for British workers, he was lying through his teeth. When the workers in some sectors rose up against the Thatcher government, the BBC were with the comrades all the way but now..ah, it’s a lot more difficult…watch this space.

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  1. mikewineliberal says:

    David – could you show where in the article you referenced “the line currently being peddled is to place all responsibility with the management”? Must say i’m having trouble finding it.


  2. Grant says:

    Gordon Brown lying, surely not ?
    But, yes with the BBC supporting Brown and the EU, the next few months and years should be interesting.


  3. Frank says:

    It is very difficult for the BBC. The multicultural pipedream of freely mobile workers and families has been irretrievable poisoned by those who detest the society they have moved to, and indeed commit random murders to share this opinion with others. The poison will not go away. The dream is shattered.


  4. Ed says:

    MWL- did you miss the reading classes at school?

    “It’s the employers in these instances which are culpable and we need to confront some of them who are notorious in this sector”

    Quote from Cruddas (why him?) Labour back bencher. Article line to highlight Govt need to intervene. Mention of Euro-freedom of movement- only by Gvt and in the context of not “flouting EU laws”. Real situation: Gordon basically lied when talking about British jobs for British workers; BBC now collaborating with Labour attempt to blame their policy on the management which operate within the framework of laws they (NuLab + fellow travellers) agreed to. In one word: whitewash.


  5. Dick the Prick says:

    They’re not strikes, oh no, they’re ‘wild cat’ strikes, yet for some reason they’ve had Lord Prentice of Gimp and Lord Barber of Rob on at every opportunity! No mention that modern communications have been used to ignore unions and their mendacious attachment to Zanu Labour. At least they have their top reporter Arthur Storey on the case. Yee Gods.


  6. mikewineliberal says:

    Couldn’t see the “line currently being peddled” in the article you link to. Could you help?


  7. mikewineliberal says:

    Ed | 31.01.09 – 12:08 pm

    But where are the BBC peddling that line. They’re reporting it, but they’re not peddling it.


  8. Grant says:

    mikewine 12:28
    The point is how the BBC decide who to quote, in this case Crudass, an obscure, insignificant Labour backbencher.
    As Ed says, “why him” ?
    Because it fits in with the BBC’s political agenda.
    Just yet another example of BBC bias.


  9. Ed says:

    “why him”-

    I would suggest because he is seen as a left-wing heavyweight, threat to Gordon, which suits the BBC chosen view of the financial crisis- that the solutions to the problems [cause under NuLabour’s governance] must be to find true NuOldLabour and promote them, or sting OldNuLabour into reforming (ie. moving leftwards). So the BBC’s analysis of this is Lefty and Leftier (kind of like dumb and dumber).


  10. GCooper says:

    Clearly, MWL has never had explained to him the process of news selection and how it is used to achieve desired ends.

    Either that or he has and is simply trolling.


  11. Tom says:

    I came to this story fresh yesterday evening on the BBC News channel.

    They had a Scottish trade union man in the studio, who said this was a case about a company refusing to employ Brits and having a policy of only employing Italians and Portuguese workers.

    The man was not challenged on the veracity of this statement, and the item ended.

    I, therefore, concluded that the Total management were at fault – and quite probably in breach of employment law for discriminating against British (or in favour of Italian/Portuguese).

    Blow me – I read in my paper this morning that Total employ 550 Brits directly at this plant and indirectly employ a further 1000 + through contractors.

    The case at issue is but one project – put out to competitive tender and awarded to a firm that already has a specialist workforce (mostly Italian) which it has flown in to do the work.

    There is no refusal to employ Brits.

    I have been (not for the first time) seriously misled by BBC news.


  12. mikewineliberal says:

    GCooper | 31.01.09 – 1:22 pm

    Yes, i’m trolling. What fun.
    But Mr vance is yet again exagerrating for effect.


  13. GCooper says:

    MWL – I’m glad you have finally admitted it.


  14. Grimer says:

    Personally, I do support the demonstrator. Hopefully, this will help to heap more (edited by dv) on Brown and ZaNuLab.

    The ridiculous levels of uncontrolled immigration have to end. This could be a turning point.

    The trouble is, these workers are entitled to be here. We’d be better off concentrating on booting out the illegals.


  15. GCooper says:

    Ed writes: “So the BBC’s analysis of this is Lefty and Leftier (kind of like dumb”

    I feel the real danger here (and this is where the BBC is going to have serious problems) is that it espouses Leftist ‘solutions’ while being fundamentally opposed to the nationalism that is also part of this issue.

    There is, of course, a political party which combines both of these without inherent contradiction and also has the ‘miracle ingredient’ of being anti-immigration, too.

    If the BBC handles this badly, it will be in danger if fuelling the very party it despises most, the BNP.

    I hope I don’t need to add that I, too, would be worried if this were to happen.


  16. GCooper says:

    Is this the same MWL that was whining about abuse the other day?

    I think I shall start archiving this drivel and reposting it to haunt him.


  17. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    But Mr vance is yet again exagerrating for effect

    Translation: he is pointing out facts about BBC bias that don’t sit comfortably with my delusions about BBC ‘impartiality’.


  18. mikewineliberal says:

    GCooper | 31.01.09 – 1:45 pm

    Not me. I was a stout defender of Nox; even
    though he called me a sh1thole. I like the fights on here; the stormfront stuff less so.


  19. Dick the Prick says:

    Lady Yasmin Allibya Brown was on Dateline London with Lord Gavin of Esler and apparently (you’re gonna love this) – “The British always pick on foreigners in times of crisis” – hokely dokely.

    Guess that makes a change from excluding Brits owning strategic resources abroad, killing Christians, homos, preventing gals from going to school, allowing any git and their imans benefit cheques, free healthcare. housing whilst they plot against us.

    Throw in a whinge about a legitimate piss take and all of a sudden we’re racist. This isn’t the most tolerant country in the world – we pay the bastards to make us bend over backwards. YAB is a disgusting shit of a racist and Dateline London is fed to the World Service. David doesn’t like swearing but there really is a time and a place but what a ******* Hoon.


  20. Cassandra says:


    “stormfront stuff”? That kind of catch all statement doesnt become you MWL, that kind of prejudice is the stuff those bullying thugs at UAF/ANL/searchlight spew out to stiffle debate, you must realise that this is a free forum and its all the better for it?

    The BBC are only reporting the unrest from angles that fits with its ideoligical prejudice, what we are seeing is national self interest conflicting with the nu globalisation and the BBC are steadfast in reporting the angle that suits its in house narrative.
    An unbiased news agency would be asking whether the unrest is a symptom of native workers becoming angry with a political executive that treats them with contempt and ignores their plight. The unions have colluded with nulabour for years in swamping the UK with foreign labour thereby keeping wages low and unite has been very vocal in its support for foreign workers, none of this will be aired by the BBC.


  21. knacker says:

    I like the fights on here; the stormfront stuff less so.
    That would make you patronizing and narcissistic as well as a troll, hypocrite and all-around juvenile jerk.

    You can expect this thread to be used against you; and you will be widely ignored, too.

    Maybe a good idea to change your name again. What did you expect?


  22. mikewineliberal says:

    The occasional stormfronter hitches up here. Muslim Wars comes to mind.


  23. Ratass Shagged says:

    If whinymikeliberal is allowed to return with his open toed sandal, bunny hugging , McCarthyistic trolling, then surely I should be allowed to return to spite him.

    It will only be a matter of time before he sulks of crying like he did last time. But whinymike is showing familiar attributes of all lefty bullies: When they lose an argument, (as he has lost many) they always bolster up the insults like some obstreperous teenage git.


  24. Original Robin says:

    Are the Portugese and Italian workers on the same money as the British ?
    I would think the BBC would investigate this aspect, the whole truth and give us the full picture.
    Dont forget that we put money into the EU pot and the Italians and Portuges take money out.
    The only way this can be done is through taxation.


  25. mikewineliberal says:

    Original Robin | 31.01.09 – 3:16 pm

    I think their employers claim they are on the same or better rates.


  26. Cassandra says:


    Muslim wars has valid points to make and to deny that is to deny the very essence of this forum I think, you may well think that Islam isnt a grave threat but many do and with good reason,the BBC does all in its power to hide the many negative aspects of these hostile Islamic colonists that our political leaders have invited into our lands without consulting the native inhabitants, to many Islam is a direct threat to our national existence, remember that Islam knows no loyalty other than to its own co religionists and they look to steal our nation by weight of numbers and they are winning the population war, their numbers are expanding fast now and they are going to reach critical mass within a decade, they will have expanded to the point of no return, within ten years they will be unstopable and we will very quickly become unable to stop them! Expect no mercy from these hostile colonists expect no accomodation by appeasement because they dont even view us as human beings, to them we are vermin to be tolerated untill their numbers increase to a certain point and then they will take over.
    The crucial point that the leftists/marxists/multiculturists fail to grasp is that the Islamist hostile colonists will never ever view us as anything other than enemies to conquered or wiped out.


  27. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The occasional stormfronter hitches up here. Muslim Wars comes to mind.

    And that makes you an opponent of uncalled for personal abuse, right?


    Muslim Wars is spot on with 99% of what s/he says. The fact that you choose to close your eyes against the Muslim invasion of this country is a reflection on you, not on MW or on the facts.


  28. martin says:

    Had to laugh at the one eyed jock doing his propaganda piece today. Our economy according to Broon is best placed to handle the recession. So we’ve got the economy right where we want it?

    Another Broon blunder.


  29. martin says:

    David Vance is correct. The blame should like with the Government and the EU, but instead the BBC are blaming the companies who are only doing what they do.

    I know a German company that brought in only German plant operators to do work. They are perfectly entitled to do that. They know their workers, trust them and know that as THEIR employees they won’t try to rip their own employer off.

    The only way to solve this is to leave the EU.

    A referendum please.


  30. Allan@Oslo says:

    Why do we need a referendum, Martin? All we need to do is vote for a party which would withdraw the remains of our savaged country from the EU. Given that the pro-EU Gramscians have (by pure coincidence – no conspiracy theory here!!) taken control of the three ‘mainstream’ parties, there are only two options, one a joke, and the other deadly serious. I chose and have now joined the latter.


  31. mikewineliberal says:

    What a wonderful surprise. UKIP’s loss Alan.


  32. Ratass Shagged says:

    mikey babes, why the renewed angst? Have you just been made redundant or something?


  33. la marquise says:

    On Thursday I was perplexed as to why the BBC’s Radio 4 news bulletins nearly all led with the strike in France. Since when have strikes in France been news? The official BBC explanation for the strike was also strange,- people were protesting “that Sarkozy’s government wasn’t doing enough during the economic crisis”* which was meant, I guess, to make us reflect obediently that we are all so lucky to have the great hyperactive Gordon in charge and not some set of do-nothing right-wingers. However, thanks to blessed human perversity the British seem to have taken the message that if you’re dissatisfied with the government’s handling of the economy you might like to go on strike about it, wow! what a great idea!

    *The strike of public sector workers in France is, as eny fule kno, a venerable tradition and what all French governments face as soon as they try to limit the growth of the public sector and Sarkozy had to bail out banks at the same time which was considered tactless – ie an open goal for the left.


  34. Tillerson says:

    Tsk. Tsk.


  35. The Bias Must End says:

    The BBC’s tone of the reporting for the refinery protests is rather different to the tone of reporting they used for their beloved precious climate camp the other month. The reporter on yesterday’s 6 o’clock news was talking in a very down beat voice, almost as if he was reporting on a murder or like an angry teacher dissapointed at pupils rebelling against the EU. The reports on the climate camp protests the other month were slanted to portray the police as being heavy handed and causing inconvienience to the “noble” eco-protesters. There was non of that in yesterday’s refinery protest report.

    ITV’s report was a bit better, it had footage of an policeman on a horse violently shouting at a lone proteser. Of course, that footage doesn’t fit into the BBC’s “narrative”, so the BBC didn’t show it.


  36. Allan@Oslo says:

    What a wonderful surprise. UKIP’s loss Alan.
    mikewineliberal | 31.01.09 – 5:53 pm | #

    Hey Mike, why don’t you just quit your job and hand it over to a foreigner? By doing so, you will demonstrate clearly that you are no hypocrite and that you really do believe that our workers should be replaced by foreigners.


  37. martin says:

    Allan@Oslo: Because Socialists expect ‘other people’ to make the sacrifice.

    The leftie veggie eaters say we need to cut back flying. But will that stop Emma Thompson flying off to Hollywood every other week? No, she expects the bloke who flogs his guts out driving a truck 60 hours a week who saves up just enough to afford two weeks in the sun once a year to give up flying.

    Do the leftie veggie eaters want to give up their limo’s or fast cars? No they want the Nurse or shop worker to use third rate public transport but the rich liberals will carry on as before.

    I could go on, but I’m sure you could add to this list of hypocrisy


  38. Jon says:

    martin | 31.01.09 – 8:06 pm |

    Well said


  39. 1327 says:

    You watch in a few days time the govt will arrange a “deal” between the company and the union. The Beeb will parrot this as another great triumph of our one eyed leader and this strike will vanish into the memory hole just like the oil tanker drivers strike a few years ago.

    A few friends of mine were discussing that strike yesterday. Its the one which appears to have vanished from memory but came a lot closer to unseating a government than the miners strike ever did. I always remembering watching Blair on the BBC confidentially announcing the roads to the refineries were clear again while at the same time Sky news were showing the exact opposite. In one crystal clear moment the lies and distortions of nu-lab were exposed to all. Sadly it came to nothing.


  40. John Reith spins in his grave says:

    I could go on, but I’m sure you could add to this list of hypocrisy
    martin | 31.01.09 – 8:06 pm | #


    Davos is the perfect example:-

    PR Whores
    & hangers on

    All up to their snouts in airmiles, limos, hookers & free booze –

    …telling us all we’ve got to tighten our belts, work harder for the great supranational dream and save the planet at the same time.

    “Animal Farm” come to pass at last.


  41. Pete says:

    For all its so-called ‘analysis’ of which it is so proud, BBC news never sees fit to mention the fact that the UK was the only big EU nation to allow new EU nationals like Poles to work in their country from 2004.

    Perhaps the notoriously pro-EU, pro-diversity BBC doesn’t like to mention that France, Germany, Italy and Spain’s decided to keep Polish workers out of their dometic jobs market.


  42. NotaSheep says:

    Don’t feed the troll.


  43. Hugh Oxford says:

    As Laban Tall points out, the likes of the BBC and it’s fellow travellers don’t have to worry too much about their jobs being outsourced, unlike those of us who pay their salaries.


  44. Tom says:

    Hugh Oxford | 31.01.09 – 9:16 pm

    You’re right there.

    What’s more their salaries will continue to go up by annual increments – quite possibly ahead of inflation. And their mortgage payments will be down, giving them an extra £50 per month for recreational drugs or whatever.

    Beeboids have never had it so good.

    They must be loving this “downturn”.


  45. Dagobert says:

    What would be the reaction of the Great and the Good if a firm operated in an immigrant area and refused to employ the locals? None of the elite care about white British workers being denied jobs, especially in areas such as Lincolnshire, which are almost completely ignored by the Socialist regime.


  46. Ratass Shagged says:

    “But will that stop Emma Thompson flying off to Hollywood every other week?”

    When that dreaded 6th terminal opens at Heathrow, will Emma Thompson refuse to use it when the only flight to Hollywood is parked their.

    I think we know the answer. But who will catch her?


  47. Atlas shrugged says:

    Well done David.

    It seems you are starting to understand how the world and especially this country is operated on by our own establishment.

    yes you are absolutely right in understanding that the system is creating the conditions very deliberately for overt violent RACISM of the worst possible type.

    I wont bore you with the list of the countless other very expensive and divisive ways it has gone about this task. but you can rest assured on this fact.

    The establishment are very well prepared for this inevitable event. The police have trained for it years in advance. The predictive programming has been smashed time after time into our poor confused minds. The camps are already painted and waiting for their first inmates. The laws have been changed well in advance of time.

    If you do not know even who your true enemy is, you have absolutely no chance in defeating them. Even then it is not easy, to say the very least.

    Our establishment has for a very long time been in an undeclared war against its own people. If there is any good news at all, this is it.

    There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run too, because all the other establishments of the world have also been at war with their own people at least as long as ours has been.

    Please understand that absolutely none of this is the fault of our immigrant population. They are just trying to do the best for themselves and their families like ALL ordinary people are.

    Please keep up the good work David. At this rate you may even regain the whole of your free mind one day. I wish I was more confident on the status of the general public’s.

    It will only take a few black ops to make the whole situation blow right up in ALL of our faces. So indeed watch THIS SPACE.


  48. archduke says:

    Dagobert | 31.01.09 – 10:34 pm

    personally, my own take on this is that the Eurocrats are deliberately goading native Europeans to elect a fascist anti-immigrant party – which will provoke EU civil emergency laws in response.

    what is remarkable is that this is all happening in plain sight. all it takes is a google for “50 million africans” or “mali job centre”

    i sense a certain arrogance – as if the “plan” has a certain fait accompli about it.