Bacon and Mayo

Richard Bacon, possibly the BBC’s number one Obama fan (there’s some tough competition for the title) is set to become Simon Mayo’s replacement in the new year. His promotion to the afternoon slot should offer easy pickings for Biased BBC bloggers and commenters, especially when the US midterms come round.

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7 Responses to Bacon and Mayo

  1. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    What an obnoxious little faggot that manchild is. Where’s a rampaging elephant when you need one, eh?


  2. Martin says:

    Bacon is a turd and as an ex druggie shouldn’t even be working for the BBC. He is up the arse of Obama and openly admits it.

    He will be a terrible replacement for Mayo who is a leftist himself, but Bacon makes no attempt to hide his pro Liebour bias.


  3. Heads on poles says:

    R5 is dying on its backside.
    It is slowly moving to Manchester, not that many want to go there and it is fast becoming a state sponsored hospital radio station.
    Run by a bunch of chumps.


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    Radio 5 is definately one station that can be axed now. While Radio 4 is pumping out its left wing bias – Radio 5 is doing exactly the same thing at the same time only in a more casual way.


  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s better than Mayo because  gormlessness and bias sound better coming from a youngster than an ex pop DJ who thinks he is now a serious broadcaster.


    • Martin says:

      That is a fair point, although gormless and bias can also be said of Vicki Derbyshire, Nicki Campbell, Anita Anand, Peter Allen, the putrid Gaby Logan and Stephen Nolan. What a shower of shite they all are.


  6. All Seeing Eye says:

    Test *ignore*