BBC – Cameron On The Ropes After Irish Vote

On its website the BBC could hardly restrain its glee.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has welcomed the “Yes” vote on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty in the Republic of Ireland referendum.
Mr Brown said the treaty was “good for the UK and good for Europe”.

Accompanied on the websites front page by a picture of a smiling Mr Brown it was if the last few days at Brighton had never existed. But there was also a BBC bonus. Not only had the Irish electorate come to their senses and submitted to the BBC position on the Lisbon Treaty but it spelt out trouble for those divided Tories currently languishing in the polls – and where did the BBC go to for that information? Why, “The Independent”, of course, quoting the helpful findings of a poll of Conservatives activists views of Lisbon conducted by website Conservativehome.

“The findings suggest that the damaging divisions on Europe which destabilised the last Tory government could resurface at the party’s annual conference in Manchester,” the newspaper suggests.

Cue Marr, Crick, Naughty and Robinson – you have your orders….

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33 Responses to BBC – Cameron On The Ropes After Irish Vote

  1. Martin says:

    AS I posted elsewhere on this very BBC story they’ve totally erased from history the Liebour promise to have a referendum, no doubt the beeboids will be looking for any minor Tory to state that they want out of europe. Problem for the beeboids is people are fed up of the EU, we’re milked for about 70 billion a year and lsoing ever more control of our own law making ability.

    I hope the Tories when questioned by the BBC ask about the BBC ‘bungs’ from the EU.


  2. dave s says:

    Perhaps one of the BBC trolls could produce any recent reference on the BBC to the broken referendum promise. I can’t find one but you never know.
    Oh and please no parroting the party line that this is a treaty not a constitution. We all know what  it is .
    I await enlightenment being as FFPS said an ill informed idiot ( or words to that effect)


  3. David Vance says:


    You beat me to it! Yes, the BBC now move to pressurise Cameron and ideally bring about a split in Conservative ranks. The EUphoria of the Euroelite is mirrored in the BBC coverage of Ireland caving.


    • Martin says:

      Isn’t it amazing though that the BBC have totally erased Liebour’s promise to have a referendum? I think the Lib Dems promised one as well, but I don’t remember the beeboids pounding Clegg about it.


  4. Doug says:

    The BBC hasn’t given a toss about discovering what is actually happening in the Tory party since the 80’s. Tory party MPs and PPCs have become more and more Eurosceptic since the 80’s precisely because the grassroots are heavily europsceptic. For once the majority of the Tory party and the grassroots are in agreement that the Lisbon Treaty is bad for Britain and that they as well as two thirds of the entire nation want a referrendum to exercise their God given democratic right.


    • Martin says:

      But the public are increasingly fed up of the EU as well, I’m sure most of the polls taken show a 2 to 1 balance in favour of a referendum and even getting out of the EU, not that the opinions of the public ever mattered to beeboids…oh unless it was a poll to do with the licence fee.


  5. Philip says:

    None of which detracts from the fact that Cameron & Hague are being slippery on a Lisbon Treaty Referendum, though… *DONT_KNOW*


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yes, and the Beeboids smell blood.  Waiting for the conference will be labeled “stalling” and interpreted as them having no plan at all.  Which sounds familiar.


    • Martin says:

      Why are they being slippery exactly? Because the left wing scumbags runnig this Country LIED to us we didn’t get a referendum and theTories can only have one if there has been no ratification of the treaty by all the other nations before the next election.

      After that they will have to look what other options are available and perhaps what public opinion is like

      The truth is Liebour were the slippery ones.


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    Surely the Irish voted yes for the wrong rasons – they didn’t understand what they were voting for – we should have another referendum.

    Don’t think you will hear this argument now.
    The only hope is Vaclav Klaus, although I can’t see him being able to hold out for long. The biggest problem is people – give people a vote (except the Irish) and they will vote against the EU utopia. I wonder why they never asked the Dutch or French to vote again last time?

    I know this is probably a nasty thing to say and I expect that I will be heavily critisized for saying it, but I have lost any respect I ever held for the Irish.

    Seems there is no independant spirit in Ireland anymore.  Being run from London was too remote, but Brussels is just down the road from Dublin.


    • Martin says:

      The Irish were bought off and battered by the liberal elite and the corrupt scumbags in the EU. Don’t think that if we did get a referendum the same wouldn’t happen here.

      The beeboids would be in full force supporting the EU along with much of the political elite.

      Why not suggest the following.

      1. If the EU is the way forward then scrap the BBC and have a fair playing field for all EU broadcasters.

      2. Scrap Westminster and all those cushy jobs and just have an EU Parliament.

      I’m betting the wet liberals wouldn’t be keen on those.


  7. Anonymous says:

    It seems that you can lead an Irish horse to EU water and make it drink.


  8. Martin says:

    I see the beeboids are now claiming that the Czechs will try to delay reatification until Cameron wins the election and can hold a referendum. So the BBC think Cameron will win, I hope call me Dave does do a deal with the Czechs, we were shafted by Liebour and McDoom and now hopefully we will get a chance to shaft Liebour back twice.


  9. Philip says:

    Why are they being slippery exactly?


    Because they won’t set out what they’ll do if the treaty is ratified and because there is a massive gulf between Hague and Cameron on this matter and they are trying to plaster over the cracks – they really are a riven party on this subject.  


    Do you not think he’s being evasive?  


    Cameron is weak and indecisive in my view. The only way I’d trust my vote to the Tories was if Daniel Hannan was in charge and sadly, that’s not going to happen for a long time, if at all.  


    Until that day, only UKIP can be trusted to deliver on the EU.


    That said, I wouldn’t disagree with anything you said about LieBore.


  10. Martin says:

    I do think Cameron is weak, but UKIP are not really a party of Government and Cameron is a far better choice than another 5 years of Liebour and McCoward.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s a bit of Lisbon propaganda for you:

    Tories maintain referendum stance

    (Cameron) said the Tories “could only have one policy at once”, and he did not want to prejudice decisions in other countries.

    Gordon Brown said the treaty was “good for the UK and good for Europe”.

    It aims to strengthen EU decision-making processes by using a majority vote, not unanimity, for more decisions.

    “Strengthen”?  I think the word the sub-editor was looking for is “ease”.  As it is, the BBC is spinning for the positive.


  12. George R says:


    One for the BBC to soothe away?:

    “You know where to get hold of me.”  No thanks.


  13. George R says:

     Unlike the BBC, Fraser Nelson at ‘Spectator’ puts EU referendum (rightly) as a democratic issue:

    “Time to start banging on about Europe”


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Fraser is right here. If three quarters of the electorate want a referendum and the conservatives come straight out and say that is what they will do regardless, they will be guarenteed even more votes from all sides of the political spectrum.Camerons only reason for not doing so would be if he is scared of the EU and does not have the courage to stand up against them.  Surely the thought of Comrade Blair running this country from his palace in Brussels would be too much to bare even for the europhile tories.


  14. Philip says:

    Hihi!… Hit & Run Harman!  😀


  15. Heads on poles says:

    Pravda have been screaming this from the rooftops all last evening and still today.Sky – nothing at all, in fact, I can’t find much about this anywhere else, now why would that be?
    Now waiting for the Politics Show – where politics sometimes gets talked about by trendy liberals that are so cool, they wo’t wear a tie.
    What a load of dumbed down nadgers.


  16. NotaSheep says:

    Politics Show is majoring on the EU, attacking from the Labour and UKIP sides, with some hunting act repeal coverage as well. Maybe BeebBiasCraig could remind us of how the Politics Show last Sunday was structured


  17. George R says:

     Labour, the BBC and the Blairs are happy about the implementation of the Lisbon Constitution. Whatever happened to the opposition in the Labour Party to UK membership of the EU? Benn and co are very quiet on it now.

    “The European Empire identifies its Emperor”


  18. George R says:

    BBC’s N. Robinson blog entry:

    “Cameron keeps schtum on Lisbon” -(whereas, not stated by Robinson, Brown keeps completely silent).


    • Martin says:

      Spot on, the BBC have allowed Brown off the hook over HIS promise to have a referendum, not only that but it’s about time that more was made of the 70 billion we hand over to the eU every year.

      We could clear our national debt in a few years if that money was put to better use.


  19. Martin's Rent Boy Lover says:

    The BBC are now, clearly, actively promoting Europe on behalf of Nu Liebore and the Guardianistas. Why don’t the BBC remind everyone why there is no referendum? I have watched over 2,000 hours of coverage on this story and I have yet to see a reference.


  20. Craig says:

    How could I refuse Not a Sheep’s invitation (especially as I’ve not worked out how to post here! Easy, once you think about it!)

    Last week’s ‘Politics Show’ discussed education and, after praising Labour’s ‘largesse’, gave plenty of time to Christine Blower of the N.U.T. and Labour minister Vernon Coaker before giving a much shorter reply to the Conservative Philip Hammond.

    ‘Tory splits’ on Europe were then highlighted by a double-interview between a new-BBC favourite, expelled Tory MEP Edward McMillan Scott, and B-BBC favourite Dan Hannan, during which E.M.S. was given a very easy ride whereas Dan was given a hard time (with lots of interruptions).

    David Thompson then reported from the show’s chosen constituency Stourbridge and gave unimpressive sitting Labour MP Lynda Waltho a chance to talk to former Labour voters, one of whom (at the end) said he might well vote for her again.

    Then came a very soft report from Max Cotton, who was accompanying John Prescott on his pro-AGW propaganda tour of schools and praised him for his ‘genuine crusade’ for the ‘good fight.’

    Today’s programme, in contrast, pitted an exasperated Eric Pickles (Conservative) against David Miliband (Labour). Only Pickles’s dry comment ” “I’m sorry, am I interrupting you again?” stopped Jon Sopel’s onslaught and ensured a bit of balance.

    Then came the fox-hunting story posted about on the thread above, which was very clearly anti-Tory.

    The two-pronged attack on the Tories over the Irish ‘yes’ vote, begun by Sopel and Miliband, continued by allowing UKIP’s Nigel Farage his one uninterrupted moment of glory. Sopel asked him a vague question about what he thought about the Conservative position. Nigel attacked it, as you would expect. Fine by the Beeboid of course. Nothing else Nigel Farage said went uninterrupted though!

    Then, in contrast to the friendly treatment David Thompson gave Stourbridge’s Labour MP, this week the prospective Conservative candidate, Margot James, was introduced to the Stourbridge Motorcycle Club, some of whom “work in the public sector”. She was said to live “in one of the nicer parts of Stourbridge” and was described by Thompson as a “wealthy would-be Tory MP”.

    Bias, what bias?


  21. Craig says:

    <address>Shaun Ley on ‘The World This Weekend’ interviewed William Hague. Only a small part of the interview touched on the Lisbon Treaty though. That’s surprising as the first section of the programme was on the subject of the Tories attitudes to Europe. </address><address></address><address>After a tiny comment from Euro-sceptic Conservative MP Richard Shepherd came a comment from Europhile former Conservative MEP Margaret Daly (criticising the current Conservative position), following by a full-length interview with Europhile Leon Brittan (criticising the current Conservative position) and then another full-length interview with Europhile former UK ambassador to Brussels, Lord Kerr (criticising the current Conservative position).</address><address></address><address>As David R. says, they have their orders… </address>


  22. Craig says: