Quick one off the wrist

Watching the latest video from the excellent Evan Coyne Maloney (“Rise and Fall of ObamaMarketing“), in which he contrasts the goofy support for Obama on inauguration day with the subsequent dramatic fall-off in sales for Obama merchandise, reminded me of a couple of BBC correspondents who were very keen to display their own celebratory items following The One’s election:

That’s Anita Anand in the Obama hat and Richard Bacon admiring his new Obama wrist band. (Bacon: “Even though I’m technically impartial I’m now allowed to wear one of these”. Love that “technically”.) And before anybody asks, I have no idea whether or not Mr Bacon wears his dainty fashion accessory while vigorously enjoying himself to Obama’s speeches.

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8 Responses to Quick one off the wrist

  1. Travis Bickle says:

    Richard Bacon is the sort of insufferable middle class ponce who waxes endlessly about ‘ethnic diversity’ whilst they themselves live in all white communities, employ only whites, date only whites, befriend only whites and then preach to the rest of us how racist we all are.

    Send him to Broadwater Farm at 2am and then see how his multi-cultural obsessions pan out.


  2. George R says:

    BBC: it’s not about Cicero, it’s about our chums Obama and Mandelson.

    BBC multicultural Obama worshipper, Ms Frostrup, introduced a BBC radio programme, ‘Open Book,, which features Obama and Mandelson worshipper, Mr. Harris.

    Ostensibly the feature was supposed to be about CICERO of Ancient Rome; or so I naively thought: (go to 6 mins into programme of Oct 11 BBC  : BBC i-Player-



    • D B says:

      Thanks for pointing that out George. Robert Harris comes across as some pathetic needy beta male, desperate for heroes to worship. He was on Radio Five Live this afternoon too – I didn’t catch it all but did hear him defending Roman Polanski. Obama, Mandelson, Polanski – Harris really is a tosser.


  3. Martin says:

    Richard Bacon really is a tool. His show is the most left wing piece of crap served up by the BBC and that is saying something.

    He’s typical of that liberal white sneering luvvie that looks down upon anyone who doesn’t go along with his multi cultural claptrap.


  4. Grant says:


    Loved your reference to Richard Bacon’s wrist action !

    And, of course, Harris has a financial interest in Polanski’s freedom !   Never let principle come between a socialist and his money ! 


  5. Barking Spider says:

    I hope he catches his bell-end in it – painfully! 😀


  6. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Who cares if Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl in the ass. He makes, like, really important films and stuff.