F-Bombgate in the Mail on Sunday

There’s an article on Ben Jacobs and F-Bombgate in today’s MoS. Includes this:

Their conversation was interrupted by a third voice – understood to be the BBC’s horse racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght – using the f-word several times… The recording of Lysaght’s remarks – made while filing a pre-recorded report several months ago – was stored on a so-called ‘blooper’ file for the amusement of staff.

The Telegraph reported on October 4:

The BBC has been forced to apologise after a member of staff delivered a four-letter tirade without realising he was being broadcast live on Radio 5 Live.
Thousands of listeners heard the unnamed producer swearing at a jazz music recording.

Seems I was correct to be suspicious of that explanation (which could have been down to the Telegraph reporter’s interpretation of events rather than the BBC not telling the truth).

Anyway, it looks likes this amusing little diversion will be coming to an end soon. The final line in the MoS:

A 5 Live spokesman said: ‘We expect to conclude this investigation shortly.’

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  1. Travis Bickle says:

    For god’s sake, will someone please tell me why so many middle class wankers are called BEN?

    What is the middle class obsession with that name?