Hi all! Sorry blogging has been light for the past few days but I am busy getting organised for my holiday to the USA. A big thank you to all my colleagues here who are more than adequately covering for me.

This is just a quick heads-up that we WILL be covering THE “Question Time” debate tomorrow night. Hope you can make it. Please come early as we can only allow the first 25 guests to comment without moderation. I’m hoping this will be a record show for us. It will also be my last contribution on the site until November 4th.
As it happens, I will also BE on the BBC tomorrow discussing the BNP on QT along with the Jan Muir/Gately issue. I will be debating this Roy Greenslade on “Hearts and Minds” and it will be broadcast on BBC2 NI @ 7.30pm and then BBC1 NI @ 11.35pm. As ever, I am there to be the voice of moderation and reason. 😉
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  1. Martin says:

    Classic BBC crap. Newsnight right now. Paxman and a bunch of mostly white middle class liberals talking about (or is that down to) the white working class.

    Have a guess who is not represnted on the show? Yep a white working class person.


    • dave s says:

      I watched it with amazement. They are all just floundering about in their unreal world. I assume it is preparation for the Question Time to end all Question Times. I really hope Griffin can deliver the expected ratings for the show otherwise a lot of effort will have been in vain.
      Very serious matters treated as entertainment. We deserve better.
      I have the feeling they would all rather be discussing Strictly Come dancing.


  2. George R says:

    “More Double Standards in the Far-Left-Islamist Alliance”


    “The Times reports today that former London Mayor Ken Livingstone will spearhead tomorrow’s Unite Against Fascism protest against Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC’s Question Time. Considering his role in giving Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal a platform in the New Statesman, his objection to giving the same treatment to the BNP smacks of the double standards we have come to expect from the far left-Islamist alliance.”


  3. Umbongo says:

    For once the BBC has got it right.  However, Today grinds on with another aspect of the BBC agenda by giving the BBC candidate for next mayor of London the usual soft-sympathetic interview on his intentions to restrict freedom of speech to those he approves of.


  4. Philip says:

    The massive tidal wave of British establishment bile that has been bearing down on Griffin this week is nothing to do with any kind of indignant outrage.

    It merely betrays their mortal fear of him and the rise of his party – and of the indigenous working class that they have walked over.

    They created the BNP.


  5. Martin says:

    The BBC are not putting Labour on the spot though. The ONLY reason Liebour object is because the BNP are a big challenge to Liebour in the next election.


  6. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    Any BNP supporters on here looking forward to tonight? I thought there would have been more mention of the fact that the BBC are allowing the far right Griffin on, seeing as lots of people here seem to think the BBC are prejudiced against the right wing parties/issues.

    Then again, I guess not. Egg on your collective faces?


    • Martin says:

      Jesus you really are full of crap. No Cocaine today? I can’t stand Griffin or the BNP, but left wing losers like YOU should be asking WHY a million left wing people voted for the BNP a while back? also why is Liebour so concerned all of a sudden? Could it be that the BNP could take seats off them at the next election? The BNP have been around for years and perhaps if Liebour had been more interested in promoting the interests of the white working class rather than trying to import a new population of Liebour voters they wouldn’t be in this mess?

      For example we should be getting UK Muslims to integrate into our society as they do in the USA, not keep bending over backwards to accommodate their backwards religion.

      I also extend this to the Tories who like Liebour have been shit scared of talking about immigration for the last 10 years.

      The way to beat Griffin is not trying to ban him off TV you idiot but to politically cut his legs from under him. Something Cocaine addled leftists wouldn’t understand.


      • Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

        Errr…how can I put this, you’re a fool. I do support the BBC having the BNP on. I do partly blame Labour for the rise of the BNP. And I’m not a leftist. So, that makes you a complete tit doesn’t it? Should have checked with me before you guessed what my views were and missed by a mile.


        • Martin says:

          Rubbish. You came on here and started the usual left wing crap of accusing everyone of being a racist and BNP supporter. So clear off and go and get some Coke.


    • Ian says:

      No, you just want to bracket this site with the BNP. Thus reducing all the articles recording bias here, to a site that supports extremists. BOGOF heh?

      A not very subtle attempt at smearing and just for the record, whatever remarks have been made regarding smothering right wing points of view, they in no way relate to the BNP which is a LEFT wing party. I.e. they are SOCIALISTS.  Thats why Liebour is so scared of them.


  7. Biodegradable says:

    Not Question Time

    Those were the days!

    Check out the leftie, “Frances Morrell” :-[


  8. Teddy Bear says:

    I have been wondering recently why the BBC invited the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to appear on Question Time this evening. They had no obligation to do so, an despite appeals from concerned people and politicians to reconsider, they have decided to push ahead.

    It occurs to me that besides the fact that the BBC have certainly boosted publicity for themselves, since most of the news media and bloggers are following the story, but I believe they have another motive.

    They continually refer to the BNP as ‘Right Wing’ even though that itself is a bone of contention, and was questioned recently by Daniel Hannan at the Telegraph.
    With this in mind, I see that the BBC accomplish 2 further ‘goals’ – one, that they can flout themselves as ‘impartial and unbiased’, and two, that by putting the focus of this extreme racist group as ‘right wing’, they emphasize how ‘normal and justified’ is their recognized institutional left wing viewpoint. I would bet that in the weeks to come following the QT debate, you will hear the mealy mouthed, holier than thou justification rolling out from the BBC.

    In my mind, it makes them more sordid and sullied than they already are.


  9. Martin says:

    You have to laugh at the left. Nick Griffin is anti democratic and must be silenced, yet muslims that protest at their child rapist prophet having the piss taken out of him are simply expressing their democratic right, even though many of them had posters calling for the death of people who opposed their view. Any lefties like to comment?


    • Philip says:

      Great shots of Millie Tant, Student Grant & Co. getting forcibly ejected from the Beeb on their front page…  😀

      The female soap-dodger completely failed to see the irony of squealing “this is what they do to protect the Nazis”, whilst attempting to forcibly prevent the free expression of ideas.

      Dummy leftoids.


  10. Biodegradable says:

    These are the same people who tried to storm the Israeli embassy along with Muslims calling for the death of Jews, and the same police who fled from the taunting Muslim mob.

    They are the same people who hurl antisemitic and anti-Israel hate speech around at the drop of a hat in the name of free speech on BBC blogs and The Guardian’s CiF.

    Let them eat cake!


  11. jeff says:

    How would it be if a mob of right wingers turned up when George Galloway or Loathsome Livingstone turn up for QT? I bet they wouldn’t just be described as demonstrators.


  12. Grimer says:

    I’m really looking forward to tonight. Save me a ‘no moderation’ spot 😉


    PS: Love the new ‘comments’ function. Much better than the previous. I think we may have a winner. I found the old system rather annoying.


  13. james caine says:

    Nick Griffin should write a book…

    maybe call it something like… “Courage”


  14. George R says:

    “From ‘No Platform’ to Media Circus”


  15. George R says:

    BBC misleading headline this morning:

    “Griffin attacks Islam on BBC show”

    Mr. Griffin did NOT “attack” Islam, he criticised it.

    The ‘attack’ last night was by the Far Left-Islamic alliance, attempting to stop such criticisms of Islam.

    The BBC does not report the on-going world-wide campaign by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to legally ban any criticism of Islam; so much for the BBC’s commitment to free speech.