Exclamation Mark!

Here’s the blurb to a Mark Mardell report about Obama’s first year:

In a BBC/Harris Poll 20% of Americans would give President Obama an ‘A’ for the job he’s done in year one.
But an equal number of people give him a ‘C’, and the same percentage gives him an F! Mark Mardell reports.

An F! About Obama! Beloved Obama! It’s inconceivable! It’s outrageous!

Update. I see the BBC has flown heavyweight political analyst Richard Bacon over to the States to celebrate the first anniversary of O’s inauguration (written into his latest R5L contract, no doubt). Let’s hope the voters of Massachusetts give him something to really talk about.

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16 Responses to Exclamation Mark!

  1. Martin says:

    Yes I posted on the open thread about Essler on News 24 stating that “people in the UK can’t understand why Obama is so unpopular”. Oh yes we can Essler you beeboid tool.

    Then on the BBC 1 news god there was so much anti American crap. Camp beeboid on aircraft carrier in Haiti going on about Iraq and Afghanistan and “a third front” for America (god I bet he jacked himself off thinking about that.

    Then the BBC went into a rant about how America wasn’t working fast enough to get aid out, yet gave no criticism of the useless UN scum who are actually supposed to be in charge. The Americans are doing all the work whilst the EU scum and the UN vermin do nothing.

    Then finally all day the BBC have been bigging up McMong’s “we will look after British jobs” crap, but now that Cadbury’s have stated jobs will go, guess what? yep the BBC have dropped mong’s sound bite from the 6PM news.

    Then on the subject of drinking and alcohol prices all we got was a Labour sound bite from that tool Johnson yet the BBC stated “The Tories launched their plan to tackle the drinking culture” and then we went to Alan Johnson, so is he speaking for the Tories as well now?

    Utter utter shite from the BBC. Scrap the sodding lot of them.


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    I can’t believe some people would give him an A. That must be some mighty powerful crack they’re smoking.


  3. Martin says:

    Wow, did people see ITV news? They really went for the jock Mong over Iraq and Geoff Hoon, yet the BBC said NOTHING, not a thing about the one eyed jock refusing to hand over the money for our soldiers.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      This whole thing is just a proxy war by those who were against the Iraq war, full stop.  Nobody on the Left gives a damn that the troops were underfunded by Mr. Brown and under-equipped for the job.  The BBC sure as hell doesn’t care about supporting the troops.  If someone does place the blame for that squarely on Brown, the Beeboids will just take that as evidence not that he’s incompetent or somehow deliberately failed to support the troops, but that the invasion of Iraq should never have happened in the first place.  Can’t blame Gordon Brown for that.

      They just want Blair, because they know they’ll never get Bush.


  4. ryan says:

    Love it, 5Live Lite’s Richard Bacon on a jolly to the States.

    This would be the same world-class investigative reporter who tweeted recently on his BBC-promoted Twitter account —
    Can’t find the link but the Sarah Palin extract in Sunday Times Review is fascinating again. So self serving & transparent. 8:00 AM Nov 29th from Tweetie



    • Martin says:

      Bacon being a beeboid probably wants to have an all over body search by a big hunky yank.


    • Guest says:

      I think he is using Ethical Man’s air miles… ‘until things cool off a bit on the funding/AGW front’


  5. Martin says:

    Fat slob Mardell spouting yet more crap. Mardell states that the anti Democrat vote is “mostly down ot the economy”. Utter utter effing bollocks Mardell you tool. Massachusetts has been Democrat for over 50 years even when the economy has been on the slide under a Democrat President!!!. When Democrats and independents say enough is enough perhaps Mardell should remove his nose from Obama’s skid marked arse?

    Jesus it does make you wonder how tools like Mardell get a job.


  6. Martin says:

    Yet more shit from the BBC (Newsnight) talking about Cadbury, the twats at the BBC bigging up Mong and Mandy by saying “they fired a warning shot across the bows” of Kraft.

    What crap, the one eyed Mong and his mincing little rent boy can’t do anything about the job losses, especially if the jobs go to Poland like the ones already planned to go.

    But the BBC will try to spin this story claiming that the Tories (oh just as I type that idiot Redwood has been persuaded to spout on about capitalism and no Liebour mong in sight) are really to blame (capitalist scum)


  7. John Anderson says:

    A well-known TV pollster/focus-group guy is finding it very hard to get ANY Dems to go on TV after the Mass. election !   People are ashamed to own up to voting Dem ???



  8. Martin says:

    You will never see an article like THIS on the Drug Addict Broadcasting Corporation



  9. Jim Hanson says:

    Prepare for upcoming hilarity and exploding leftist heads. Brown defeated Coakley handily. Kennedy’s old seat is now in the hands of the Republicans.  


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Scott Brown has won.  Suck on that, Mark Mardell.  We’re all far right-wing, possibly racist, extremists now.

    It’s not really a referendum on the Obamessiah Presidency, of course.  He’s just a figurehead (literally) for the corrupt, power hungry, redistributionist Democrat power structure led by Pelosi, Reid, and Franks.  This is a referendum on them and the way they do business.  Also on arrogant politicians of both parties who see themselves as our betters, and act as if we ought to shut up and do what we’re told by those who know what’s best for us.  But He was supposed to Change all that, no?

    Coakley and the Democrats assumed it was a safe seat, and the sheep would hand it over on a silver platter.  The citizens had other ideas.  That’s how it should be, not matter which party one supports.

    The Obamessiah just wasted more of His political capital, though, and the Beeboids won’t like that, no sir.  Best focus on celebrating the end of Year One of The Obamessianic Age instead.


  11. Daniel1979 says: