34 Responses to Dogma

  1. NRG says:

    If I ever find a turd in the street I will call it Paul Mason.


  2. Martin says:

    Note the anti Tory headline and the tone of the story being to try to knock the Tories down.

    This NI cut has got the scumbag Commies at the BBC/Liebour/Unite on the run.


  3. Martin says:

    Wow, the BBC really are attacking the Tories and businessmen who back the NI proposal. Ugly jock cow Laura Stupidberk or whatever she’s called really laying into the Tories.

    Got the BBC rattled.


  4. ap-w says:

    The current headline on the BBC website for the story re business leaders supporting the Tories’ plan to reverse the planned NI increase is  

    “Tory tax ‘deception’ row grows”.

    This is a consistent pattern. In all these stories it just takes Mandelson to appear and say something predictable for the BBC to reverse the headline to a “Tories in controversy” one.


    • Martin says:

      The default position of the BBC is to attack any policy the Tories have, but I’m saying this now, the Liebour party will come up with their version soon as the Tory lead in the polls is growing again. People are fed up with yet more taxes when McFart can’t even think or admit to having to need to cut public spending.


  5. NRG says:

    Mason is “father of the chapel” for the National Union of Journalists on BBC Newsnight. He is a supporter of Leigh RLFC and Manchester United F.C.. He is married to Jane Bruton.[4] He has spoken on behalf of the Trotskyist organisation Workers Power,[5] of which he was previously a member.


  6. NRG says:

    Google Paul Mason and Workers Party and it quickly becomes pretty evident that he is not in the jounralism business, but using his posiiton to push a marxist narrative. 


  7. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    Is there any BBC journalist that isn’t a Trot?


  8. Martin says:

    Stupid jock bint Laura Kunsberg (or whatever she’s called) just broke out Nick Robinson’s jar of Nu Liebour Vaseline on News 24 stating that now the rail strike is off the Tories can’t use the excuse that the Liebour party is in the hands of the unions. 
    Thank you miss bad teeth for telling me what I should be thinking, but I am quite capable of making up my own mind thank you. Keep your leftie opinions to yourself.


    • NRG says:

      Did she mention that the RMTrot had caught out been running dodgly ballots and that it was a judge stopped this politically inspired action and not the one eyed Scottish idiot.

      Or are such inconvenient truths not worth mentioning?


  9. Craig says:

    Is Mark Easton a trot, or just a Labour supporter?

    When Brown got busted over his use of dodgy migration figures last week and the BBC started playing it down, John Horne Tooke here predicted that Easton would spin the story for Labour before long (if he mentioned it at all).

    Well, Easton has now done just that: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/markeaston/2010/03/the_war_of_numbers_revisited.html

    This is nothing more than a damage limitation exercise on behalf of the Labour Party, complete with a sly dig at the Tories and no reminders of past Labour misuses of statistics. Easton even ends up saying that really Brown was right all along.


    • John Anderson says:

      Brown has been reprimanded by Sir Michael Scholar over these figures – Chairman of the National Statistics watchdog.  Michael is an ex-mandarin,  would not intervene unless he felt the matter was serious.  He has asked that all the parties act more scrupulously on statistics during the election.


    • Martin says:

      Thing is the one eyed idiot has been caught using dodgy crime figures on several occasions, remember when Sheena actually had to issue a grovelling climb down himself after spouting McFailure’s crime stats as facts?

      The Tories have demanded an apology after Downing Street admitted releasing data on knife crime in the face of objections from statisticians.


      The date for this story was…December 2008. Now why didn’t the BBC point out that McCretin has done this on several occasions, not to mention that as Guido points out he was caught lying about defence spending and the claim about the amount of time the plods are on the beat for.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      “He [Easton] added: “Last week, David Cameron told me that one reason he could justify the phrase ‘broken society’ was because of ‘significant’ increases in violent crime, notably gun and knife crime in Britain. When I challenged him to produce the evidence his party press office sent the BBC a list of statistics.

      Easton, like all his comrades at the BBC challange only the things that may damage Labour.

      “On your behalf, I intend to keep a gimlet eye on any numerical nonsense as we head to polling day.” Mark Easton

      He should have added “..but only if this ‘nonsense’ comes from the evil Tories”.


  10. Martin says:

    My favourite leftie mincer Nicki Campbell uses the word C**t twice live on air.



    • Travis Bickle says:

      Freudian slip.  As ever Nicky Campbell was talking whilst thinking about himself. 


  11. dave s says:

    They are all one variety or another of fellow traveller. Deluded and absurdly sure that history is with them.
    The only really important figures are those that tell us exactly how many 20 to 40 year olds there are in England that are of ethnic origin and how many there are that are of Indigenous origin.This will decide the composition of the population in 20 years time. The other important figure is the relative birthrates of the two communities.
    In addition we need to know the age and origin of those who emigrate- we all know that but it is not something the BBC is about to mention-. I note that Paul Weston on his blog deals with this whole matter. I urge you all to read him.
    The hot air from the media and the politicians is exactly that – hot air. The die is cast and we all have to live with the consequences.
    It is a tragedy that no thought was ever given to what sort of country we were becoming and whether it would have been sensible to ask those whose ancestors have lived and built this land whether they wished to see it irrevocably changed for ever.
    No wonder Mason would call his dog Gramsci


  12. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    If I ever own an incontinent snake with brain damage, I’ll call it Paul Mason. Then I’ll put the poor thing out if its misery.


  13. Julio says:

    The name ‘Gordon’ has recently plummeted in popularity in British families for some unknown reason.

    I now name all my turds ‘Gordon’ in order to compensate.

    Please excuse me, I have to go and give birth to another Gordon.


  14. John Horne Tooke says:

    I wonder if these lefty BBC lot actually know what communism does to its citizens.



  15. Travis Bickle says:

    I had absolutely NO idea who Gramsci was until it was mentioned here, and having looked it up on Wkipedia I wish I hadn’t bothered.

    Antonio Gramsci (Italian pronunciation: [ˈɡramʃi]) (January 22, 1891 – April 27, 1937) was an Italian philosopher, writer, politician and political theorist. A founding member and onetime leader of the Communist Party of Italy, he was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini‘s Fascist regime. His writings are heavily concerned with the analysis of culture and political leadership and he is notable as a highly original thinker within the Marxist tradition. He is renowned for his concept of cultural hegemony as a means of maintaining the state in a capitalist society.”


  16. Travis Bickle says:

    Can I just add, I also had absolutely NO idea who Paul Mason was until it was mentioned here, and having looked him up on the BBC website I wish again I hadn’t bothered.

    “He took over as Economics Editor in 2008 with a brief to cover an agenda that he sums up as: “profit, people and planet.”


    • John Anderson says:

      It must be my age or something,  but increasingly BBC presenters and journalists come across axs a bunch of student leftie agitators – strident, shallow,  witless,  ignorant of the real world out there.

      Apart from Andrew Neil – Is there a single one of them with any depth of  real-world experience,  with any understanding of business realities,  with a broad knowledge of UK politics and history,  with the skill to debate in a balanced manner, with REAL EDUCATION ?

      I will stand back and wait for a long list of BBC types with experience and gravitas.  May be a long long wait.  Like looking for a right-wing playwright or comedian from the BBC output.

      Seriously – I suppose I could regard Mark Urban with some respect.  But is there anyone else ?   Anyone ?


      • Grant says:

        Jeremy Clarkson ?


        • John Anderson says:

          Grant – thanks.  

          Can anyone think of anyone else worthy of respect at the BBC ?  I’ll chip in Melvyn Bragg for his Radio 4 prog that covers all sorts of topics – even though he slants left and started with ITV. 

          Is there any Today presenter these days within a country mile of Sue McGregor ?  Any reporter  of global news who is a patch on Alastair Cooke ?


      • hippiepooter says:

        David Dimbleby (with a few reservations in recent years); John Sweeney (infrequent outings on the BBC); Bridget Kendall; Robin Lusting (used to love listening to this guy along with the gravitas of fruity voiced old boys like Gordon Clough and Alexander McCloud who retired sometime ago taking with them significant chunks of BBC integrity); James Cox (although on Correctnick issues like ‘gay rights’ he’s in lockstep with the BBC Kulturkampf, haven’t heard much on him lately).

        Before I left Blighty 7 years ago I considered myself ‘a political refugee’ from R4 and used to hugely enjoy listening to Nicky Campbell and Peter Allen and Victoria Derbyshire, amongst one or two others on 5Live.  NC was evidently generally a bit of a leftie, but not part of the rolling ‘vote Labour’ campaign that is the BBC, he was a ‘people’s leftie’, for wont of a better phrase.  He gets knocked a lot here, and maybe things have changed since I left, but people would also email in and get read out on his show accusing him of bias and I sent in a couple of emails defending him in the context of someone who has made numerous complaints about BBC bias.

        Guys like Jeremy Paxman, John Humphrys and James Naughtie are hugely capable and have gravitas, but when it comes to the pre-requisite of working for the BBC of professional integrity, they are screamingly bent.


        • Travis Bickle says:

          How about Jake from the Tweenies?  He seems pretty worldly and adult when compared with the likes of Richard “whatever it is I’ve done I’m sowwy!!” Bacon.


  17. Jack Bauer says:

    @chedzz if I ever get a brain I will call him Scarecrow


  18. George R says:

    BBC’s bank survey omits Labour’s commitment to Shariah finance:

    “British government joins the financial jihad”


    BUt BBC has:

    “Bank survey” (by BBC) “shows customers happy”