BBC DG: Olympic Coverage Is Too Patriotic, Must Now Support Other Nations

This was brought up in comments thread of  the “Nearly Back” post by Number 7, but I think it’s worthy of a full post itself and deserves discussion.

We are too focused on Team GB: Astonishing memo from ‘increasingly unhappy’ BBC boss over patriotic tone of news coverage

BBC chiefs have ordered their news teams to stop focusing so much on Team GB’s stunning Olympics success.

Director general Mark Thompson is said to be ‘increasingly unhappy’ with the patriotic tone of the news coverage of the Games.


TV and radio newsroom staff were astonished by an email sent yesterday, which told them to focus on the achievements of other nations as well as our own.

In the message, titled ‘An order from the DG’, director of news Helen Boaden wrote: ‘Mark Thompson is increasingly unhappy that we are focusing far too much on Team GB’s performance to the exclusion of all else.

‘This is also becoming a theme within the Press.

‘As editor in chief, he has issued a directive that this needs to change from today. So you need to get cracking on making that shift.’

What, no hugs? Seems like a strange directive for the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Especially considering the bit in the Charter about “bringing the UK to the world”. Assuming that the following bit about “bringing the world to the UK” is about news reporting and not jingoism in sports, that is. Even so, this raises some serious questions.

1. Does Thompson believe that in reality there are enough immigrants or communities of immigrant origin in the UK who would prefer to hear about their own country’s success that he is seriously directing staff to pay more attention to other countries? If so, doesn’t that betray the entire concept of a nation united by values and that the much-vaunted concept of multiculturalism is in fact divisive balkanization? Not enough British people living in Britain, then?

2. Is this revealing of a certain embarrassment at the top levels of the BBC about openly supporting British success in the face of non-white nations? I’m pretty sure Thompson isn’t concerned about so much attention being lavished on Usain Bolt for his two brief events rather than on US athlete Ashton Easton for winning gold and setting a world record in the decathlon, which used to bestow upon the winner the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete”. Nor is Thompson talking about giving more credit to the French.

3. Has the BBC’s lust for evil profits, global reach and dominance caused Mark Thompson to subsume the BBC’s ultimate remit – providing public service broadcasting for the license fee payers in the UK as the official State broadcaster – in favor of pandering to audiences in other nations where the BBC reaps or stands to gain commercial revenue?

4. Is Thompson simply the Panderer General?

5. What does this tell us about the line of defense we’re always fed that there is no top-down editorial directive at the BBC, that there are no memos handed down from on high giving editorial directions, that the BBC is too large and too disorganized for there to be an institutional bias of this kind? According a BBC insider the Mail quotes, this never happens:

‘We never get direct orders like this.

Except, we know they do. Maybe it’s just that there’s been no serious objection before when orders come down from on high about Global Warming or Islam, for example.

6. Does the shock amongst regular BBC staff signal at least some hope for the reformation of the BBC after all?

‘It is only natural that our viewers and listeners want to hear about Team GB’s successes. All the other countries celebrate their own medal winners.

‘It would be a shame if we had to water down our coverage to satisfy an abstract notion of fairness.’

Do they not feel, as Thompson seems to, that a significant amount of their audience in the UK is not British or proud of British achievement? Presumably it’s more than just the one or two disgruntled assistant producers who leaked this to the Mail. Or will this current patriotism vanish next week and it’ll be back to business as usual because the only time Beeboids approve of patriotism or nationalism by the English, British, or certain other countries is during sports tournaments?

As an outsider living in a country where the BBC is most definitely trying to increase influence, audience share, and evil profits, I find this very amusing as well as important.


It grates on the BBC that Northern Ireland is still British so it never misses the opportunity to pretend otherwise; A Biased BBC reader points out that they have watched a BBC programme entitled “Timothy Spall:Back at Sea.” Spall is travelling by barge all over the U.K and in the episode screened on 24th August on BBC 4 he sails from the Isle of Man into Bangor Marina. Bangor is located on the eastern coast of Northern Ireland. The BBC play “If you’re Irish, come into the parlour” as the theme, show a map of the island of Ireland with no border between ourselves and the republic and show the Irish Tricolour as the flag just below Bangor. You can see it for yourself on BBC iplayer, 17mins 40secs into episode 3. This is the sort of nonchalent anti-British bias the BBC delights in – casually thrown into a programme for no other reason but to suggest that we are Irish, not British.


More insidious historical anti-British revisionism from the rancid BBC, this time from that cesspit of leftwing bias known as “From Our Own Correspondent”.

“The FOOC programmecontinues on its extraordinary way from supporting Maoist terrorists in Indiato now rewriting Angolan history. In a report on the Benguela Railway Justin Rowlatt tells us the ImperialistBritish exploited and robbed Angola of its natural resources using slave labourin essence…how unlike the new Chinese activities who operate in a much morebeneficial way towards Angolans.

What’s wrong with this? Angola was a Portugese colony not British, the Portugese took the enormous wealth generated there. It was the Portugese who started the railway and then contracted a British company to finish building and running the tracks. Rowlatt’s claim that it was Britain robbing the Angolans because we ran the railway is like suggesting Germany is really running this country because it builds and provides us with a transport system in the shape of cars from BMW, VW and Porsche. But not a mention of Portugal in the report. Guess accuracy and accountability aren’t that important to the BBC after all.”

Of course not. Accuracy and accountability are diversions from the main thrust of BBC output which is all about making the UK look  as bad as possible to fit in with BBC narrative.   

Hat-tip to the B-BBC reader who send me this.


You can always rely on the rancid BBC to try and undermine the glorious achievements of our past – and the Battle of Britain was always going to be in their sights. On Today at 8.31am (no link yet)

“It is the 70th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s speech praising “the few” of the Battle of Britain. History professor Norman Davies and author James Holland discuss whether we in fact mis-remember this hugely significant moment in the nation’s history.”

Was this REALLY a pivotal moment in the war? Was it REALLY a “David and Goliath” moment? Next week, were the Nazis REALLY that bad, perhaps we misremember that also? Why do we put up with this incessant anti-British chatter from the BBC?

The BBC used the 1pm news programme on Radio 4 to interview  lady who had played a key part in the preparations for the Battle of Britain and beyond. It finished by her deep regret that Hiroshima was bombed and the assertion “Never Again”. So, even on this day, BBC advanced pacifist agenda. 


The BBC is quite outrageous in the way IT is trying to keep the row over David Cameron’s comments about elements with the Pakistani establishment “looking both ways” when it comes to the war on terror. Each morning, they are running stories to imply that everyone (mostly them and a few Labour Asian MP’s) is enraged at Cameron’s “insult”to Pakistan. It’s remarkable to see the BBC acting as chief cheer-leader for anyone in Pakistan (or Labour) who wants to attack Cameron for simply stating the truth. There is plenty that Cameron says I take issue with (not least on Gaza) but the BBC is turning these Pakistan comments into a running soap-opera in an attempt to damage the Conservative leader.

Meanwhile, the BBC is also giving lots of coverage to the disastrous floods in northwest Pakistan. Had to laugh at our old friend Aleem Maqbool’s interview here with a guy who just complained and would not stop, even after the interview had finished. Thank goodness the UK has coughed up £10m to help the nuclear power Pakistan deal with this humanitarian crisis.


Anyone catch the 7.34am item on Today in which Mark Mardell takes the opportunity to explore just how awful BRITISH Petroleum is? There may be unwanted oil gushing from the Gulf but there sure is plenty of slime ooozing from Mark.


I caught Kwame Kwei-Armah being interviewed on the BBC this morning concerning his documentary “On Tour with the Queen. The former Casualty actor and much loved neo political commentator was able to tell us that Australia did not want Her Majesty as Head of State, and it showed a clip of him being interviewed on Jamaican radio laughing uproariously at the suggestion by a caller that Independence has been a disaster for Jamaica and it would be much better off as a British dependency. The hosts on the BBC joined in the chuckling. You can tell why the BBC loves Kwame.


In essence, the BBC meme is that in the aftermath of Islamistan murdering THOUSANDS of people in the USA, British security and intelligence services should have realised that their immediate priority was to ensure the UK did..not get involved in rendition or become complicit in any way with the “torture” of alleged Jihadists. They’ve been dragging this theme out all morning, culminating in Universal Shami getting a canter through the whingfest just after 8am. The image of BBC icon, Binyam Mohammad, graces the Today programme for additional emphasis.

What really irritates me is not just the BBC’s relentless undermining of the work undertaken by our Intelligence Services but the fact that ever since 9/11, the State Broadcaster has chosen to operate as a propaganda channel for every piece of Jihadist trash that has gotten as far as a microphone. (Am I allowed to “Jihadist trash”? – probably not on the BBC, as it might offend you know who) It has continuously maligned the motives and actions of our Armed Forces and also of our Intelligence services whilst simultaneously portraying those captured followers of the religion of peace as kindly folk who only want to be our friend. (Maybe they’ll give Binyam his own TV Show, maybe call it “Britain’s got Jihad” or “Dancing on lies”? )

I often wonder how our nation could have successfully prosecuted WW2 had the BBC as much influence then as it does now? The constant BBC drip drip drip that erodes our National confidence in those who try to defend us from the ever present threat of more Islamic terror is a malignancy that we just cannot continue to finance. Don’t you think?


Had to laugh at this pathetic bit of reporting from the BBC on the topic of the National ID card unveiled by Alan “Postie” Johnson today. Buried away in the linked BBC report (scan down to 11th paragraph) is the Home Office line that the absence of the Union Flag from the National ID card has nothing to do with offending Northern Ireland’s nationalist minority community. That’s not what is reported elsewhere….

“A Home Office statement said the ID card scheme must work in a way that “fully
recognises the identity rights of the people of Northern Ireland as laid out in
the Belfast Agreement”. The Government went on to say it had “sought to
design features which can reflect all parts of the United Kingdom, such as the
inclusion of the shamrock to represent Ireland within the tactile feature, and
we have sought to avoid symbols such as flags”.

But “the people of Northern Ireland” are British! So what’s the problem, Postie and why is the BBC not sharing the reason for the lack of our National Flag from the National ID card? The reality is that this government, and the BBC, are ashamed of our British identity and any chance to ditch it is grasped with eagerness.