Today again.

“………Immigration is second only to the economy. Difficult to discuss. Here’s Kevin Connolly in Peterborough. Highest concentration of immigrants. Bigots. Bigotgate.”

At last, the discussion that dare not speak its name. At last they’re going to mention what is on everyone’s mind. Say the unsayable. Hoorah! No more taboo. No more intimidatory reminders of the unfortunate consequences awaiting those who mention you know what. Been waiting for this.

“………………Eastern Europeans. Polish shop. No Fox’s biscuits. Urinating in me garden. The American Dream. Nice migrant. Eastern Europeans. Polish. Jobs. Dad’s Army. Honest Debate. Warmington on Sea.”

Oh well.


Sorry I have not been around that much but you all know I am actually fighting to win a seat in this General Election and so my time for blogging is cut to shreds! However, I must tell you that it is my view that the BBC has proven to be as treacherous and poisonous during this election as any of us could have forecast. I listened to the final “panel” discussion on Today this morning just after 8am and it really was an utter disgrace. It seems that everybody wants to see PR introduced into the UK (A key BBC meme) and that, yes, everybody loves Nick Clegg. In fact the discussion was essentially Conservative-free, which is remarkable given that Cameron for all his faults is in pole position. The BBC are cheer-leaders for changing the very essence of British society and that means bringing about a situation where the political left can contrive coalitions to keep it in permanent power, where shady deals can be conducted behind closed doors away from the public. I have long argues that the BBC embraces the radical leftism of the Lib-Dems and this election has shown that bias manifest. I think the BBC know Gordon is a goner, but with Nick riding to the rescue, and with Saint Vince as the people’s Chancellor, all is not lost. Except our country, of course. Watch BBC, vote Lib-Dem?


A guest post by hippiepooter
Here is somefeedback we got to our email digest from a senior figure in UKIP 22nd April:
We constantly have problems with the BBC over first of all getting them to cover us, andthen when they do, they HAVE TO mention the BNPin the same breath!  Or are very unprofessional in the way they slanttheir reports.
Here are four examples on BBC Online within 24 hours of the BBC linking UKIP with the BNP(hat tip to ‘BoBs’ on the open thread for the third):

UKIP is a legitimatedemocratic party.  The BNP is a neo-Nazi Party.  It is not possible to exaggerate how utterlyoffensive it is to link UKIP with the BNP.  The worst aspect of this despicable bias isthat while it no doubt loses UKIP votes it also wins the BNP votes. In the minds of any otherwise non-racist voters angry aboutmulti-culturalism but wary of the BNP,seeing the BBC link the BNP with a legitimate democratic party like UKIPmay very well persuade them that the BNPisn’t racist and Nazi after all.
In ademocracy, a broadcaster with a duty to impartiality has a democratic duty ofbias against subversive parties to expose their totalitarian agenda.  The biased treatment the BNP receives should be exactly the same as partieslike Respect / SWP receives.  We knowthat’s not the case.  The bias that the BBC displays against the BNPis very often not a democratic one, but a left-wing one.  They try to establish in the public mind thatpolicies against immigration and multi-culturalism are racist and fascist perse rather than expose the BNP’sdesire to exploit people’s legitimate grievances over these issues to implementthe racial hatred of their Nazi ideology. When it is more important for the BBCto attack the BNP from itssubversive agenda on the Left to stigmatise democratic parties for addressingpeople’s legitimate concerns, is it any wonder that support for the BNP is growing? If the BBC really were animpartial broadcaster serving democracy it would scrupulously keep thedemocratic fold separate from the totalitarian fold.
When it comesto directly associating UKIP with the BNPthe trick the BBC use is to take BNP policies on immigration, multi-culturalism andthe EU on face value rather than examine the road that the BNP are coming from in order to link them with UKIPwhose policies on these issues do bear objective similarities (as do to alesser extent the policies of Labour and the Tories!).  The BBCwould no doubt reel off their ‘duty to impartiality’ under the Election Act,but the only time they ever do show impartiality with the BNP is when it’s a means to link them with UKIP,which seems to be happening increasingly often as voting approaches.  At the end of the day the BBC and the BNPare opposite extremes who meet full circle. Sheesh, being willing to aid and abett British Nazism to lose UKIPvotes.  What more needs to be said aboutthe depravity of the BBC?

Bigots R Us

Where’s Peter Oborne? He likes lobbies and documentaries doesn’t he? Documentaries about lobbies are his speciality I’m told.

I am a bigot, because I don’t like Islam and I don’t really fancy the Islamisation of this country. Also, I support Israel’s ‘right to exist within secure borders.’ So, definitely, a bigot.

I write about these things, so in my own little way I am a lobby. How about that? A lobbying bigot. Bigoted lobbyists R Us. But, Mr. Oborne, you’ve done one about the likes of me already. Change, that’s what we want.

So Mr. O., if you like exposing lobbies, and you like making documentaries, you’ll like the idea of making one about the Muslims.

Muslims, in case you hadn’t noticed, have organised themselves into various pressure groups, and are making considerable headway with their efforts to exert their regressive influence on UK policy. Someone thought of a word you might like to use. Tentacles, I think it was.

Schools have been targeted by them for years, and all too often have caved in for fear of being labelled with the smear of smears, racism. Since they engineered the downfall of Ray Honeyford in the 80s Muslims have ganged up against any school exhibiting signs, real or imagined, that someone is attempting to impede their progress. The BBC habitually colludes by insinuating Islamophobia.

The latest wrangle between Erica Connor and Surrey County Council is no doubt costing the taxpayer £squillions.

The tentacles reach much further. Are you listening Mr. Oborne? What about the influence on our universities? Islamic studies here, Islamic studies there, here a veil, there a threat, everywhere a burqa. Old MacDonald had a news agency. Ee Aye EE Aye Oh.

Document that Mr. O, and this time you won’t need to make any of it up . Only, I wouldn’t rely on the BBC to commission it., but for funding you could try approaching one of the greedy rapacious Jews you’re such an expert on.


I see that BBC reporter Rajesh Mirchandani, attending an anti-immigration control rally in Arizona, says there were banners calling for a boycott of Arizona, and even one portraying the state’s governor, Republican (sic) Jan Brewer, as Hitler. Hurray! The BBC must be gutted that with Bush gone the Hitler slurs have dried up a tad but now that a GOP State Governor DARES to oppose the tsunami of illegal immigration, a new Hitler hate figure is conjured up and lovingly reported.


A guest post by GraemeThompson who posts as ‘hippiepooter’

The bigots who call people bigots.
Anyone with 5 minutes exposure to the BBC knows that most people at the BBC would have shared Gordon Brown’s sentiment thatMrs Duffy of Rochdale was a “bigot” forexpressing concerns about the level of immigration.  It is the favoured tactic of the anti-democraticleft who prevail at the BBC toshut down debate.
We see the same tactic used in the ‘Gay debate’.
David Cameron’s Conservative Party has become such a victimof the Marxist mind control of Political Correctness as exercised by the BBC that this week we saw Philip Lardner suspendedas Conservative Candidate for North Ayrshire and Arranfor his views on homosexuality.  The BBC reported he was sacked for ‘describing gaypeople on his website as “notnormal”’.  What he actually said wasthat “homosexuality is not normal behaviour”. The DailyTelegraph managed to report the story accurately, why did the BBC have such trouble?  Perhaps they confused news management withnews reporting?  Part of what Mr Lardnerwrote (the fulltext can be seen here) was in defence of Clause 28:
Thepromotion of homosexuality by public bodies (as per ‘clause 28/section 2a in Scotland,) wascorrectly outlawed by Mrs Thatcher’s government.  Tolerationand understanding is one thing, but state-promotion of homosexuality is quiteanother.
David Cameron, who let us remember voted in 2003 to retainClause 28, boasted he took “decisive action within minutes of finding outabout this”.  In announcing Mr Lardner’ssuspension Scottish Conservatives Chairman Mr Andrew Fulton said Mr Lardner’scomments were “deeply offensive and unacceptable”.
When the Conservative Party – the Conservative Party – acts so hysterically to avoid having the BBC turn its propaganda guns on them, Britishdemocracy is in serious trouble.  We sawthe same BBC led hysteria when Chris Graylingadvocated an enlightened form of social liberalism that accommodates theChristian conscience instead of the bigoted form of social liberalism thatseeks to persecute Christians for their faith.
We are rightly outraged by the cover up and perpetuation ofchild sex abuse by key figures in the Catholic hierarchy but the abolition ofClause 28 to permit homosexuals access to little boys in schools to teach themthat homosexuality is normal is something we’re supposed to celebrate.
Let us just remember how Clause 28 came about.  In the 80’s schools in the Islington Boroughof London werepromoting homosexuality as normal.  Amidhowls of protest then and vilification now Maggie Thatcher put a stop to it.  In 1995, following grave revelations by the LondonEvening Standard, ‘The White Report’ found that systematic child sex abusehad taken place during the 70s, 80s and 90s of children in the care ofIslington Council.  It found‘a culture that tolerated relationships between care staff and teenageboys.  It also blocked investigation ofpeople with gay or ethnic backgrounds’. I distinctly recall John Humphrys interviewing former Islington CouncilLeader and then Children’s Minister MargaratHodge on the TODAY programme in the wake of the White Report.  It was under-arm bowling all the way.  I don’t recall him putting to her whether shethought there was a relationship between the Political Correctness of herCouncil and the sexual abuse of her children.
While no-one is in a hurry to talk about the relationshipbetween Political Correctness and child sex abuse, the BBCis at the forefront of those in a hurry to talk about the relationship betweenpriesthood celibacy and child sex abuse. Recently, His Holiness the Pope’s No 2 Cardinal Tarsicio Bertone caused alava flow of outrage for suggesting that the problem of abuser priests wasn’tcaused by celibacy but by homosexuality.  He implied that homosexuals infiltrated thepriesthood as a cover to carry out their paedophile proclivities and that recentresearch supports this.  The BBC of course led the pack in ‘news management’ toensure that the public knew what to think about such a ‘bigoted’ suggestion.  Such was the furore whipped up that even PopeBenedict II and his key media supporter in the UK press DamianThompson couldn’t withstand the heat.
According to Vaticanfigures 60% of children abused by paedophile priests are boys.  How this pans out in lay society I don’tknow.  The impression I get from reportsis that there is a disproportionately high amount of child sex abuse that ishomosexual.  As we now have homosexualadoption, in the interests of child protection one would have thought itimperative that wider research was conducted. Don’t expect the BBC tomount a clamour for this.  Don’t anyoneeven suggest the idea.  That would be‘bigoted’.
Mr Philip Lardner is still on the ballot in North Ayrshireand Arran. The Tories had suspended him but only after he had already beenregistered.  He is now campaigning as the‘Independent Common Sense’ Candidate and will not take the Tory whip if elected. 
The General Election is 6th May.


Wonder if any readers heard this paean to Maoist terrorism on the excruciating BBC Radio 4 “From Our own Correspondent” a few days ago. The BBC seems to be the last bastion for open-mouthed admiration of Maoist inspired killing. Well worth your license fee?


All the cretinous party leaders and their supporters (except UKIP) in our so-called general election are wedded to eco-mania. There hasn’t been a single meaningful debate about the topic, despite the fact that all the main parties are advocating energy measures that will lead to fuel poverty on a savage scale. This underlines the increasing divide between the political classes and the rest of us, who must endure the consequences of their inane, insane vacuity. Meanwhile, the BBC ploughs relentlessly on with its eco-warmongering, publishing this report that – in chilling Orwellian terms – suggests that taking exercise in the open air is linked with the “green” agenda. What’s so terrifying about the framing of stories like this is the hijacking and politicisation of every aspect of our lives and language by greenie fanatics at the corporation. And meanwhile, Richard Black continues to churn out his own brand of eco-facism: in this piece about another hijacked and done-to-death word, “biodversity”, he advocates that the only answer is for us to go back to the stone age. And exercise a massive cull of human beings – there’s too darn many of us. The type of logic exercised by Black and his cronies leads to nonsense like this story, from What’s Up with That? – a so-called educational display at a US aquarium featuring a cow in a gas mask to prevent methane emissions.

A Non Event and A Non Report

The BBC has remained silent over the frightening behaviour of Manchester Students from Action Palestine who attacked the deputy Israeli Ambassador Talya Lador-Fresher the other day as she tried to leave the university after giving a political science lecture.

Students are renowned for their passionate advocacy of of democracy, and they regard it as their democratic right to violently attack a speaker from a democratic country in alleged support of a regime in which free speech is non existent.

The BBC has spent decades whipping up the public into the sort of righteous indignation against Israel that could only have been achieved by withholding half the story, and continually suppressing the notion that there IS another half.

This display of ignorance and immaturity may only be a small part of the bigger story that is being ignored by the BBC, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt.

The BBC has been announcing this non-event several times today. So it can’t be Manchester itself that isn’t newsworthy.