BBC Clinton Worship, Part XXXVIII…..

In a gushing, slobbering, sycophantic piece of Hello style candyfloss on the BBC website Katie Connolly goes all Sylvie Krin over the Clintons and their daughter’s wedding.

Moreover, the Clintons are icons of a different, seemingly more youthful time in America’s history – a pre 9/11 era when the country wasn’t weighed down with wars, bulging deficits and billowing oil leaks.
Chelsea is a reminder of that time, and people feel invested in the life of that young girl who held her parents hands through their darkest personal days

Darkest personal days? Great therapy codespeak for this, methinks….

The Clintons, of course, are part of a select few that belong to the BBC’s Royal Family (Arafat, Castro, Nehru, Tony Benn etc) who are always treated with reverence and their transgressions initially minimised then airbrushed out of the “narrative”.

If it was a Palin or a Bush daughter getting married you can be guaranteed there would be plenty of veiled (and not so veiled) sneers and quotes from vitriolic haters (think Thatcher) so, to redresss the balance, and sustain the BBC’s Royalty image, we need an image that will be helpful to all the peasants crowding around their TVs watching their “betters” act out the higher life in that glittering galaxy reserved solely for the great and the good….

Just so you know,folks,like everyone else in these hard times the Clintons and the Kerrys are keeping things lean and mean….

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34 Responses to BBC Clinton Worship, Part XXXVIII…..

  1. Martin says:

    Not to mention she’s actually marrying one of those evil Wall Street bankers, can you imagine one of the Palin kids marrying a banker? The BBC drug addicts wouldn’t stop slagging her off.


  2. Philip says:

    A few stats on the ‘golden legacy’ of the Clintstones:  


    – Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates  

    – Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation   

    – Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify   

    – Most number of witnesses to die suddenly   

    – First president sued for sexual harassment.   

    – Second president accused of rape  

    – First first lady to come under criminal investigation  

    – Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case  

    – First president to establish a legal defense fund.  

    – First president to be held in contempt of court  

    – Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions   

    – Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad  

    – First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court  


    Is is any wonder the degenerates at the Beeb love them so?


  3. Craig says:

    This same reporter has just published a piece on the BBC website about the story the’ve been trying to ignore for so long – Democrat Charlie Rangel : 
    Danger for Democrats? 
    Charlie Rangel’s alleged ethics violations bode ill for elections
    They aren’t exactly shouting it from the mountains, as it’s already in fourth place on their ‘Features & Analysis’ section of their US & Canada section and probably already heading for the exit (another case of watertight oversight?)  

    She posted it late last night. I wonder when it will disappear.


    • Craig says:

      She was also the reporter responsible for that very biased report on illegal immigration in Arizona earlier in the week (the one with the ‘border historian’).


  4. Craig says:

    That article about Rangel is little more than a damage limitation exercise on behalf of the Democrats.

    Katie Connolly’s bias is revealed as early as her second and third paragraphs. She immediately tells us that the Republicans were worse and is obviously a big fan of Nancy Pelosi (for whom she feel some concern at this testing moment):

    When Democrats seized control of Congress in 2006, it was off the back of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s promise to “drain the swamp” of ethical malfeasance that she claimed festered under Republican rule.

    Mrs Pelosi convincingly inveighed against a Republican “culture of corruption”, promising that she would commence cleaning house the moment she grasped the Speaker’s gavel.

    No impartial reporter would have used the word ‘convincingly’ there.

    The rest of this long article spends a lot of time listing Rangel’s achievements, passes over the details allegations in just two short paragraphs and emphasizes that they are only allegations and that Rangel denieds them.

    And before she ends she has time to emphasize her main point again:

    Still, Mrs Pelosi remains upbeat. “Drain the swamp we did, as this was a terrible place,” she told the New York Times. “We made a tremendous difference, and I take great pride in that.”

    This female beeboid is one to keep an eye on!


  5. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    The US was involved in about twenty or so armed conflicts during Clinton era, mostly just bombing the shit out of the enemy from the air (a policy I actually strongly endorse). More than during the Bush II era.
    Oh, and is the Deepwater Horizon well ‘billowing’? I thought they’d capped that shit.
    I should listen to Aunty more often, then I’d be more informed.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Bill Clinton engaged in regime change in Serbia without enough UN resolutions, and plenty of innocent civilians were killed in the process.  But that’s cool, because he’s not George Bush.


      • Guest Who says:

        Actually, I was one of those who felt a ‘statesman’ having his trews around his ankles and an intern either attached down South or as a temporary humidor while in the Oval Office was not the best way to get various US-phobic cultures any more on side than they had managed to that point.

        And while a well directed Predator strike can be effective, Clinton’s initial lobbing of some cruise missiles in the vague direction of where terrorists might have been was also never seemed i was going to rate highly ‘honour’ wise in some mano a mano cultures.

        Something to ponder when one is having the ‘right’ kind of wedding party this side of the Med and pond.

        Here’s hoping no one decides to loose off a few celebratory firecrackers.


  6. deegee says:

    At the risk of being the odd man out I’ve always liked Chelsea Clinton. In comparison with most ‘royals’ including our own she has always seemed the most normal and least one to take advantage of her position or act-out,


  7. Craig says:

    It gets even worse on Katie Connolly.  
    She’s a BBC newbie. Before April of this year she worked at Newsweek. This blog’s best equivalent in the US, Newsbusters (the No.10 most popular political blog in the US), dissects some of her pro-Democrat/anti-Republican ‘reporting’ at Newsweek.
    She did a pro-Joe-Biden article called ‘Everyone’s favourite uncle’.  
    She hid the left-wing agenda of pro-healthcare-reform group (a bit like the ‘border historian’ – so she’s still at it!!).  
    She advised Obama to ‘bully Republicans’.  
    She rejoiced at Obama’s cracking down on Democrats reluctant to support his healthcare bill (opining “Not a minute too soon”).  
    She rejoiced when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize (for no good reason), saying that the award was about the U.S. as a lofty ideal – “an ideal”, as Ken Shepherd – the David Vance of Newsbusters! – says “she reckons in the eyes of “the collective world” to have been “almost entirely undone” by the Bush administration.”  

    It looks as if Matt Frei has found another left-wing soulmate – as if the BBC’s Washington team wasn’t biased enough!!  
    (P.S. Pleasingly Newsbusters has a prominent link to B-BBC).


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think I smell the JournoList.  Newsweek (already infested) and now freelance work for BBC America.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Did the BBC mention that Hillary Clinton is still begging her supporters for money to pay off her $771,000 campaign debt from 2008?  I guess George Soros didn’t feel like paying for that as well, and decided that poor suckers should pay it instead.  Sounds like something the BBC would approve, really.

    I don’t blame The Obamessiah for having no plans to attend this Versailles-a-palooza.  One would think it might be considered a class act to at least make an appearance at a family wedding of one’s Secretary of State, but not our President.  He knows better.


  9. Craig says:

    It gets far, far worse about newly-recruited female beeboid Kate Connolly.

    In the spirit of DB, I checked out her twitters. She is such a Democrat groupie!

    She has a JournoLista’s negative obsession with Sarah Palin.

    Here are a sample of her snide Sarah Palin-related tweets:

    “Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston want a full-season deal for a reality show” /via @peoplemag
    1,279,648,488,000.00 via Seesmic

    .RT @Slate: Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin back together?
    1,276,641,201,000.00 via Seesmic

    awesome twist: RT@benpolitico Palin’s neighbor, angry about renovation dispute, sought McGinniss as tenant

    this palin speech is more like a stand up routine, esp with the redneck jokes
    1,273,863,138,000.00 via TweetDeck

    ouch. sarah palin calls us the lamestream media. #palin #nra

    RT @chucktodd: FOIA-requested Todd Palin related emails involving Palin’s time in office in Alaska now up on
    1,265,387,931,000.00 via TweetDeck

    My boss Jon Meacham responds to critics of our Sarah Palin cover photo
    1,258,492,120,000.00 via TweetDeck

    RT @hambypCNN: RT @PoliticalTicker “No media allowed at Palin speech in Missouri ” –
    1,258,482,110,000.00 via TweetDeck

    .RT @hollynwk: Sarah Palin’s book is cheaper than Pat the Bunny:
    1,256,328,100,000.00 via TweetDeck

    RT @murphymike: Steve Schmidt correct about Sarah Palin and ’12. Shame he didn’t feel same way a year ago when he was lobbying McCain to …
    1,254,502,106,000.00 via TweetDeck


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      How sad.  Palin Derangement Syndrome still in full flush.


  10. John Anderson says:

    To be fair to Obama – he was not invited to the wedding.

    No love lost there.   But I think Chelsea insisted on a smaller guest list,  only people she really knows.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So it’s a low-class affair all round, then.  Money can’t buy it, power can’t buy it.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good grief. Even the News Channel is covering the “royal wedding”.  They’ve sent a couple of Beeboids upstate to cover it.  Back to the studio, and the Beeboid newsreader closes the segment by saying, “And we wish them well.”

    I laugh, I point.


  12. Craig says:

    I am pacing this a little (in a theatrical sort of way!!) but…

    …For followers of the fascinating JournOLista story…

    Katie Connolly is a regular tweeter to (and from) quite a few of the JournOLista crowd.

    (For newbies, JournOLista was a band of conspiratorial liberals in the media (US, Canada, UK) who participated in an e-mail list that aimed to secure the election of Barack Obama by spreading ‘the good news’ about him and by attacking John McCain and, even more so, Sarah  -Palin often advocating downright lying to do it. It’s a huge story in the U.S. blogosphere – though the BBC is unsurprisingly choosing to stay very quiet about it.)

    Here’s the latest list of the JournOListas caught out:

    And here are some of the people Katie Connolly tweets, often frequently:

    Ezra KleinMatt Yglesias

    Marc Ambinder
    Michael Scherer
    Dave Weigel
    Mike Madden
    Jonathan Cohn
    David Corn
    Ari Melber
    Ben Smith
    David Roberts
    Brian Beutler
    Adam Serwer
    Ben Adler
    Annie Lowley

    There may be more. This is a list of all the JournOLista people with easy-to-recognise twitter user names (if that’s the right phrase, as I’m not on Twitter myself).

    If Katie Connolly wasn’t a part of the JournOLista conspiracy herself (and the evidence, like that for the BBC’s Max Deveson, is completely circumstantial), she is certainly on friendly terms with a lot of them – including many of the most best-known ones.

    What an interesting figure for the BBC to choose to recruit!


  13. Craig says:

    David, your nose seems to be a reliable guide!


  14. Craig says:

    Here are a random selection of the links, just in case Katie Connolly chooses to delete them:

    RT @marcambinder: if vacancy is declared after July 3, successor serves through 2012. If not, GOP has another seat in 2010 to contest.
    2:45 PM Jun 28th via Seesmic

    RT @mattyglesias: I think “Work of Art” has crossed over from madness to genius.
    4:41 AM Jun 24th via TweetDeck

    RT @ezraklein: Small-government advocate Orrin Hatch wants mandatory drug tests for everyone on unemployment insurance.
    8:19 PM Jun 16th via Seesmic

    RT @michaelscherer: Sick of our questions, @presssec will take yours tonight.
    8:47 PM Jun 15th via Seesmic
    RT @daveweigel: Trey Grayson whines that he’s losing because Fox is promoting Rand Paul.
    7:00 PM May 17th via Seesmic

    RT @mikemadden: Best thing about Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas, the “baby killer” shouter? His official government URL is
    1,269,281,732,000.00 via TweetDeck

    RT @jcohntnr: Here’s the actual bill, direct from the Rules Committee #healthreform #hcr
    7:17 PM Mar 18th via TweetDeck

    .RT @DavidCornDC: Q: what else are you taking off? G: “That’s Rahm.” #whbrief #theimportantstuff
    8:17 PM Mar 12th via TweetDeck

    @AriMelber I think he’s one of the few GOPers actually interested in governing. he is v conservative but his votes aren’t just to obstruct
    6:19 PM Mar 8th via TweetDeck in reply to AriMelber

    RT @benpolitico: Pence will NOT run for Senate: (via @mattklewis)
    5:41 PM Jan 26th via TweetDeck

    RT@drgrist I feel like, unlike Congress, the public is desperatete for purpose & ambition right now. Everything O’s doing is … managerial.
    1,276,653,906,000.00 via Seesmic

    RT @brianbeutler: Odd’s that Kucinich’s press conference tomorrow is some sort of elaborate rick roll?
    1,268,776,288,000.00 via TweetDeck

    BREAKING: #usa locker room speech at halftime was given by Dav
    id Petraeus” /via @AdamSerwer1,276,875,779,000.00 via Seesmic

    RT @badler: How Betsy McCaughey demonstrates the intellectual crisis of conservatism:
    1,254,872,044,000.00 via TweetDeck

    RT@AnnieLowrey: Shaheen & Menendez going off on GOP after it objects to unanimous consent to give BP investigators subpoena power. 1,277,919,936,000.00 via Seesmic

    Thank you inventors of the Internet!!!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Excellent work as usual, Craig.  This Connolly is an Obamessiah worshiper and personally blindly biased against non-Democrats, for sure.  Must’ve been a Matt Frei recruit.

      And even though she works for both Newsweek and the BBC, she’s yet another young person who doesn’t know the difference between possessives and plurals.  Great hiring standards at the BBC.


  15. Deborah says:

    Had to search Google to find it but Jenna Bush married Henry Hagar in May 2008 – funny how I heard nothing about it on the BBC


    • Craig says:

      Good spot Deborah! Type ‘Henry Hagar ‘ into Search on the BBC website and you’ll find nothing relevant (it does link to something called ‘Hagar the Womb’ though).


  16. Craig says:

    Yet more on the lovely (and newly-installed Freiboid) Katie, and her call for Obama to “bully Republicans”:


  17. Craig says:

    Katie Connolly hasn’t been long at the BBC but her bias is already infecting the BBC website (though what’s one more bias among the thousand viral biases that already infect the site?). She’s posted just 16 articles on there so far. Here’s a flavour of the others:  
    Her report on the new Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan features no critics of the Obama appointee from the Right. There are supporters of course, but Katie Connolly’s critic-of-choice is a man of the Left – Jonathan Turley, America’s answer to Michael Manfield.
    Her subsequent article report from the National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention. (If you click on her Twitter link you’ll be able (if you keep clicking ‘More’) to read her sarcastic tweets about it). The point she wants to get across in her article is that the NRA are a ‘powerful lobbyist’. Sarah Palin (her – and her JournOLista friends’ – obsession) is there. She, Katie slyly informs us, “had waived her normally high speaker’s fee.”  
    Naturally, Katie’s next article (on the BP oil spill) plugs away at advancing the concerns of environmentalists and tries to smear a few Republicans in the process.  
    Her next article is a memorial for the avowedly liberal Helen Thomas, the journalist sacked for making offensive remarks about Israeli Jews. No-one reading it innocently would learn what Ms Thomas said or why she was sacked. All they’d read was a hymn of praise to someone Katie clearly admired. Along the way Katie says, “Her questions also brought criticism, particularly from conservatives who believe her reporting is biased.” I bet Katie knows how that feels!!  
    If ever proof of BBC bias were needed, this woman’s recruitment by the BBC should be a key exhibit.


  18. John Anderson says:

    Craig’s posts about the new US BBC scribe are important.  It appears she is on Twitter terms with a whole bunch of well-known, seriously-left JournOListas, (but I bet she does not twitter equivalent names on the right).   And Craig’s initial analyses of her articles shows her bias very clearly.

    How can the BBC argue that its political coverage of the US is unbiased when it employs such pro-Dem staff ?   In the tank for Obama,  and riddled with Palin Derangement Syndrome seems to be the job spec at the BBC ?


    • Craig says:

      Thanks John.

      You really should have a good look at her Twitter site.

      Though her tweets before she started at the BBC in April are blatantly partisan she’s not changed her spots since she became a beeboid – though she has become more careful about how she says things.

      Click on the links though and  they take you to all kinds of American Leftoid places and give a fascinating insight in the mind of the sort of people BBC America chooses to employ.

      You’ll quickly come across the first JournOListas and digs at Sarah Palin.


  19. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I hope I just saw the final BBC News segment about the Clinton wedding.  This one, you’ll be glad to know, did not cost a lot of money, because Ian MacKenzie was just editing some other footage together and doing a voice-over from the BBC’s Washington, DC studios.  Still no mention that the father-in-law did prison time for financial fraud. 
    Back to the studio, and the Beeboid newsreader says, “Looks like they all had a lovely time.” They do love their Clintons at the BBC.


  20. David vance says:

    Hi Craig

    Wonder would you mind dropping me a mail when you get a moment, please?


    • John Anderson says:


      People like Frei will deny that they are biased.

      But you can smell their bias by the staff they recruit.  Or the staff they don’t recruit.

      In this case, there is an open-and-shut case that the young woman (callow – check out her Tv interview in one of the earlier posts) is utterly biased.

      No way should the BBC be giving jobs to people whose political views are so blatantly biased.


  21. Craig says:

    Just for the sake of completeness on Katie Connolly…  
    It looks as if she’s now hosting some of BBC online’s ‘live events’, so BBC website readers with an interest in US politics will have their view of key events filtered through her biased eyes.  
    For JournOLista spotters, her As it happened: Obama oil spill address quotes from three of them: “Energy politics blogger David Roberts“, Ezra Klein at and Walter Shapiro of Politics Daily.
    Her follow-up article Obama’s oil speech: were expectations too high? features just two reactions – “on his right” one from Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner (a prominent figure!), the other a somewhat longer reaction from “Kate Sheppard, an environmental reporter for the left-leaning Mother Jones magazine” (not a prominent figure at all, only a JournOLista).  
    For her tweets it’s clear that the JournOLista community is growing a bit impatient with Obama, wanting him to talk less and get on with enacting liberal legislation. Though her ‘live event’ coverage quotes a smattering of conservatives, it’s very heavilly stacked with liberals and environmentalists – some supportive of Obama, some criticising him from the Left.