BBC Clinton Worship, Part XXXVIII…..

In a gushing, slobbering, sycophantic piece of Hello style candyfloss on the BBC website Katie Connolly goes all Sylvie Krin over the Clintons and their daughter’s wedding.

Moreover, the Clintons are icons of a different, seemingly more youthful time in America’s history – a pre 9/11 era when the country wasn’t weighed down with wars, bulging deficits and billowing oil leaks.
Chelsea is a reminder of that time, and people feel invested in the life of that young girl who held her parents hands through their darkest personal days

Darkest personal days? Great therapy codespeak for this, methinks….

The Clintons, of course, are part of a select few that belong to the BBC’s Royal Family (Arafat, Castro, Nehru, Tony Benn etc) who are always treated with reverence and their transgressions initially minimised then airbrushed out of the “narrative”.

If it was a Palin or a Bush daughter getting married you can be guaranteed there would be plenty of veiled (and not so veiled) sneers and quotes from vitriolic haters (think Thatcher) so, to redresss the balance, and sustain the BBC’s Royalty image, we need an image that will be helpful to all the peasants crowding around their TVs watching their “betters” act out the higher life in that glittering galaxy reserved solely for the great and the good….

Just so you know,folks,like everyone else in these hard times the Clintons and the Kerrys are keeping things lean and mean….


It was entirely predictable that the BBC would present Bill Clinton’s North Korean visit in glowing terms. Have a listen here to what is seven minutes of one sided opinion. The perfectly reasonable view that Clinton’s visit merely gives legitimacy to the tinpot tyrant Dear Leader is absent. I suppose since it was Clinton who when President facilitated the Dear Leader getting nukes in the first place it is appropriate that he return to the scene of the crime but it really is poor form that the BBC presents this entire issue in positive terms when in fact many people see this as rank amateur Obama diplomacy. But hey – the two American journalists have now been released so all is well and another example of how good Bill Clinton really is. Honest.