Here’s Richard Bacon dog-whistling his Twitter followers to get angry about a New York newspaper which is not supporting the Democrats:

Murdoch’s New York Times? Someone’s a bit too keen to play the Murdoch card to bother paying attention to detail, there. The image to which he links is of the New York Post. The New York Times is, as usual, backing the Democrats, which is what all newspapers are supposed to do (in the mind of a right-on BBC media luvvie, that is).

(Richard Bacon occasionally accepts money in exchange for putting his name to pointless drivel in The Sun. Sorry, I mean “Murdoch’s Sun”.)

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20 Responses to D’oh!

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Somebody needs to take another on-line Social Media course, at a cost of £100 of the license fee.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    Bacon is a prime (get it?) example of vacuous middle class BBC generic luvviedom. I am frankly astonished that he has prime time on Radio 5 and that he gets an undoubtedly large slice (get it?) of the licence fee to ply his mediocrity.


  3. matthew rowe says:

    I am afraid the hateful little creep that calls it’s self Bacon is one of the worst idiots employed by the evil empire to work at radio gaga he is a moron with an opinion ! the only redeeming feature of this pathetic  waste of space is the fact he’s mortal and one day the world will be free of him !
    Sorry i really don’t like him but like the beebles i am sure it has not biased my judgment of him O:-) !


  4. Martin says:

    That’s nothing, Bacon spouts far worse on Radio 5. He is along with Dame Nikki probably the worst turd crapped out by Radio 5.

    Simon Mayo was a wet liberal as well, but at least he had some sort of brain. Bacon is just a brainless tosser. Oh and an ex Cocaine user. Who says Cocaine doesn’t cause brain damage?


  5. Rueful Red says:

    Since we’re doing puns, does anyone think Bacon’s getting rasher?


  6. Olly boy says:

    I’d also like to add that Bacon also accepts money from Sky, oh sorry, I mean “Murdoch’s Sky”. His programme’s called ‘Richard Bacon Beer and Pizza Club’. It’s a bit like Baddiel and Skinner’s Fantasy Football but without Baddiel, Skinner, football and humour.  
    What an odious hypocritical little Beeboid he is.


  7. Span Ows says:

    Well he’s an exaggerating lying twat too, he should have written “corner of front page of new York post” as his own picture proves.


  8. prpw says:

    Such a perfect reflection of the BBC that in just 9 words on Twitter Bacon can demonstrate (1) bias; (2) inaccuracy; and (3) ignorance. IT’S WHAT THEY DO


  9. Phil says:

    While a passenger in a young person’s car I had the misfortune to hear Bacon this afternoon. He was talking about films with another young man from the Telegraph. After chattering on together in general friendly agreement for about 20 minutes about films aimed at youngsters  Bacon asked the Telegraph man if he had to agree with all Telegraph editorials to work at the paper.

    What a crass question from a dreadful broadcaster. 


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      That’s what psychologists call ‘projection bias’.
      It’s interesting. I’m pretty sure Bacon was just an annoying faggot when he joined the BBC. But now he’s become a hyper-partisan freak (as well as retaining his annoying faggotry). So either he’s pretending, in order to keep his lucrative extorted TV monies job, or the BBC has got a sophisticated indoctrination program.
      Now since the BBC doesn’t manage to do anything sophisticated (even their funding model is uglier and more brutal than a syphilitic hooker), I’m going to have to go with Bacon being a liar. 


      • D B says:

        “Bacon asked the Telegraph man if he had to agree with all Telegraph editorials to work at the paper.”

        Was Bacon’s left-wing bum chum and R5L fixture Boyd Hilton in attendance? That guy never misses an opportunity to use his access to licence-funded airtime for a bit of student leftie politics. Adrian Van Klaveren either has no control over his station or is quite happy with the blatant bias.  


        • Guest Who says:

          Adrian Van Klaveren either has no control over his station or is quite happy with the blatant bias.  ‘

          Might be worth asking him, or Helen Boaden, if they are.

          The latter seems a bit tetchy on twitter, and a BBC employee not only getting his facts wrong but then using these to promote his partiality seems… well… a gift.

          As I am sure Aunty’s twitterati will be today as they professionally and objectively emote over last night’s results.


  10. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Has one of one of you pointed out what a monumental tard he’s been? 


  11. john says:

    Well I suppose Baconbrain is to be congratulated for at least getting York and New the right way around.
    Unlike the politics of the Post and the Times.


    • Martin says:

      I wonder if Bacon has front and back on his trousers as well. Although I hear many men at the BBC like having their zip at the back. Can’t think why though.