It is rather disappointing, but James Delingpole and Lord Monckton have both been apparently duped into getting involved in tonight’s BBC Four hatchet job on climate change scepticism. I have been saying for years now that anyone who takes part in a BBC programme about anything that does not accord with the corporation’s worldview does so at their own risk; documentary producers – especially – long since abandoned any pretence of objectivity because they are on a mission. At core, everyone (Lord M and Mr Delingpole clearly included) somehow naively hopes and believes that the BBC will once, just once, be balanced, accurate and truthful, and that somehow, the truth will prevail. The sad reality is that it never will – Auntie is rotten to the core. The documentary tonight and the equally squalid Keith Nurse programme last week provide compelling evidence for this; this is now a full-scale propaganda campaign.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Oh, larks; the lure of the goggle box, and 15 minutes of flaming on the basis of ‘any publicity is better than being ignored if you get in front of a national audience.’ (or the six who actually watch BBC 4, plus the few hundred from various tribal groupings seeking a focus for their next extreme viewpoint punch-up.

    I guess some never learn.

    On the plus side, that the BBC gets shown up further as not worth trusting near anything anymore without grotesquely rigging it to suit their perverted narrative; a reputation now becoming more than a rumour whispered in dark corners in favour of being near-universally accepted fact.

    Not, perhaps, the best handle for a £4B service provider dependent on public goodwill and faith in their professional ability and integrity. Or the national representative of British broadcast standards. Kudos, Rupert. You and the rest of the Tarquins are delivering true to form, of which you have already and are accruing a lot more. Hope the devotion of Abbessesque groupies at trendy parties is a compensation for becoming a laughing stock and integrity black (green?) hole.

    Being ‘Unique’ is less and less the excuse it once was… at best, and is now a damning indictment.

    £140+pa is fast becoming a tax that has near zero to justify it on the basis of funding blatant hatchet jobs by the bubble boys and girls from the student uni propaganda squad. And the internet now makes it impossible to hide behind the stealth edit anymore. Every trick and cheat is exposed in all its devious ‘glory’.

    It may even be enough to actually din into the brains of such as Mr. Hunt and his fellow deluded suck-ups, who might not appreciate the joke so much when they are seen as sharing its ample butt.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    Who watches BBC4 anyway? Its probably only Guardian readers.


    • Natsman says:

      BBC4?  Oh, you mean the “endless repeats in quick succession channel”. Sometimes there’s some good stuff there, but then you have to wait a month or two before returning to it, because week after week they show the same bloody programmes again, and again, and again….

      …then they repeat them on BBC2, for good measure.  Somebody should forcibly take some of these channels off them – I can’t think why on earth they need them, or indeed, why the licence payer should pay for them.  Think of the money that could be saved (well, at least not spent) if they got shot of them.

      I am so heartily fed up with coach travel documentaries, Indian Hill Railways, children’s games, and folk dancing thrust incessantly down my throat, when I’m seriously looking for a smidgeon of culture that I haven’t already seen twice, thrice, four times….

      I hate the BBC with a vengeance.  They must take us ALL for mugs.

      Oh and I’m NOT a Guardian reader, heaven forbid.


    • 1327 says:

      I used to watch it as like Natsman said there used to be the odd good documentary on there. Perhaps this only happened once a week but it seemed to make BBC4 worthwhile plus they used to show “The Avengers” in the early evening which I enjoy watching.

      These days its either something like Childrens Games or Folk Dancing examined from a Marxist perspective or hour long “documentaries” on camping or such like which are actually put together clips with a comedian doing the voice over. Both types of show are then repeated endlessly.

      If I were the BBC4 controller and didn’t have a big pile of cash I would be mining the archives. How long is it since Civilisation has been shown or the Ascent of Man ? What about James Burke’s Connections (although you may want to edit out the show about the little ice age not PC today) ? Then we have episodes of Horizon from the 70’s etc etc. Somehow I doubt any of this will happen however.


      • Grant says:

        Marxist aspects of folk-dancing ?  I always thought there was something subversive about morris dancing.


        • 1327 says:

          I used to work with a number of morris dancers. They all did it for the women as amazingly morris dancing attracts a certain type of female groupie. 

          Honestly I’m not making this up !


  3. Tallfish Bob says:

    JD admits he was foolish to get suckered in.
    You dont need 20/20 vision to see what was coming.

    These people need to be confronted at every opportunity except this one.  


  4. London Calling says:

    Under the delusional belief they are supporting social cohesion, supporting establishment climate orthodoxy whatever, the BBC are making themselves an object of hatred and revulsion far greater than that acheived by the state media of the Communist period of the Soviet Union.

    They are indistinguishable from it.


  5. xmfclick says:

    Relatively subtle, that one — the presenter made himself out to be a Warmist at first and then claimed to have been almost persuaded by Monckton, but finally he just had to go with the Science (capital ‘S’) right at the end, much against his better judgement, Monckton a jolly nice old stick etc but basically a swivel-eyed loon. Well, you could tell from the tone of the narration almost straight away that that was how it was going to go. I said as much to Mrs click as we supped our cocoa. Presenter had obviously been to the Theroux School of Presenting, i.e. ingratiate yourself with the subject and never quite offend them, but voice it over so that you are gently ridiculing them all the while. Too much to hope for an unbiased piece from Auntie; but surprised at Dellers, getting suckered twice in a few days.


  6. ALAN TAYLOR says:

    Lookie here at how the graphs coincide!


  7. Jack Savage says:

    Who is this “Keith Nurse” fellow? Is he a relation of Sir Paul Nurse, the eminent geneticist (and warmist cats-paw) who featured in the same program?


    • Demon1001 says:

      Cameron’s NHS policy.  This shows the increase in the number of Nurses already.  :-[  


  8. ltwf1964 says:

    aside from the eco mentalists who won’t believe anything they are shown which shows up their religion to be totally bonkers,i think this kind of crap programme actually is self defeating in that the normal level headed person in the street can see it for the utterly puerile cack-handed propaganda attempted hatchet job that it is

    that’s if anyone apart from Geordie the Moonbat and his band of whackjobs were actually watching

    it must have been eco porn for the eco rabble

    sitting in front of the tv with their box of tissues in one hand and their brains in the other 😉


    • davejan says:

      sitting in front of the tv with their box of tissues in one hand and their brains in the other <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif” title=”Wink” border=”0″ alt=”Wink”/>

      Sorry I thought you were talking about Mr Jacqui Smith silly me