BBC Censorship: Spot The Missing President Edition

One today’s ‘B’ stories is about all the Gulf Coast fisherman complaining that BP isn’t dealing fairly with them, isn’t paying enough compensation, won’t let them into meetings for a negotiation. Nasty old BP, oil destroys communities, etc. There’s also a round of Spot The Missing Word.

The News Channel just let a Louisiana oysterman have a three-minute rant about how evil BP is. Beeboid Emma let him go on uninterrupted, and only after he was finished did she close with one sentence about how BP created a $20 billion fund for this.
Did you spot the missing word?

The Obamessiah made this deal with BP behind closed doors. There is no room for the fishermen to negotiate, or increase the money of the fund, or anything else. Unsurprisingly, He was the top recipient of campaign cash from BP.

The BBC doesn’t want you to know any of that, and has censored all mention of His involvement from all reports today about this issue.

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7 Responses to BBC Censorship: Spot The Missing President Edition

  1. Fran at AFI says:

    Sorry to use this thread folks.

    I’ve started an online petition to urge the Culture Secretary to investigate the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East.

    If you feel able to do so please add your name to the petition here


  2. George R says:

    BBC Greenies have it in for BP.

    Note the first three anti-BP sentences here, from ‘Newsnight’ preview before we get to the fourth, and solitary positive one for BP. (‘It’s the way we fix it.’)

    “BP faced angry protesters at its first annual general meeting since the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill today. Fishermen from the US, trade unionists, and other protesters waved banners and banged drums outside the meeting.
    “Tonight David Grossman will look at how badly the company’s reputation has been damaged and we’ll also have a film from Tom Heap offering BP better news. It shows the Gulf of Mexico has recovered far faster than many expected and fishing stocks are booming.”

    (Emphasis added.)


    • George R says:

      BBC Greenies: propagandists against coal, oil, shale gas and nuclear power.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Funny how such a tiny handfull of rabble get the BBCs fullest attention, their whining and whinging gets the VIP treatment yet strangely the motives of the rabble are unknown and go unexamined, funny that!

      Some ecofascist rabble acting in the usual fashion and hey presto the BBC gives them a golden opportunity to appear before the world. It just so happens that the greenie ecofascists are the BBCs favourite rabble second only to the islamist rabble who run a close tie with the union/UAF rabble.

      If you have the same ideals and aims and beliefs as the BBC there is no end to the help you can get to spread your beliefs, they are always on hand to give their comrades a helping hand.


  3. Natsman says:

    BBC greenies against EVERYONE with at least half a brain.