BBC Censorship: Spot The Missing President Edition

One today’s ‘B’ stories is about all the Gulf Coast fisherman complaining that BP isn’t dealing fairly with them, isn’t paying enough compensation, won’t let them into meetings for a negotiation. Nasty old BP, oil destroys communities, etc. There’s also a round of Spot The Missing Word.

The News Channel just let a Louisiana oysterman have a three-minute rant about how evil BP is. Beeboid Emma let him go on uninterrupted, and only after he was finished did she close with one sentence about how BP created a $20 billion fund for this.
Did you spot the missing word?

The Obamessiah made this deal with BP behind closed doors. There is no room for the fishermen to negotiate, or increase the money of the fund, or anything else. Unsurprisingly, He was the top recipient of campaign cash from BP.

The BBC doesn’t want you to know any of that, and has censored all mention of His involvement from all reports today about this issue.


It’s so odd. Laura Trevelyn was back on the BBC this morning shrilling that BP might  need to open up the underwater Oil well that they have just managed to successfully plug. Like the Obama regime, our Laura seems determined to keep the boot to the throat of BP so even when they do some good, they are bad.


Is it just me or is Laura Trevelyan not that happy about the news that BP seem to have a degree of success ij capping the spilling oil well in the Gulf? Throughout this period, the BBC seems to have aligned itself with Obama as he takes shots at BP – leading to the survival of the company itself being brought into question. What is it about British Petroleum the BBC seems to have such a problem with….?


Bashing BP has become part of the daily BBC routine and so it was delighted to report this morning that Obama has given an interview on US TV in which he asserts how “angry” he is about the entire situation. Quite how the petulance of the US President helps the matter in hand I do not quite understand but we can be confident the BBC will not explore that line. Instead, the BBC went on to repeat Obama’s odd comment that the reason he is so “angry” is because some people (BP) “didn’t think through” what they were doing. The BBC could ask if those US politicians who force Oil Companies to drill in deeper and deeper off-shore waters “didn’t think through” the consequences of their green thinking. But it won’t, of course. Big Oil = Bad. It’s such a simple meme. Wonder what Big Broadcaster = ?

Update; The evil BP has apparently succeeded in placing a cap on the leaking Oil well. The BBC followed this up with a story stating that the advent of hurricane season in the Gulf will most likely have a disastrous effect on the means employed to hold the cap, so…. it’s all to awful! Can we not just arrest “Big Oil” and thrown them all in Guantanamo?