Screengrab from the BBC’s US & Canada page:

Pretty rich, huh?

Here’s the report by Tom Brook. How very different to the BBC’s treatment of the Obama documentary We The People which even the Obama-friendly Washington Post described as a “stultifyingly naive, please-drink-a-little-more-Kool-Aid paean” and “a very long commercial for Obama”. The BBC didn’t assign a journalist to cast a critical eye over that film, chosing instead to broadcast it as part of its teenage fan-club Obama season on the first anniversary of his, like, totally awesome victory.

Agenda driven indeed.

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5 Responses to IRONY ALERT

  1. hippiepooter says:

    Tom Brooks seemed a little indignant that the Director should wish to produce a doc on Palin that wasn’t critical.

    All guns on Murdo!  Strangle all conservative access in the media!


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Great catch, DB.  That’s just begging to be altered for use as a future open thread grapic.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    Women BBC women hate:
    #1 Sarah Palin
    #2 Maggie Thatcher
    #3 Melanie Phillips

    #3 elect – Michelle Bachman

    Women BBC women love:
    #1 Germain Greer
    #2 Germain Greer
    #3 Gemain Greer

    #3 elect: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown


    • Demon1001 says:

      You missed out Polly Toynbee from the second list.  And if you include dead women, Ulrike Meinhof.


  4. Alfie Pacino says:

    The shame is I can only like this comment once…